Alabama Bigfooter Left a Gift For Bigfoot And This Is What's Left

We've seen many researchers do this, and it seems to be very effective. It's a well known fact that Bigfoots love peanut butter. The jars people leave out have lids, but if it's bears opening them, they must be very clever! Sometimes the researchers find fingerprints (not theirs) on the side of the jar. Youtuber FrostedForest tried the gifting technique a few days ago and he wrote this: "I checked my gifting stump yesterday 7/28 and they were receptive of it. I found the jar on the ground with the lid removed. It had been a few days so I am not sure how long it took them to get it."


  1. Yeah, no other animals eat peanut butter. It has to be a bigfoot.

  2. Raccoons Love peanut butter too! They can easily take off the Lid. I even saw a Video on them taking off many lids.

    People that leave "Food' as their Gifting present, is just wasting food. Every know animal in the woods, will steal the food. So it may not be a Bigfoot!

  3. I am really starting to hate the bigfoot community with how stupid and gullible they are.

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  5. Good job bro! Let the haters keep hating!

  6. True story; my neighbor JJ puts peanut butter on his 'Joe' and lets his dog lick it off!

  7. Raccoons and squirrels are capable of removing lids. In fact, a few animals both wild and domestic can unscrew jar lids.
    Rule out the natural first,before jumping to conclusions. A bit of objectivity goes a long way.


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