This Is How You Pick A Campsite For Bigfoot Outings

Barb and Gabby just recently hosted a great bigfoot campout. This video shows the area they were camped in, and the amount of possible bigfoot sign around them is amazing!


  1. Shackalacka bam...again..tkoenig

  2. Oh Brother~ Two Beginner asswipes, telling other Beginner asswipes m "How rob do it"1 Amazing. These 2 "Girls"? couldn't tell an Owl call from a Loon call. Yep! 'X"
    marks the spot!

  3. This woman is delusional if she thinks all those X's and arches are Bigfoot related.
    She is entitled to her opinion though. Now hurry up and feed the obese forest critters that are waiting to get diabetes.


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