Teenage Girls Have Bigfoot Encounter During Night Hike In California

The Forest Pond shares this bigfoot encounter story from the Your True Tales section of about.com. The description of this creature varies slightly from your typical bigfoot encounter, in that the hair was mottled with patches of gray, and the creature was described as having long claws.


  1. Bigfoot sure has a lot of different looks. Some would say it changes it's appearance with each observer.

    1. Some would say that's because people make up their own stories about the magic giant monsters.

    2. Some would also say that they appear to be distinguishable in the same sense as all other humans are, eh?

    3. Everyone would say Iktomi is right xx

      Unlucky there Stonedead :) xx

    4. Hello iktomi. Hello Eva. Hello. Hello. Hello.

    5. It's a meet and greet! Hello lktomi! Hello Eva xx! Hello Anonymous 10:34! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

      Such wholesome fun and so very fresh!


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