Today is Cliff Barackman's birthday! Happy Birthday Cliff!

Did you know Cliff's birthday is today? Fans on Facebook did not forget. Barackman posted this thank you status this morning:

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, everyone! Kindness is too often in short supply in this world, but luckily a little of it goes a long way.

For my birthday today, please do something kind for someone and spread the joy.


  1. Replies
    1. So how old is that fucker? Why tell everyone your birth date when you don't tell them the age of your being? What the shit people. Get with it man!

  2. wat up dawg??? Happy Mother F-cking B Day!!!!

  3. People, I finally learned how to wipe my own butt hole after taking a dump.Dmaker The Sharkhead taught me and it only took 2 months. He even gave me a Gold Star on my Booty!

    D Campbells.

  4. Stabilized and zoomed in version of the recent turkey hunter video:

    There should be no question now, at least I hope not.

  5. is a way more interesting site than this. This site used to be good before Shawn got in his little click. Now all his stuff is biased and one-sided

    1. That site is more or less just an aggregator. No real original writing.

  6. I am surprised anyone even watches Not Finding Bigfoot after several seasons of zilch.


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