Twelve Years Ago The Story Was Exactly The Same As It Is Today

Bob Gimlin at the International Bigfoot Symposium in 2003 recounts the events of that famous day when he and Roger Patterson captured the most famous piece of bigfoot evidence.


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    1. They applaud someone who has been hoaxing them for 45 years. Such morons.

    2. Here and unwanted 24x7. Even bigger moron.

    3. Troll killer is Big Doris!

  2. The story is the same... no bigfoot, only crappy "evidence".

  3. If Bob Gimlin were to ever admit that the PGF was a hoax, the multi-million dollar bigfoot industry would collapse.

  4. Every one of you trolls who come onto this site every day, INFECTING us with your lies and pessimistic talk, just know one thing; NOTHING you say or no matter how many times you say it or write it, will ever make us change our minds into being like you.


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