COT's Very Squatchy Halloween

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Team Tazer Bigfoot member Cot a.k.a the Chicken of Truth.

Doom closes in and even a super fowl like COT must face the evil that awaits!

Here is the full episode of COT's Very Squatchy Halloween Special, Cot once again must face a evil nemesis from his past but also a new one that just arrive to make his life difficult for Halloween.

So break out your popcorn and bring your blankets for the kiddies. Starting at midnight Oct 26, 2012 eastern time you will be able to watch it. You might just get a little scared and even have some laughs when you see what lies ahead for COT The Chicken of Truth!

Also included a bonus mini episode of another creature from hillbilly folklore "The Legend of the Warepossum"

COT (Chicken of Truth) created by Michael Merchant

COT's Blog:


  1. This vid gets the Bigfoot Award, better left un-seen.

    Nice try and thanks for the effort, didn't get it!

  2. Didn't understand a single word of that garbled talk.

  3. and i thought i! had to much time on my hands...

  4. All this has shown me is that they have a BF costume, i can think of only one reason why a Bf team would have a BF costume and that is for hoaxing.
    Does anyone know if this is a serious BF team or do they just make these silly chook vids and hoax?


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