Is This Bigfoot Playing With a Tree Cam?

This video has been shared through hundreds of time on Facebook. It purportedly shows an Australian Yowie playing with someone's game cam on a tree. It's hard to say exactly what we're looking at, but Jason H. insist this is one mischievous critter!


  1. we need to ship good ol Wild Bill down under so he can have some roo steaks on the ol barbeque

    1. "Wild Bill" The PHONY Marine!
      Why? With every episode, does "Wild Bill" mention on the average 3-5 times that he is a Marine?
      A TRUE Marine, doesn't need to BRAG, that he is a Marine!

  2. It's the same guy that hoaxed everyone with the trail cam being ripped off the tree etc.. etc.. Looks like the same suit too!!!


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