Wow, This Possible Bigfoot Audio Is Creepy To Listen To

Missouri bigfoot researcher Randy Savig released this huge audio file of possible bigfoot activity and calls from an area known as Bennet Springs. This could be the modern day equivalent of the Sierra Sounds.
A Missouri Bigfoot researcher has released an audio file containing unknown sounds he suspects could be linked to the unproven creature.

Randy Savig, a disabled 50-year-old who has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over three years, says he and other researchers go to the Bennet Springs area annually.

“This year, Bennett Expedition was a huge success,” Savig said abo
ouut the early May trip. ” We got some unknown audio clips.”

He tells Cryptozoology News that he focuses his research efforts on the audio field. Savig and his team use a parabolic microphone and a drop box to record the snds. He meticulously takes notes of every audio detail he can not immediately identify. He has done most of his work around the Ozarks area.

“There is no way that I can prove what critter makes these variety of sounds with all the related evidence in the same area, but I suspect it is Sasquatch.”

This time, he explains, they were able to capture what he considers a high amount of activity in “only 40 hours of audio”.

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  1. That's just a turd passing

    1. I wouldn't necessarily say fake, but at least very deluded.

    2. He's adding details or having details added that are not in his original images. He's not just enhancing images, he's adding features that just are not there in the originals. Its deliberate and purposeful.

    3. I think he is correct. Turd passing into punchbowl.

    4. Yeah, but the question is if he really knows that someone added the eyes. He's not exactly a rocket scientist.

    5. He is a doctor of Chiropractic and has eight years of college. People dismiss his motives because they view him as handicapped or something. He is more educated, able bodied, and earns more than a lot of the people here.....yet the emotional crippled people here feel sorry for HIM!

      DS laughs at Eva, Uno, and all the middle age shut ins. Meanwhile, he's busy trying to promote himself as an expert researcher. You don't think this creep has an eventual monetary agenda like the so called experts who are paid to speak at bigfoot conferences?

    6. I'm not saying it's easy, but Chiro school isn't like med school. If DS is really putting one over on everyone I'd be shocked. I really don't think he is as calculating as you claim.

    7. Which is what happens every time you speak,you are feces and anally obsessed and should seek help for whatever sick and twisted events happened in your childhood.

  2. Sounds like a man with a cone.


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