A New Robotic Glove Gives You Two More Fingers

MIT researchers have created a new kind of robot. This robot mounts to your wrist, and gives you an additional two fingers to use for things you need two extra fingers for. Hey I'm sure it could come in "handy".
The following webcast is uncensored.


  1. Replies
    1. "And who couldn't make use of 2 more fingers." -Mexican Bigfoot

    2. As we know, all new technology is first adopted by the Porn Industry. Can't wait to see what the JAV girls do with that on You Porn :)

  2. Now I will have two extra fingers with which to flip off JoeREF Fitzgerald!

    1. Now I have two extra fingers to shove up my cooter hole for science. Indeed Science.

      D Campbell.

    2. Right, but strictly for science!


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