Watch: Transformers 4 Detroit Shoot: Wedding Party / People Mover Scene -- Raw Footage

This is what a typical Transformers scene looks like before Michael Bay adds in all the CG and special-FX.

Transformers 4 Detroit Shoot: Wedding Party / People Mover Scene from on Vimeo.


  1. joe fitsyertaterhole


  2. Cool. All the robots are in vehicle firm.

  3. Is Joe just DWA? They sure sound similar.

  4. No! I am my own man sir and I try inject as much of my own personality into my comments as possible. Like minded people no doubt.


  5. so what was so different about Detroit

    That is how it looks everyday

    and more than likely what ever money was paid to shoot the movie there was split up between the mayor and city council

    what a shame NOT

  6. Go joe!!The well spoken Welsh.Have you ever met th "Dangerman".Steven Goodwin I believe. Is he the real deal? I am changing my handle from skunkey monkey to skunkey giant hairy man.What do think?

    1. Keep the Skunkey Monkey bro, it suits your personality!

      Peace bro, you make me smile.


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