Is This Some Sort of Cave Monster? It Creeps Me Out! - Video

From YouTube user MrStreetFighterXD:

The Nephilim Hunter took this footage while delving deep into a cave at a classified location in Douglas Shire, Queensland, Australia. During the incident, his pole-mounted camera captured what appears to be a crouching humanoid figure concealed in a rocky alcove.


  1. Replies
    1. Its a guy running a air drill for explosives nothing here to see

  2. If he's delving in a cave in the Shire, it's either a hobbit or a dwarf.

  3. Here is an excellent, short video on Critical Thinking.

    Some of you people who shall rename nameless (joe) really need to watch this and then reassess some of your stupider positions.


    2. Lol, you talk about stupid and then forget to put the link in your message. Pot, kettle and all that.

    3. forget about the kettle, I think he's just on the pot!

  4. First beeyotches!!! Long live Mucklegrunt! Long live poop in a jar guy! There he goes. Two of 'em. Jesus...Taterhole Mill Bunns up yer self.

    Shawn get yer head outta yer arse and return to your roots.

  5. Woooohooo VA GI NA GUD....Rush rules mofo's


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