This New Trailer For "Exists" Makes Bigfoot More Terrifying Than Ever

Filmmakers Eduardo Sanchez and Dan Myrick brought us The Blair Witch Project. What they did to Blair Witch to scare us, is what they're applying here with sasquatch in their new film, "Exists". Exists arrives in theaters and VOD on October 24th, but personally, we can't wait. Watch this terrifying trailer below:


  1. I dropped a steamer watching that

  2. I didn't just crap my pants....I crapped your pants!

  3. Looks fantastic! Can't wait~ And Willow Creek was also amazing

  4. That's all we need now, a scary bigfoot movie and these 'Bigfoot Evi-denSe' debunkers will NEVER leave mommy's basement-these scaredy cats are frightened enough without this kind of stuff hitting the airwaves...nightmares are coming....whooooooo...the boogie man is REAL AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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