This Guy Wants To Know: How Did You Find Bigfoot?

Irixguy would like to know, how did you find bigfoot? Was it on a boat? Was it in a moat? Was it with a goat? If you've found one, let this guy know how you did it.

"How did you find Bigfoot? I know that you did and I want to find Bigfoot too! I’ve been searching for Bigfoot my entire life. I’ve found Bigfoot footprints and Bigfoot fur but I haven’t met and shaken the hand of Bigfoot yet."


  1. I think every anon here needs to make a joe Fitzgerald google + account and post as a tribute.

    I haven't seen anything make him cry like that in a long time. Man, he STFU real quick when that guy made him eat his own words!


    1. PJ will get played like a puppet and like it.

    2. Lol, i agree, please keep the fake Joe accounts coming, complete with the same goofy avatar. Get him. Get him real good

  2. I didn't find Sasquatch, Sasquatch found me.

  3. What an ugly guy! His mommas Taterhole must be shredded sand paper to shit him out!
    I'm an Anon asshole, I hate everybody, including myself! I like to piss on myself, and piss on others0.
    I'm to much of a coward to list my name
    I live in my parent basement, play video games with other Anon assholes, my computer is my Teddy bare.
    I get Welfare checks and food stamps from the Government. Long Live OBAMA!
    I never, ever go into the woods, I'm scared of everything out there. But I know 100% for a fact, that Big foots don't exist, because I never see them walking the City streets!
    Please don't reply in a cruel vile way, I couldn't take it! I might Hang myself! No! I'm to scared to even to that!
    Would you hold it against me if I Pee on you Big foot believers?

    1. I have a rope you are certainly welcome to use?

  4. Hey IRIXGUY, I can tell you how to find Big foots. Go to the most run down area in your city. You know where the drug pushers and the hookers are, there's plenty of big black big foots there.


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