Bigfooting With Kelly Shaw: Rough Hollow [9/21/13]

Kelly Shaw and the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization have been updating us on their expeditions for the past month or two. They research reported sighting locations in South Idaho and Northern Utah and then occasionally do squatch research outside of these areas. Here's the latest from Shaw and his team, on the "Bigfoot Highway":

Was a very warm, mellow day. Until we got over 5 miles into the "Bigfoot Highway". A small clearing with so much bigfoot traffic. Over 3 weeks time we have found at least ten 19 inch footprints, three 17 inch footprints and over a dozen 14 inch foot prints.

In this clearing "Bigfoot Highway". I heard a loud wood crack that startled me. It also startled Jenny, she was closer to the direction it came from and she thinks it was a loud mouth pop. We then found three new distinct 19 in ch footprints and a track way of lesser distinct tracks along with some 14 inch footprints that had come from the direction of the wood crack. We back tracked them to a fresh water spring that sits at the mouth of a side canyon that we had no idea existed until now.

It was getting dark with a storm rolling in. So we will have to wait for another expedition to explore this side canyon of Rough Hollow. Appears the fresh 19 and 14 inch footprints on 9/21/13 came out of this side canyon, passed the spring, crossed the clearing we now call "Bigfoot Highway" then headed into the thick woods to higher ground.

Excellent find.

Kelly 19 inch foot print, Jenny back tracks this set back to some 14 inch foot prints walking hand in hand with them. 14 inch foot print, found by back tracking the 19 inchers. Spring and side canyon we find after back tracking 19 inch and 14 inch Bigfoot foot prints.


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    1. Damn Joe Fitz got smoked today!

    2. It's a sure sign of me doing my job right when you post that dribble.

      HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

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    1. ^great false second false first, congrats!!

    2. Well, I might not have been first, but I wasn't 'turd'. I was third!

  3. Bigfoot? Haha good one.

    Got monkey?

  4. Joe I talking to u a while ago about going out for the Bigfoot in Ontario and sending u a video well that time is coming up 3 more weeks and I'll be out there for 2 and half months so hope to send u some good video ttl

    1. Hey TTL.

      Good stuff buddy, you have my complete support. I have been very fortunate of late to be associated with a dear friend in Texas who has put together some excellent stuff. Look out for that quite soon. If you are away whilst that get's posted on here, let me know when you get back and I will direct you to it.

      Stay safe out there bro and remember you have everyone's complete support. I very much look forward to your results.

      Much respect.

    2. What's there method for researching the bf I don't need great detail

  5. No toes showing, then no print. These aren't prints.

  6. Rough Hollow--that sounds kind of...naughty.


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