Bigfoot is Alive and Well in the Big Thicket of Texas

Rob Riggs, the author of "In the Big Thicket, On the Trail of the Wild Man" has been researching bigfoot for over 30 years. Longer than some researchers have been alive! Riggs believes there is definitely a creature living in the Big Thicket area of Texas, he just isn't sure if it's the same as the PNW bigfoot. 

"SOUR LAKE, TX – Think of Bigfoot and you probably picture that Sasquatch in the beef jerky commercials. Or if you’re old school, you may remember his bouts with the Bionic Man. But Rob Riggs knows him intimately. He’s been on Bigfoot’s trail for decades. He says the beast is real and lives right here in Texas!

That’s why Rob left his home in Kemah and got a trailer near the Big Thicket National Preserve. He says that’s where the beasts live (yes, there are more than one!).

“I have been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over 30 years. I started in 1979 when I was working for a newspaper,” says Riggs, author of the recently published book “Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth.” “I’m reluctant to use the word ‘Bigfoot’ because I can’t say for sure that what we’re investigating here is the same animal that’s seen in the Pacific northwest."

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  1. lost me at telepathic ability

  2. No, it isn't. Bigfooters want to believe anything. And in Texas no less? No way. LOL. Tex-ass.

  3. You know what else is in the Big Thicket? Elves.

  4. I live in kemah, tx. Saw a chupacabra about a month ago off 146 in texas city. Very strange. But i believe him. There are very wierd things here. A panther was trapped a few months ago in a very busy part of town. Right on rob riggs


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