Neanderthals Were Right-Handed, We Place Our Bets On FB/FB Talking About Bigfoots Being Right-Handed Asians In Their Next Video

In a recent study published in the journal PLoS One, scientists have concluded that Neanderthals were right-hand dominant like modern humans. Though it may seem irrelevant, the importance of right-hand dominance is great because it indicates left-brain dominance, which is important for language.

According to the article on

If Neanderthals were indeed right-handed, that "confirms a modern pattern of left brain dominance, presumably [signalling] linguistic competence," the researchers write in their paper published online Aug. 22 in the journal PLoS ONE.

Read more about how the scientists came to this conclusion here.


  1. Right handedness also indicates left testicle dominance which is why the old mudpuppy often veers towards the mud hole.

  2. Bigfoot how do I know it doesn't exist?

    Because on JREF it is discussed in the paranormal section and not the science section.

    1. Yeah, we get it shithead. The possibility Bigfoot existing is stupid, you're obsessed because of the people who continue to believe and you'd be happy to eat crow.
      Typical closet bleever drivel. You're just another moron discussing your favorite and most likely cryptid like everbody else you jackass.

  3. So lefties have lesser linguistic skills then.

    1. I beat it with my left ....and I talk just finer....


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