We may have caveman genes but we don’t have caveman brains

Scientists have just completed the genome for the Denisovans, a branch of extinct humans, and found that there were several important differences between modern humans and them. According to the article on LiveScience.com:

A number of these changes influence genes linked with brain function and nervous system development, leading to speculation that we may think differently from the Denisovans. Other changes are linked with the skin, eyes and teeth.

Scientists were also able to confirm that modern humans at one point mated with the Denisovans:

Comparing the Denisovan genome with ours confirmed past research suggesting the extinct lineage once interbred with ours and lived in a vast range from Siberia to Southeast Asia. The Denisovans share more genes with people from Papua New Guinea than any other modern population studied.

Read more about the study here: news.yahoo.com


  1. I will definatly be following up on this one. Thabks for the post shawn. Always exciting learning the lineage.

  2. Work in retail and technical support and you will find lots of caveman thinking.

  3. Love the fact that in the past decade the number of human species living together in recent terms, as far as "humanity" is concerned, has doubled. Anthropology is cool


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