Strange Possible Bigfoot Shelter Found in Ohio

Some people speculate that bigfoot build primitive type shelters to get out of the weather from time to time. Odd structures such as the one pictured above are sometimes found by researchers when out combing the woods for the creature. But is this above structure some sort of bigfoot shelter, or is it something else?
I have walked past this structure dozens of times over the last five years and wondered what it was. An abandoned beaver hut? An art project? Shelter for the Ohio Grass Man? Close, but not quite.

It turns out that it was built for a class on Neanderthals at the nearby liberal arts college. I’m told that the students build “a shelter to think about how those ancients thermoregulated in glacial environments.”

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  2. Does anybody on this blog know if neanderthal's had 48 or46 base pairs of,chromosomes?

  3. Ohio? Bigfoot? You have GOT to be kidding me. This blog, these believers....

  4. That is easily human made.

    Any video of an Ohio bigfoot?

  5. Actually, by definition this is most assuredly not a possible bigfoot shelter. How is it a possible bigfoot shelter when there's already an explaination for it?


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