East Texas Bigfoot Researcher Writes Children's Book

As parents we are often faced with those tough questions from our children. "Why are you and mommy fighting?" "Why does daddy act funny when he gets home from bowling?" "Where do babies come from?" and of course the really tough question "Is bigfoot real?" Thanks to bigfoot researcher Michael Mayes, we now have help!

"Patty: A Sasquatch Story is a delightful children’s story that draws from the infamous tale of the Patterson Film, shot in 1967. The story also teaches young readers more about the history of sasquatch, and even offers more information in the Appendix at the end of the book called the “Sasquatch Insider.” But the tale runs much deeper than the history of sasquatch. The book also broaches the subject of losing a parent, bullying, learning that true beauty comes from within, and unconditional love. The book is a great coming of age story."
To read more about this book, and find out how you can get your own autographed copy, click here. 


  1. Patty's pubes are out of control.

  2. ai yi yi yi a boogy man story to go along with harvey the rabbit stories.

  3. Did he put in his book he s hunting patty, and gonna kill her to prove she exists?

  4. He's trying to find out if "Patty" exists. Nothing more. Come on.


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