This Is What Made Whitehall Famous For Bigfoot

With the bigfoot history surrounding the area, it's no wonder Whitehall, NY is an upcoming destination for the Finding Bigfoot team. Sightings in the area date back for 40 years. But what really got the area known as a sasquatch hot spot?

Abair Road Sightings

However, it was the sightings in 1976 that cemented Whitehall as a Mecca of Sasquatch sightings.

In August of 1976, Paul Gosselin, who at the time was 18-years-old, was out driving around with a friend, Marty Paddock. The two were driving down Abair Road, in the Town of Hampton, when they heard a female screaming.

Gosselin and Paddock glanced out into the vast field to see what the noise was coming from. The two reported to see a large, ape-like creature between 7-feet and 8-feet tall, darting toward their car.

Immediately, they both got in the car and stormed into the Village of Whitehall to report what they saw to police.

Gosselin’s brother, Brian, was the on duty police officer in the Village of Whitehall that night, when his father, brother and Paddock came flying back into the village.

“They were so strung out with excitement and fear,” he said.

The following night was Gosselin’s night off from work, so he decided to go out and see for himself.

Gosselin was down in the meadows, where his father and brother had seen the creature, while a state trooper was up at the top of the hill on Abair Road. The two were communicating via radio.

After about an hour and a half, Gosselin was radioed by the state trooper who said “Brian, what the AbairRoad(expletive) is that. I’m heading out of here.”

The trooper sped away, leaving Gosselin alone.

He said he continued to hear noises, “not twigs snapping, limbs snapping,” and something suddenly made him decide to turn his spot light in the direction of the sound.

“I turned my spotlight on it and it was now about 30-35 feet away,” Gosselin recalled. “It was over 7-feet tall, probably around 400 pounds. When I put the spotlight on it, it raised its hands, they weren’t paws, they were hands, I could see the fingers, to cover its eyes. They were red and about the diameter of a mayonnaise cover, they didn’t glow like a deer’s eyes in headlights though.”

Gosselin said at that moment he had a million different thoughts run through his head, when suddenly the creature turned and retreated, making a lengthy guttural noise.

“It’s impossible for a human to make that noise,” he said. “This thing showed no aggression though. If it wanted me it could have had me, let’s put it that way.”

Gosselin sat in the field for about 15 more minutes, trying to figure out what he had just encountered.

“I knew everything it wasn’t, it wasn’t a man, it wasn’t a bear, it wasn’t an ape,” he said.

Since that moment, Gosselin has been 100 percent a believer.

It was the Abair Road sightings that Bartholomew says have made Whitehall a haven of Sasquatch activity.

“The New York/Vermont boarder area has had several underreported instances,” Bartholomew said. “Abair Road sort of made Whitehall famous for it.”

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    1. Nope. All of the episodes are shot in succession.

    2. Finding bigfoot is awesome,
      Take that TK!! You Wuss!

    3. I'd be happy if Moneymaker, stopped trying to wear his hair like a girl. Must be because he can't afford a barber anymore on Animal Planet's budget, since Wally Hersome is not giving him $20,000 a month anymore to go up his nose. Who does he think that he is, Bruce Jenner? I can hardly wait for another season of failure, mis-direction, implementing faulty techniques that repeatedly prove that they are faulty, and spewing out Bigfoot behavior predictions, that have no basis in fact. If this motley crew had entered into Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty, they all would have been eliminated out of the starting gate.

    4. You meen setting up disco balls and lasers and playing a bass don't attract bigfoot?

      Seriously you jest.

    5. Did TK say "looser"????

      I swear that idiot has to be the stupidest troll on here!!!!!

    6. @9:55pm. It's "loser" idiot!
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  2. Maybe "finding bigfoot" should use critical thinking skills and realize there is no bigfoot to be found. i saw this today, and it makes more sense than any damn post on this page!

    1. Shouldn't you be pretending to be running your imaginary record label or touring the country with an imaginary band and making Bigfoot prints all over the country, River ?

    2. Evening talk to yourself guy,

      You sure can carry on a conversation.

    3. ...Actually, that very same comment was posted here under the kid with the white bigfoot article...

    4. 8:50... I just read your link and if you think any of that is logical thinking then you're as dumb as those clowns in it. I can take apart every single comment on that page and to be honest, the average intelligence of those people are akin to the average dumb troll around here; telling. Oh, and the very first vomit pile of a comment in that link, was taken apart by myself here yesterday;

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  3. I must say that encounter/story that Gosselin fellow had with a Sasquatch seem 100% legit to me............

    1. ...The cop who had an encounter in that area and appeared on a Monsterquest episode was also very convincing...Both men, I am sure, believe they saw something undocumented by science...Whether or not they are mistaken is another story....

    2. ^^^ I totally agree, How could they have mistaken it being so close to it. Those are the accounts that make me still believe that this species(Sasquatch) could exist for sure. Would you have a link to that Monsterquest episode? Thanks...........

    3. ..Here you go... are welcome...

    4. ....and yes, although I am very skeptical accounts like these and a few (very few) of the tracks make me think its possible some pleistocene primate (giganto or something like it) is extant..

  4. Who's that dude on the right that looks like a dude?

  5. Doesn't that Researcher John W. Jones live in upstate N.Y.?
    Does he know anything about this area?
    John I know you or your Mohawk friends scout this site, Can you tell me/us anything g about Whitehall, N.Y. You know the back story?

  6. I have spent my fair share of time hiking the Adirondacks. Quite massive forested area and plenty of places to hide. Even French soldiers during the "French and Indian War" had written about encounters with Bigfoot. Some of you should scout out the area before you accuse people of being fakes. Of course that would involve getting your jelly belly out of Mom's basement. Maybe you might even meet a girl which clearly has not happened in a long time since you live to harass anyone who has an interest in bigfoot.


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