Tonight on MNBRT Radio: Melissa Hovey and friends to talk about the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in Mayville, NY

Melissa Hovey, the woman who brought us the famous Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo (the clearest photo of Bigfoot's back known to man), will be on MNBRT Radio tonight. With her tonight are special guests Billy Willard, Larry Battson, Steve Kulls & Peter Weimer. They will be talking about the upcoming, May 6th Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in Mayville, NY.

Show Notes:
Join Elusive1 as he welcomes to the show Melissa Hovey, Billy Willard, Larry Battson, Steve Kulls & Peter Weimer to the show, They will be talking about the up coming Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo May 6th in Mayville, NY. This is a show you won't want too miss, Plus this will be the last show for listener appreciation month so be in the chatroom for your chance too win. SQUATCH ON!!!!


  1. I wonder if she will have anything for sale

    1. Well played Sir!
      Thats the rub behind her photo hoax.
      Post photo with sketchy story line, get some web hits, use what ever light that shines on the turd as access to fleecing the sheeple.
      Sounds legit.

    2. autographs are 2$, how much are the vomit buckets?

  2. Yet another Big Abe commercial for Bigfoot conferences and Expos everywhere.
    I hope Abe at least makes some money off these shows.
    Most of his shows are just that. Commercials for conferences.

  3. i though her 15mins were up? and has anyone seen the other photo's yet? just like everyone said"there are no other pics."all BS to me!

  4. If one would listen to the interview prior to commenting, it would have been crystal clear that I am not selling anything at any conference. Neither for myself or the ABS. Although, just about every other group does have T-Shirts etc for sale, the ABS does not.

    There is a lot to be said for listening or reading prior to posting. Just a thought.

    Melissa Hovey

  5. Only 8 comments below a Melissa Hovey article?

    Guess the 15 minutes are up...

  6. her conference? paying attention must really be hard for you.

  7. Haters only know how to hate.......
    They are more cut off from life than bigfoot is from those of us who look for him.

  8. This photo is a fake, but I'm sure everyone knows this by now. The fur probably came from a company called NTF and they had a link to a customer page that shows this being made. I couldn't find the link from the site, but here is the link to the page. It even shows the same plants...


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