Listen To Special Guest William Jevning On Bigfoot Tonight Radio, 6PM PST

William Jevning
Author: Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch

Tonight at 6PST on Bigfoot Tonight Radio, 39 year Bigfoot investigator, William Jevning will be talking about government cover-up of Bigfoot and his book "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch".

Here is one account of our government covering up Bigfoot evidence by Jevning via Twitter:

I was chatting with someone about the possibility of a cover up in regard to this subject, I don't specifically mean a government one

However, I know of two cases in which forest service personnel were involved.

with limited space here, this may take a bit to explain, so for those reading this, please be patient with me.

In 1994, I was contacted by the father of a co-worker. He and a friend of his had been scouting a favorite hunting area prior to the season

this area had been totally blocked to public access for years, they had a vehicle that made it possible to go cross country

This was in the Mt Adams area of Washington state

the roads there are covered with a thick dust, averaging 2 to 3 inches in depth on average, this is a perfect medium for impressions

The two men who were scouting their hunting area came across what they believed to be footprints made by a Sasquatch

They followed the tracks for a very long distance, they estimated there to have been thousands of footprints, which is not unusual

They decided they needed to tell someone about their find, on their way out of the area, they encountered a forest service supervisor.

They related what they had been doing and what they found and where to this individual.

He removed what they estimated a very expensive looking camers from his truck, and said he was going to document the footprints.

They contacted me a few hours later knowing I was an investigator of the issue. and wanted to take me there immediately.

I agreed, and we left for the site. we traveled the same way theu had gone to find the prints and told me the entire story.

we passed a forest service water truck just prior to going cross country in that area, this is the type used to support fire fighting

Once we arrived to the road network inside the blocked off area, we saw that the water truck had been on these roads.

When we got to the location where they found the footprints, we found that the road had been "misted" which is rain like spray

this is one kind of spray these ater trucks can do in assisting forest fire fighting efforts

the only place where water had been used, is where the two men said the footprints had been, the water had destroyed them.

when I attempted to locate this supervisor, I was told no such person existed! I found the attitude by forest service personnel

less than honest

I know of one other personal situation similar that I investigated, I will relate this another time

whe asked why this issue would be covered up, the answer is simple, financial concerns,

when researching for my book, I did some work with the federal endangered species act

If the worlds largest living hominid were to be proven to exist on the north american continent, ALL logging would stop overnight..literally

The industry and all associated busineses would ceas to function for years...I believe this could provide a very credible reason

If such a cover up were being for thought


  1. This is the first time I've heard some credible researchers hold open the possibility that these creatures could and have committed violence against human beings. This podcast was a good listen. If these BF's are more human than animal then you must seriously consider the probability that there are good ones and potentially evil or bad tempered ones.

    1. Funny thing is that it's always the guys selling books...go figure. I wonder what the motivation could possibly be to that.

    2. Unfortunately,
      The show didn't cover much in the way of Government cover ups.
      Maybe next time

  2. His argument that all logging would stop is not supported by past activity; we continue to log in areas where endangered species are found. I've seen people try to make that same argument while claiming that State of Maine employees are fully aware there are Wolves and Cougars in the State of Maine, but we keep it secret because we don't want the logging to stop. That is just silly. And in any case, if Sasquatch is out there doing just fine, in spite of logging: what difference would it make?; Most of these areas, wouldn't be accessible to humans, without logging roads in the first place; so they would have no way of knowing if Sasquatch was there, or not. If someone is ready to claim the Government is engaged in a massive cover up to hide Sasquatch from the public; then that person needs to come forth with some weighty evidence to support their claim. SWP


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