Listen To The Most Vocal Bigfoots In The U.S.

Are the most vocal Bigfoots in America from Isabella county? BFRO President Matt Moneymaker seems to think so. Bigfoot researcher / school principal Jim Sherman has been on a roll lately with at least one awesome wood knock response recorded on tape. But that's not all. He's got what he believes is evidence of vocalization.

According to Sherman, the following audio is a small clip from the 20 minutes of yelling he recorded from the woods. It was captured on video somewhere in central Michigan back in August 2011. A couple of people were present, including the property owner.


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  2. How do we know this isn't a bunch of yahoos out in the forest screaming and whooping and making all kinds of noise?

    I believe it could be real but a couple parts sounded like a human, not real gut sounding like the real squatches sound.

  3. I think this guy is trying to look like Peter Byrne, lol.

  4. While there are some really great recordings out there, two items that I would question concerning this one:

    1. Volume. It just doesn't sound as if the thing making the noise is large. Juvenile? Maybe. When I got 'screamed' at while fishing, just north of Mt. St Helens back in the 90s, you could 'feel' it as much as hear it. It was loud, it had great range (lows to highs), and it was clearly not anything that I had ever heard before.

    2. Duration. These are relatively short bursts (similar to the capacity of a human) and the last 'scream' sounded very much like a female.

    I've heard free-range cattle, coyotes, elk, name it, I've heard it at one point or another. And while some of these can produce sounds that will make your hair stand on end, one area they all lack is the volume.

    By far, these folks have some of the best recordings I've heard to date - some of the screams/howls they've managed to capture are very similar to what I've heard - and it chills me to the bone when I hear them.

    If you're a little hazy on my references to volume, their 6th sound sample will give you a great idea as to what I'm talking about.

    1. I had an experience similar to yours. The volume WILL convence anyone who has ever taken a scream from a REAL one. And they are real --- whatever that is?

    2. By the way, I believe these are real recordings!

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    5. Colorado Angler - agreed, the stuff recorded by National Institute for Discovery Science near Stevens Pass, WA is the real deal.

      I dare some of these naysayers to come out here and blast those recordings deep in the Cascade Mts at 3 AM. They would soil themselves and head back to the city pronto.

    6. uhhh yeah, I just went to that site and I question those recordings. To me, THOSE sound more man made. These on here sound almost exactly like what I heard here in Washington.. And those supposedly came from here?

      The only difference between these Isabella county recordings and what I heard on Ft.Lewis was the way they were screaming. But the tone was the exact same. Granted what I heard was much louder because it was just on the other side of the fence from me, but these things were obviously at a distance.

      As for National Institute for Discovery Science...
      How can anyone take any research these guys do as serious? Just look at the case they make about Sasquatch not being "Hominids"

      In recent times the terms Hominid & hominoid have become synonymous with one another. I
      prefer to separate them and use hominid to classify (Humans only). Hominoids, on the other
      hand, I would designate as upright walking primates, which are "human like", only in the
      respect that they walk upright. That is the only real parallel we have with them. Everything
      else about them, from an anatomical stand point, is a light year separation in morphology.
      Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to the images below, of what has been
      considered for years, our extinct ancestors. If you analyze the features of these skulls, you
      may begin to realize that almost all of the reports, that are not hoaxes, resemble the
      features that we see of these fossilized hominoid skulls. Gee, maybe some of these are not
      really extinct! I propose that what is being sighted on the edges of forests & jungles is
      indeed one of these characters. Since forests & jungles don't produce fossils, it would
      explain why it is so difficult for people to accept that they exist. Yes, I know, we need hard
      evidence for there existence to be "proved" - There is a mother load of us working on it!!!!!!!!" (Obviously not a mother load of proof readers).

      Hey I am the king of typo's my self. But if you are going to make a website that you want to be taken serious, then you have to at least proof read it first. ESPECIALLY if it's about Sasquatch research. And at least get your science right. There are currently two definitions of what "Hominid" means. Great-apes are classified as Hominids. Paleontologists are now arguing that only genus "Homo" be classified "Hominid". But these guys are trying to come up with their own definitions and not only does that shed a bad light on Sasquatch research, but it also makes those of us that believe look bad.

      If they wished to make the case that they believe Sasquatch to be australopithecines, then they should not have added the three Homo-genus skulls at the bottom as likely candidates.

      Some skeptic or troll would have a field day with this crap.. :/

    7. This is laughable tzieth, there's nothing wrong with classifying the mythical being of Sasquatch as hominoid rather than a hominid. The differences in morphology are vast and to just toss them in with homosapiens is ludicrous.

    8. Furthermore, I'll take what someone of their caliber has to say more serious than some nobody like yourself, period.

    9. I see Tzieth's point was well made.

      "This is laughable tzieth, there's nothing wrong with classifying the mythical being of Sasquatch as hominoid rather than a hominid. The differences in morphology are vast and to just toss them in with homosapiens is ludicrous. "

      Yes you would use the word "mythical" and why should you take it serious when people of "their caliber" are basically making crap up?

  5. Why couldn’t this be nothing more then a modified compilation of previous alleged vocalizations? Lets say he goes into the BFRO archives or Autumns site and pulls down a few of the lesser known sounds. Speed em up or slow em down, run an equalizer or effect to hide any recognition and then play it through his cars DVD which is located on the other side of the hill. Horse sounds are a dime a dozen. This could have been done from his living room. Who is Jim Shermen anyway, are we suppose to know him? This has no weight to it. Bigfoot Vocalizations should be put in the same category that Halloween novelty albums are.

    1. I totally agree. And, if Erickson, Ketchum, these guys, SOMEONE had a vid of a Bigfoot cocking back its head and screeeeeeaaaming like this then every single time someone heard similar sounds, they could say, with CONFIDENCE, " That sounds like a Bigfoot!"

      Like the no-body argument, there is nothing to tie these sounds to Bigfoot.....they could easily be a bear with pharangeal cancer, a wolf being eaten alive by a rival pack....slowly, or a human faking it....we need more proof.

  6. It's people responding to other people's calls. Finding Bigfoot ruined it for everyone hahahahaha bring YOUR cat out into the woods

  7. Why does the photo have everyone looking up ? are they listening to bigfoot or bird watching ?

  8. Replies


    1. How does that differ from your daily routine?

  10. Hi folks. Those vocals were not recorded while I was present. I have personally recorded in that location and have for over a year. Could it be hoaxers? Sure, but I would suggest that they get a job as they are out at times for many nights in a row. I have had the recordings analysed by outside sources that did not know what they heck it was (it was a big Michigan University that was not UofM)They eliminated the usual culprits like coyotes (even thought they are present as well in most of the recordings) dogs, deer and elk. I have tried to do all I could to figure out who or what is producing these vocals. They do move very quickly and they are present year round. I do not post these for any personal gain--I do not have a webpage I am promoting or anything like that. In fact my wife wishes I would simply drop the subject. I post these because I think it may help other researchers and people like us who are interested in the subject. Maybe someone can compare what they have heard and we can start coordinating efforts. I cannot now post as many as I would like because the property owners are worried that yahoos are going to come on the property. Anyone who has been doing this for any amount of time will know that this is a real concern. I have an average of 3 hours per night for over a year and I am just now beginning to feel as if I am getting somewhere. Don't let the silly hat fool you (it was raining and I was mad when that pic was taken and now it makes me laugh) I am not out to be a jerk and get people all excited and then let them down. I feel that I have captured something at least of interest and we will see if somebody is out there making me look silly. For now please accept that I am putting this out there for you to enjoy.

    Jim Sherman

  11. Sounds similar to what I heard up in the Goat Rocks Wilderness back in the mid 90's. Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail.

    The Puyallup Screams (1973) is the best comparison. There's got to be a better copy, here ya go:

  12. I don't think audio like this can be taken very seriously anymore.
    It could be any person yelling, tree knocking and clanging rocks together, all these things have been made popular by that tv show.
    Personally i think there is no better way to announce your presence and get every animal to avoid you. I have to ask how many sighting reports have involved people doing these things? I have read of none, please correct me if im wrong?
    Audio would be good if there was also a visual sighting.

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