Woman Recounts Story of Befriending Bigfoot as a Little Girl

No one is really sure why, but bigfoot creatures seem to be drawn to children. There are lots of stories of bigfoot sightings coming from children, or parents seeing a bigfoot observe a child as they play and run around. But this story about a young lady and her bigfoot friend is pretty amazing.

“While business was being taken care of by the men, I was very bored. I would explore the ranch area all day,” she told Fate Magazine.

“I found a place on the ranch where a spring ran through. The trees were tall and there was a lot of brush. It was my little haven and secret place.”

Reportedly, one day she heard a noise coming out of a bush next to her favorite spot. At that moment, “a huge creature” approached the young girl. It was about 8 ft tall with “stringy” white hair, a little darker on the “more exposed areas.” Its had a “flat face with dark squinted eyes”.

“At first I was frightened, thinking it is was a bear. As the creature came closer, I felt it was trying to calm and reassure me that I was not in any danger,” Bergh-Muller recalls.

This animal, she believes, appeared to be a female acting like a mother. They sat together and communicated.

“I felt comfortable with her. We sat on a log and she held my hand placing her gentle hand on my knee. I talked to her and she responded with low deep tones and nods of understanding.”
To read the rest of this woman's story, click here.


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