Mothman Creature Spotted In Mississippi

A Federal Government employee in Mississippi claims she witnessed a mothman type creature outside her window during a thunderstorm. The power had been out due to the storm, and the woman was alerted by the sounds of neighborhood dogs barking.

As the barking continued, Marie reportedly walked to the window to find out the source of the noise.

“I could not see anything. I went back to the couch and to lie down. As I was attempting to rest, I literally saw and felt a shadow cover the window that was blacker than the black inside and outside the house. It startled me so badly that I immediately grabbed for the flashlight convinced that someone was standing outside the window peering in at me. Nothing. Now, it could not have been a neighbor since the nearest one is at least two acres away and no one else in the house was up. I verified that. It was a shadow that covered the window that was darker than the dark. we are in a small rural community. No one is out walking at night. No street lights. I immediately became fearful, my heart racing… I knew something was out there.”

The creature, the federal employee states, was “large and could fly”. She says she believes it was a Mothman-like creature known by the locals as the Swift Peter.
Photograph of possible print left by creature.

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  1. Is this a weapon used to chase moth man ? I'm asking because mothman don't exist in Canada and I'm not aware about this.

  2. Footers, this is why you're laughed at.

  3. "known by the locals as the Swift Peter."

    So THAT is why she was so terrified.

  4. A government employee said all this. Well shucks darn there is all the hard evidence one should ever need right there. And to make it even more convincing not only was it a government employee, but a fed government employee.

    Wooo ease up on us Shawn I'm not sure we can all handle the truth all at once.

  5. and of course always keep a fly swatter handy in case you run into a mothman
    also keep your pockets filled with mothballs

    1. are those mothballs in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ?
      And your fly is also open

    2. WILD BILL cookin tham campfire vittles fer that thar AIMS team : )

  6. wut ever yoo doo dont look in ol mr MOTHMANs eys BUCK did an passd rite out an mr MOTHMAN gots tha power of fire he can mak yor torches lite bak up an mak tha grownd cach fire but we gonna git that no goood son uf a bitch

    1. TRAPPER sayin cant trap that critter ans WILD BILL sayin leave itbe


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