Cool Camp Hack To Make A Bigfoot Alarm For Cheap

A lot of people have sightings when they're just out camping, and bigfoot comes to the edge of their campsite to see what they're doing. There's also reports of bigfoot coming into camp at night and rummaging through food and trash while the people are asleep. If only there was some way, some sort of alarm system you could have to wake you up and let you know when someone or something enters your camp. But wait, there is! Check out where they found an inexpensive alternative to strings on a can!

Whether you're worried about someone coming into camp and stealing your stuff, or you're trying to catch a bigfoot sneaking into your camp while you're asleep, a perimeter alarm can add security and peace of mind to a campsite.

Perimeter alarms can be expensive though, and often times not very practical for the weekend bigfooter.

Here's an inexpensive and simple DIY perimeter alarm system that can solve both of those problems.

Remember, you can always make changes and additions to fit it to your specific needs.

To see how it's done, click here.


  1. Maybe he shouldn't be showing his booty to that big, lonely Bigfoot.

  2. Now I'am thinking that this would be cool to mount up inside an ice chest. Catch a beer thief or a bigfoot.

    Could have some fun with your stupid, basement dwelling camping buddies. Hey Dan, get me a beer. When it goes off, he'll probably piss himself and want to go home. Ha ha ha ha.


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