Classic Breakdown Video: The Michigan Game Cam Bigfoot

A 2012 throwback from Parabreakdown, we take a look at the Michigan Game Cam Bigfoot. I'm not saying this isn't a bigfoot, but if it is, I think they would be a lot easier to catch.


  1. better suit than patty finally

    1. Really? Great! Now find an anthropologist, a wildlife biologist, a primatologist and a pioneering plastic surgeon and a costume expert to endorse it as scientific evidence, and you may bring your straw man out from it's gutter.

  2. Replies
    1. no, its a better suit.

      no stupid breasts, no gun turret split suit, no ridiculous mask cut out, no stupid shoulder pads etc etc


    2. Patterson was the best hoaxer so far, but yes this costume has some advantages over the Patterson.

    3. I have more respect for Bigfooters who at least entertain the idea that Patty may have been a fake than those who defend the idea as if it was absolute truth.

    4. That is so so fake and nothing like Patty which is of course real.Compare the two,Patty real,above fake...
      Hello Uno! xx

    5. It's as real as you wish it to be.

    6. Howdy Eva! I totally agree with you!!!


      There's comparitive photographs in that link darlings, that blow you silly numpties out of the water. Page 15 you see your "gun turret" is in fact a very common human anatomical anomoly. The breasts are consistent with some gorillas (Google rare mountain gorilla born in Congo National Geographic). Bill Munns has demonstrated that the proportions of the subject cannot accommodate a mask. The shoulder would have to be moved into the jawline of the "costume wearer", to which leaves no room for eyes, which in turn leaves no room for a human forehead.

      I have no respect for pseudosceptics who take the time every day to reinforce their religious-like beliefs with not so much as an ounce of sense or supporting evidence... They think they are exempt from this of course, because they have Scientism as a religion, and feel they don't have to support their ideas because of a negative proof fallacy. Poor dumb fools.

      Hello Eva and Uno!!!

    8. ^ you need to let big jon go !!


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