Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [9/29/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

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  1. Do you believe in the Pagan Gods?
    like Odin, Ymir, Mercury, Sun Wukong, etc?

    1. No no no, you are all wrong. Katy Perry is a witch in mainstream media and she is trying send vaguely covert messages to other witches to incite a witch uprising with her as the leader.

      I knew she was a witch since 'Firework', and I am not going to worship her, she'll have to compete with everyone else not just cause she got to be a celebrity with her tricks.

      Getting witches to work together is like herding cats.

  2. Is there any anons out there who generally want to discuss anything paranormal, I am not talking about things you have read I am talking about things you have experienced.

    Things you can share:
    >Weird conversations you had while dreaming.
    >Sleep paralysis experiences.
    >Dmt, trips (Although I know they are hard to put into words)

    I find the things that we experience while waking from sleep rather interesting.

    Experience does not lie. Does anyone have anything to share ?

    Only genuine experiences, I honestly want to hear other people encounters with things of such nature.

    1. I had the weirdest dream about a hippy girl in the park and people weaving reality it was really fuked up

    2. There was a song being sung something about if you hold the truth then go sway it was so strange

  3. What cryptids do you believe exists?

    1. I think terrestrial cryptids probably don't exist much.

      The real shit is in the ocean.

      Barring that, I think it would be interesting to study the possibility of organisms living in the sky/upper atmospheres. It most likely won't be anything that interesting, but still.

  4. I was drunk and ran outta gas.Uno

  5. I had a wet dream once.

    Care to chat about it?

  6. I think there needs to be a government mandated cut off period for human life.

    Something like 70-75 years of age should be the limit.

    hear me out:
    >Around age 60 the human body begins deteriorating at enormous speeds, leading to extreme health conditions and mental problems like Alzheimer's and dementia before a human inevitably dies
    >Unnatural prolonging of life due to medical advances is a nice notion, but extremely expensive
    >It is also agonizing for elderly patients, as they continue to live with more serious and serious physical deterioration, and are forced onto more and more medications, until they are unable to even care for themselves
    >Medicine and hospital bills, covered by medicare, are an extreme expense on the US taxpayers
    >59 million people collect $863 BILLION dollars of Social Security benefits, money which simply is not there, and the numbers keep rising

    20 or so years of keeping these people alive on machines, only elongates their suffering, and it is crippling our economy

  7. Okey docter Spock.

    So your saying that big brother should decide when everybody except themselves of coarse and just a few of there friends should be pu t out of their misery.
    You obviously have no clue how goverment works.

    They start with what sounds like a good idea to many. Then it gets voted into law but because the idea was not going to pass the vote, many ecceptions and excemptions and bribes and pork project spending had to be weaven into the new good idea. Now they will tell smucks like you that your good idea will be come law soon and you have to pass it before you can see whats in it.

    Then after its passed on a friday night and signed by a president. You find out you only get to live till 55. Well gee Wally what happened?

    What happened was you invited goverment into your life with your brillant idea. And this my friends is how every society comes to end.

    The goverment should not even know your age.

    But because of brillant people like yourself long ago had a good idea called social security. We now live umder a tiranical goverment that must know everything about you. But when you need somthing from them they lose your paperwork.

    I could go on but I must get back to work too pay for all the socailest bums in this country.

  8. I think you mean colledge educated socialist bums with one great idea after another.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions and great ideas.

  9. Old people are not crippli g our economy.

    Corupt gov and banks are.


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