Bigfoot Growls at Girls, and Multiple Encounters at Gravel Pit

Two girls have an encounter with a growling bigfoot at a gravel pit, and their brother has a separate amazing encounter at the same area.

"It looked like a giant brown polar bear. Long legs and skinny. I immediately began to get freaked out that it was walking along the ridge like a polar does at the Zoo back and forth at a pace. I thought was weird. We were to far away to see anything other that the animals outline and some details in the body.

But this was just the beginning. We continued to go back out of curiosity. Why was this bear doing this and can we catch a better glimpse of the massive creature.

We continued to go back, each time we went back we got a response and you could see the animal walking around in the tree line. After awhile it no longer amused us. As we thought it was a bear, growling maybe because of cubs or we were near the den."

For the entire report, including the group her brother witnessed, click here.


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