James Kelly is amazing! This video is truly breath taking.

Sorry. You won't see any Bigfoots in this video -- but if you look hard enough you might since this downhill skateboarding video featuring James Kelly was filmed in the Western Sierras. Watching this dude skate downhill is flipping amazing!

About James: Born in Petaluma, CA - James grew up riding with some of downhill’s most influential skaters. For years, he’s been showing that there’s no road that can’t be conquered. He has perfected his abilities to skate anything at speed, while building the discipline required to keep calm when the consequences are high. James is no stranger to the racecourse and podium, yet he’s most at home on the hills surrounding his family cabin in the Western Sierras, where this video was filmed.


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    1. Hey Onu - I hear you are irritating and a fish eyed fool

    2. Got word from Shawn that Cowardjoeyboy Troll got the Ban Hand!!!!!

    3. hope your right anon 8:38pm

    4. No way!! I want big jon back!!
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    5. The latest info on the PGF has me changing my mind. I find it credible.

      Big Jim Rennie out.

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    1. Howdy Big Jon! I see by your avatar you are still kicking butt and not taking any phooey! I like it!!!

    2. ^ sorry i liked his last avatar better, it reminded me of someone who was President of somthing??
      Like the SUPERFRIENDS!!
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    6. dum...really who's the idiot?

    7. 7:08 , yes i know i is dum,
      however you raise a valid point,
      Yours truly, 6:51.

  3. Theys a mighty fine line between guts and ignorance.


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