Tortoise found alive in storeroom after 30 years! [WTF]

Photograph by: Perla Rodrigues , TV Globo

Besides the guy who wet his pants when Bigfoot walked into his camp, this is the craziest story we've read about all week. A red footed tortoise that a family assumed missing for 30 years was recently found in a storeroom-- Alive! WTF?! How has he been able to survive all these years, you ask? Was it hibernation? Or magic perhaps? Here's one possible explanation by a family member via the Edmonton Journal:

Almeida's neighbour in Rio de Janeiro spotted the bag and asked Almeida if he was throwing out the turtle as well.

"At that moment I was white and did not believe," explains Almeida.

Crawling around in a box with an old record player was Manuela, a red-footed tortoise the family had written off as lost back in 1982.

Manuela had disappeared during a home renovation, and the Almeidas always assumed he had escaped through a door left open by workers. However, it seems Manuela was hanging out for 30 years in the upstairs storeroom where Leonel Almeida, the father, kept all sorts of old junk he hadn't gotten around to fixing up.

When Leonel died earlier this month, Leandro and his siblings decided to clean out the storeroom, and that's how Manuela came to be by the curb.

The red-footed tortoise feeds in the wild on fruit, leaves, feces and dead animals, a professor told Brazil's, but can go up to three years without eating.

The family speculated that Manuela may have survived on termites while in the house.


  1. Its Leonel , he came back as he's favourite pet!

  2. They can celebrate the joyous reunion with some delicious turtle soup.

  3. Animals can amaze at any given moment.

  4. It's a hoax or a different turtle walked into the home..

  5. In 30 years, someone might find the Ketchum report in a junk filled attic.

  6. Reptilian dormancy can go on for a very
    Long time as long as there was moisture enough to not dry out and no predators

  7. Where would the water or moisture come from?

    1. From the heat in the home... Attics can be quite full of moisture if not properly ventilated.

  8. Quick, someone check that storage room for Ketchum's Manti Te'o paper!

  9. He must of sprinted into a dark corner everytime some came into the room.

    1. Moisture would have come from the bugs. Termites are largely water.

    2. You see, turtles are descended from gibbons so their reaction time is 1000 times faster than humans. Every time you go out into the forest you could be surrounded by dozens of turtles and never know it!

  10. We were camping in MacGregor Valley in the Cook Wilderness last August. Our fist night, I saw a shadowy figure in the light of the moon, partially hidden behind a tree near our camp site. The glint of its eye shine was at least 6 inches of of the ground. I walked over to the tree slowly, my heart was pounding. Sure enough, it was a Turtle.

    I spent about 10 minutes writing this. I need a life. I have a back injury and I haven't worked for almost 3 years.

    1. I know what it's like buddy.

    2. Lying Bitches! You both are actually on the UI Ski Team aren't you?

    3. I had to look up UI Ski Team, but no actually I am disabled with RA.

  11. The same thing happened in a Who's The Boss episode!

  12. not sure the story is 100% acurate. how can a tortoise 'escape' out a door. it takes 5 hours to wlak the length of a garden path!!! did it run into a hiding place living as a hermit everytime somebosy entered the room? sounds like somebody is in desperate need of attention.

    media,this site in particular,shouldnt give this time of day

    even if true its hardly exciting ist??!

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