Watch: Russian guy drives into a traffic jam [Dumb]

Yes! More Russian videos! In this video (not a dashcam), the idiots speeds through a highway and sideswipes several cars stuck in a traffic jam. The video ends abruptly, but legend has it that this was the last anyone ever heard of them. "The film was recovered from one of the dead corpses at the scene," says one YouTube commenter.

[Update] Here's part 2 of the crash. The drivers are pissed!



  1. I hope they don't allow women to drive in Russia!

  2. Watch part 3 to see what they did to the driver!

    Warning: Graphic!

  3. Dumb means a human mute (cannot vocalize), stupid would probably be the better word for the Russian driver.

    1. Dumb

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    2. ^you are stupid!

      dumb (dm)
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  4. This is the real deal folks

  5. My farts smell like Easter eggs.

  6. oversea drivers are fucking nuts

  7. Russian people are such Nerds! They do have hot chicks though.

  8. If this was in the U.S. these guys would have been gunned down immediately by the other drivers.

  9. In my country, we believe in three things: Vodka, hookers, and getting nothing and liking it.


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