This Game From Canada, The Long Dark, Lets You Pretend To Be Survivorman

So, you think you have what it takes to survive in a post-apocalyptic world? Hinterland Games' The Long Dark is an immersive survival simulation game that challenges players to survive in the remote Canadian wilderness after a global disaster. It's available on Steam right now and reactions to the game includes stuff like, "Died after the first 12 hours. God damn those wolves are f*cking op!" and "I'm freezing, starving and dehydrated, but I slept well, so I got that going for me, which is nice.". "I spawn in and immediately a wolf attacks me... Welcome to The Long Dark," wrote one commenter. The launch trailer is below:


  1. Shawn Evidence doesn't believe in Bigfoot, the comments of his friends on this site exemplify Shawn's ideology.

    1. Where's your Evidence of this?

    2. His whole attitude towards the subject seems to be negative.His posts simply mock the subject.If he had an experience in the Sierra s wouldn't he take it a little more seriously? More than anything else, that is why I can't give that whole incident any credibility. He's just another hoaxer looking to cash in.

    3. Ban him Mr. Evidence! He's a big... a big jerkface!

    4. 5.44 - what does the sub-title say? 'Encouraging readers to draw their own conclusions...'

      He's letting the stories and articles speak for themselves.

      Anyway, I'm off to bed. It's way to late!

    5. 5:44 needs someone to tell him how to think!

    6. I had discussions with Shawn about it. He doesn't rationalize it that way. He knows there is somethinig out there and that it has the abbility to pull some wierd shit. So have no doubt, this sight is dollars over / etiquet. I don't have an issue with making a few bucks, but I would choose not too run it like the "National Enquierer!" He stepped into a whirlwind with bigfoot, so he just cashes on the site. Probably a lot of crap advise.

      I watched a vid again where a Mormon on horseback claimed too have had a conversation with a bigfoot. The man asked him what he was and the Bigfoot replied, "To wreak havoc on mens souls!" Huh, thats odd.
      Then the man said he rebuked him and he dissappeared! POOOOOOOF!

      Neph maybe?


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