This North Carolina Bigfoot Yell Is One of The Most Legit One We've Ever Heard

Holy crap were the words the used when they heard the sound. If it wasn't a Bigfoot, then it must have been a person. But according to these North Carolina researchers, there was nobody around except them:

This audio was captured right after a tree knock. It was getting late and we were cooking dinner at base camp when we heard a tree knock. Two of our members went in the direction it came from to see if they could find anything. They saw some eye shine from what they assumed to be two different creatures. We do not make any claims as to what these yells came from as we didn't have a direct visual on any animal or human. We were in a secluded area where we know there were no other people around. All other team members were accounted for at base camp.


  1. So funny! Holy Crap its another OWL YOU DOPES! go back home Bevis & Butthead.. Give up just embarrassed yourselves..

  2. Not a Barred.Definitely an Owl.

  3. Legit? Since when were we all Mafia, or Matt Moneymaker?

  4. Spotted owl. Isn't it refreshing bringing in an entirely new intellectual group to Bigfoot research? Pretty soon, they will be taking videos of their own shadows, and claiming that it is Bigfoot. I am just thankful that these gentleman know how to drive a pickup, otherwise they would be getting lost all of the time, and then we wouldn't have any more of these cutting edge videos, that so test our ability to show patience with morons.

  5. Shawn sorely needs to listen to some owl recordings, because it is apparent that he has not heard many in the forests of California.

  6. This is not a barred owl.

    It's obviously a sasquatch.

    Got barred owl suit?

  7. for all of u who are know it alls and say that this was a owl i have some intresting news for u a independent testing company in california has released reports that this was NOT and animal vocals that their records show . the so called owl sounds were eletronicly matched with all known owl sounds the results were that they were not even close.


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