Are These Stick Glyphs The Secret Language Of The Sasquatch?

Some researchers have found these strange stick formations on the ground that seem to be some sort of glyph. They find the same patterns repeated over and over. YouTuber Planet Sasquatch feels the bigfoot are trying to send a message with these formations.


  1. Are these stick glyphs the secret language of the sasquatch?


  2. The message that they are sending is, "These sticks mean absolutely nothing. We are just screwing with you mind because we can."

  3. Move along nothing to see here!

  4. Stephan Powers in his book California Tribes noted how some tribes in the Sierra forested foothills left sticks at trail forks. He asked them why they left sticks at the forks. He consistently received the answer, "For luck." That is a tradition, not language.


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