What's Your Favorite Bigfoot Movie?

There was no shortage of bigfoot themed movies in 2014, but bigfoot has graced the imaginations of movie-goers for decades. WickedHorror.com takes a look at the cinematic universe of our favorite monster.

Large, lumbering, hairy hominids that reside in wilderness areas and are rarely seen by human eyes. They are the stuff of myth and local legend, and although they were sometimes referred as “wildmen” in the past, most often each creature had its own name specific to the area where the sightings occurred. Today, they are more collectively called bigfoot, yeti, or the abominable snowman. Call them what you want, they’re all sasquatch to me.

The mystique that surrounds these creatures make them ideal subjects for storytelling, hence our continual fascination with them. There have been plenty of attempts by filmmakers to give us a quality representation of these behemoths—everything from children’s films to sex pictures—but how many of them have been good? That’s up to the brave individual viewer to decide as we take a look at the Cinematic Sasquatch.

It would be an impossible undertaking to detail every bigfoot film in such an abbreviated format, but I have attempted to cover most of the bases. Did I skip over your favorite? Feel free to call me out in the comments section and show your sasquatch love.

To see what made the wickedhorror.com list, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. Bigfoot gonna take over world?

    2. Bigfoot Going Their Own Way, like they always do. I support both BFGTOW, and MGTOW.

    3. The one with the penetration scenes...

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  3. What is my favorite Bigfoot movie? Please be more specific, Shawn. Does a real Bigfoot have to actually appear in the movie, or can the Bigfoot be someone in a monkey suit or CGI? Also, does it count if a Bigfoot directed or produced the movie? What about if a Bigfoot was the cinematographer or music director? What if a Bigfoot was Best Boy or Key Grip?

    For the best film in which a Bigfoot was the casting director, I would have to say it was Encino Man. Choosing Pauly Shore for that one was brilliant!

  4. Legend of Boggy Creek. Scared the living crap out of me when I was a high-spirited youth

    Being childish and bigfoot just go together.

    Like poop and farts.


  5. letters from the big man wasn't to bad..........

  6. Dogman vs. Roadrunner

    Pennsy vs Transy

    Bud Spencer vs. BelaLugosi

    ObamaBF vs. Nick Carter

    The spooky legends of the 10 ft toll wild men that were lurking on the Alps till the first churches were builded up...

    Happy 2015 from TheBlackForest (D)

  7. What do you suppose the Finding Bigfooters are going to do after this?

  8. Bigfoot movies suck! I always liked "in search of..." & "the twilight zone"

  9. The P/G film definitely had the best reviews
    an oldoie but still the best!

  10. The best bigfoot movie is without a doubt "Shooting Bigfoot". It's the only movie that actually shows a real live bigfoot.

  11. he forgot BigFoot Wars

    really sucks but still a B/F movie

  12. ..For those in the know..."Shriek Of the Mutilated"...

  13. Harry and the Henderson (you were waiting for this one ?)

  14. Extremely pleasant and fascinating post. I was searching for this sort of data and appreciated perusing this one.


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