When Matt Moneymaker Tells You Facts Like, Some Vehicle Collisions With Deer At Night Are Caused By Bigfoots, You Should Believe Him

When Matt Moneymaker posted the above message on Twitter, many people thought he was joking.

"Well that's interesting, I see deer road kill all the time. Not once has Bigfoot come running out to get his prize. Deer do lots of silly things at night when lights are in their eyes.  I've also seen deer run in to my path for no good reason. When one goes, the rest follow," wrote one of our commenters.

Moments before the Twitter post above, Matt was responding to followers with these tweets:

  • @Aaron_Hickman IN SOME PLACES they spook deer to run into traffic at night, then pick up the roadkill afterward. Makes hunting easier. #BFRO
  • Deer collisions should be reported where deer came running out of woods for no apparent reason. Those spots need 2 B charted. #BFRO #bigfoot
  • #BFRO #FindingBigfoot Even when provoked or surprised, bigfoots will avoid physical contact w/ humans. They seem 2 understand contamination.

As it turns out, Matt had good reasons to believe that some animal collisions are actually caused by Bigfoots. Here's the latest BFRO report submitted February 12, 2012. This one involves a tow trucker driver while loading up a vehicle that crashed into an elk.

Witness Story:

LOCATION DETAILS: About 65 or 70 miles South of Malta on highway 191 on the C.M. Russel Wildlife Refuge.
NEAREST ROAD: highway 191

OBSERVED: It was last winter 2010-2011 at about 1:00am. I was out on a wrecker call north of the Missouri River about a mile. I was loading a car on to my truck when I heard a deep grunt. I turned with my flash light and looked behind me and almost 100 feet behind me was an up right walking creature dragging the dead elk that the car I was towing had hit down the side of a hill. It was about 40 below zero I was cold and scared so i loaded up and got back to town.

ALSO NOTICED: The creature was dragging the elk with one hand. No human i have ever known could do that. It was a light brown. if there was no snow it would have blended in to the environment very well.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim H:

I spoke to the witness tonight and he gave a clear description of what he had witnessed. He stated that he had to fill his truck before leaving Malta, MT. to respond to the call of a car hitting an elk which came in around 11:30 - midnight. We are not completely sure about the date, and neither was the tow truck driver. We assumed during the conversation that it occurred on a Saturday night/early Sunday morning and I, the investigator, picked the 8th of January as the tow truck driver said it was not a New Years night. The tow truck driver is checking his tow receipts to see what the exact date was. We will update this report with the exact date when received. As he was leaving he noticed the temperature on the bank said it was 40 degrees below zero. When he arrived at the accident scene he met a state trooper and the owners of the car who were waiting for him with the squad's lights flashing. He then helped the trooper pull the young bull elk (3x3) off the road as it was in the middle. The trooper then took the car owners into town. The witness then backed his roll top wrecker with the lights flashing up to the car, hooked it up and began to load it. As he was standing on the passenger side of the truck operating the roll top he heard a deep grunt. He then grabbed his flashlight and looked back to where the elk was laying and saw an 7 1/2' - 8' large brown/graying hairy beast dragging the elk one handed by the antlers down the ditch into the coulees. He stated that it looked like a body builder but much larger, with broad shoulders, long arms, and a big square flat face. He said that it was hair covered (about 2"), with what appeared to be a beard that was around 5" long. The eyes were about 5" apart and reflected his flashlight in a whitish color similar to that of a deer in headlights. He stated that it did not appear to be in a hurry. It had a hold of the elk and when he shined the light on it, it turned and looked at him and continued dragging the elk away thru around 36" of snow. He said the feet never cleared the top of the snow but it did not appear that it had any problem as it drug the elk off. He guessed the encounter lasted about 15 seconds and it had drug the elk around 100 feet before he lost sight of it. He did call the trooper when he returned to town and told him what had happened. The trooper acted as if he did not believe him.

I spoke to the witness for an hour and a half. Their family has a good reputation in the community and I believe he is very credible.


  1. That would be a clever way of bagging deer or elk.

  2. Now there's an interesting theory. I've heard stories quite often about strange creatures (possibly bigfoot...bigfeet?) spotted near roads while driving past open fields and such. Maybe this is why. Seems like an efficient way to get some dinner!

  3. This explains why all reference articles pertaining to bigfoot are located in the fiction section at your local library.

  4. MM what would you say if I told you Bigfoot is not real and you are delusional

  5. I guess the same could be said for dogs, cats, possum, skunk, racoon, coyote..This has do be the dumbest theory ever put forth

  6. That makes sense that deer are running into noisey, bright, fast moving, cars because something worse is behind them. IDOUBTIT Sharon Hill in just an irritation to those that enjoy things like bigfoot.

  7. I love how so many skeptics and outright disbelievers feel moved to continue reading, watching and commenting on Bigfoot related stories...

    Why even waste your time?

    1. I'm not a skeptic, I believe. But Matt Moneymaker is a ridiculous retard. Bigfoot isn't rounding up deer by chasing them in to the path of a semi.

    2. The website is about Bigfoot Evidence and unfortunately, the amount of hoaxing that is reported as evidences far outweighs the real (still looking for it). You must be willing to challenge any evidence that is presented. Stories like the above are unverifiable so they remain anecdotal...just another witness report. People who challenge the evidence are calling out the crappola that flows in this field. I think all are looking for "real" evidence.

      New Anonymous

    3. God, save us from M$ ! ! Since Animal Planet won't....What does this guy do other than think up more CRAP....about BF ....He is unable to take a picture of one in 25.. FREAKEN years.... Unable....Unable....Unable....to bring anything to the table...However..another of his crap ideas.....check out sites after road kill....What the hell would he check out ....His thought....others too....BF...eat deer....OK....I watched M$ find group deer bones...what does he do....pushes them around with his ski pole.....Does he bag the bones...NO ! ! Does he inspect the bones...NO ! ! I would think looking at them.....Oh may show signs of ....maybe BF....TOOTH marks ! ! ! DOLT ! !

  8. You guys are great and this blog is great.

    I'd like to make a p*rn film with the IDOUBTIT lady and Matt Moneymaker and watch those two idiots go at it with crazy outfits, f*ck toys, and massage oils. If I were directing the movie I'd somehow get Bigfoot into the action. Not some assh*le in a Bigfoot costume, but a real Bigfoot, if I could ever find one. Anyway Bigfoot would show the IDOUBTIT lady that not only is he real, but he is a flawless lover. Matt Moneymaker would probably just sit in the corner and take care of himself while he points at Bigfoot and says, "That's a Squatch."

    I apologize for my language, that's why I use the asterisks. I'm also sorry if I upset anyone, I'm just trying to make a point that Bigfoot is real. That lady and her stupid f*cking website about not believing just really p*sses me off.

  9. When did Bigfoot start eating deer, when MM starting saying they did? Large animals can get by browsing and foraging and eating whatever proteins they find along the way. Only a moron would think that Bigfoot is eating deer... or chasing them into traffic.

    @Roy: There's a place for I Doubt It. No bad ever came from having a counterbalance.

    1. Roy, can we please keep this to Bigfoot? Thanks. - A.C.

    2. I agree with Roy & A.C., if that's possible: I think IDOUBTIT & Autumnforest are sexy, but we should probably keep comments to Bigfoot.

      What does "scissoring" mean?

    3. Scissoring is probably like cutting fabric, maybe a euphemism for house work, like dishwashing. More misogyny from an idiot.

    4. Stay classy, Bigfoot Evidence.

  10. I have a genuine encounter I'd like to post. I've been looking at Bigfoot info and nature blogs all over the net since this happened and I finally found this one. I also reported it to the ranger who actually told me not to bother him, "With bullshit like Bigfoot."

    Please bear with me as I try to lay this out accurately; I'm all jacked up because this just occurred yesterday morning near the path of a hiking trail just north of Santa Cruz, CA and strangely not far from the beach, which I don't typically associate with Bigfoot.

    Just as a point of context this path is where some famous murders occurred in the 80's. Not Bigfoot related, of course.

    My GF and I were doing some light trail running with our dog, Max. The trail goes through a dense and misty conifer forest that looks like something out of Jurrasic Park; maybe the most beautiful place I've ever been. I let my GF and dog go on ahead so I could step off the trail and down an embankment to urinate privately.

    While I was relieving myself I saw what I initially thought was a homeless person at the base of a tree. Once I got a clear look I saw that it wasn't human. I saw it before it saw me and it was digging, putting what looked like, a dead monkey in a hole inside the base of the tree, inbetween the roots.

    Just as I felt like I was seeing something I shouldn't it turned and saw me and charged. It barreled at me on all fours like a chimp almost, then it stopped and stood upright and that's when I knew Bigfoot was real. It was at least a foot taller than me and very broad across the chest. I was backing up, but I was on a slope and was slipping. The thing slapped the ground with its hands and made mouth noises. The noise wasn't a grunt or a roar, but more like a really loud tongue cluck, like it was clicking its tongue against teeth and its palate. The sound went right through me in strange way and I knew I was being warned. The sound sounded a lot like sticks or rocks knocking together. I read that Bigfoot knocks sticks so maybe that's what the stick knocking sound actually is. I don't know.

    It backed down the slope without turning but kept eye contact. I pulled out my phone but by the time my stupid Android took the shot it was gone. I swear I missed the best Bigfoot shot of all time by a matter of a portion of a second. Now I know why there are almost no pictures of that thing, the way it moves so fast.

    I think the thing was burying a baby in the tree, or under? Does that make sense?

    It was not a person in a costume. It had wet nostrils, and it's hair had leaf litter in it and was picking up drops of mist. Do you know how hair stands up on an animal when it's mad and you can almost see the skin underneath? That's what I saw, the hair all fluffed out and it's eyes were gold and red, but not metallic or sci-fi-looking, like a natural coppery color with red around the edges. No eye whites, like people have.

    I know the exact spot and can return there but I'm not going alone. I thought about taking the police there but after what the ranger said I'm pretty much stuck. My GF convinced me not to call the local TV.

    Like I said, I'm stuck. Should I report it? Where then? Who do I tell or do I just suck it up and not run that trail anymore?

    I'll happily talk or email anyone with details. This is the real deal. If we found the child Bigfoot body that would help substantiate what seems like an enormous scientific mystery. There is a Bigfoot in Santa Cruz. I'm sure it's still there. I'm willing to talk to the media if there's anyone out there.

    My name is Daniel.

    1. Daniel,if your story is legitimate,I would suggest emailing Shawn.He owns this blog.Perhaps he can help you out with a contact in your area.

    2. Daniel, I believe you, but please do not report this sighting, just let it be. Would you want someone harassing a mother from your church who just lost her baby? There's virtually no difference.

      Before you talk to authorities please email your info to me at siouxdonymous@gmail.com. I really want to talk to you.

      BTW: the clicking sound makes your story truthful to me.

    3. Thank you, Sue. I would like some advice on how to proceed anonymously because I don't want to deal with the kind of anger I'm getting from some others on this blog.

      Thanks to those of you (Mike, Mike C. SasquaiNation) who have given straight advice.

      I don't know anything about Bigfoot, other child Bigfoot stories, Mike Rugg or other Bigfoot websites. I'm sorry for whatever those people did to you. I've read the papers here for years and I've never heard of a Bigfoot sighting in Santa Cruz. I know there were some north of here.

      I'll write you now, Sue. Thanks.

    4. Your story sounds authentic, and better yet it gives me a great f*cking idea of where to go with my crossbow.

      @Sue: Good comment, but that Bigfoot already lost and forgot about it's baby. Animals are stupid like that. Incidentally I would suggest you change your avatar because every time I see it I feel like d*ckwhipping those glasses off your smiling face. Sorry if that's upsetting. I try to edit myself with asterisks, but you know what you're doing, I'm sure.

      @ Anonymous asshole: go f*ck yourself. You don't know if this idiot is telling the truth or not. What the f*ck do you know, you c*nt? I'm willing to go to this spot, kill the f*cking Bigfoot and prove to everybody the g*dd*mn thing is real.

      Again, I apologize if I'm ruffling feathers. All due respect, except for that anonymous *sshole, who I have zero respect for.

      When I kill Bigfoot and prove to the world its real and you guys will worship me, if you don't already.

      Don't respond to this unless you want to meet me at the Orleans in Vegas and have it out in person.

    5. Hi Daniel, My name is Leon W. Please go read (chris 's story) posted on the Tim fasano apology about six stories back. I would ask you to answer the same (relavent)questions i asked him. There is also some advise I gave him that you may also want to know and understand about what we who have had an experience may go through.

      I think cliff, bart, and bobo are all close to your local and I think you'll hear from them soon enough.
      I personally would get back there on your own and retrieve whatever is there.
      Understand this very clearly my friend!!!!
      that body would be worth MILLIONS!!!!!
      whomever you get envolved needs to be strait up and get yourself a lawyer. Dont agree to any percentages, its going to be a lot. Work from a flat fee legal and marketing.
      There will be money from news, universities, books, movies, interviews.
      Choose wisely.

    6. I was refering to Bart cutano
      Cliff barakman
      and James "BOBO" faye-- I think last name
      If you hear from any of these three, you got a real , serious investigator on your side!!!! Ruggs ok too!
      avoid contact with
      Tim Fasano
      mike green
      there is a forth idiot who has been envolved in sevferal major hoaxes, his name eludes me at the moment. Stick with the three above.

  11. Hi Daniel,

    So you're trying to be the creator of the next dead baby bigfoot tale, eh? Nice try. Bullshit. As if that would happen beside a running trail near the beach in a Santa Cruz forest where people bring their dogs. Yeah, right. You found a foresty place with a hole under a tree that could serve as the setting for your bullshit story. Good job.

    Go back and find the dead baby yourself, rather than trolling for people who will offer you money to take them to the spot -- an empty animal den under a tree. Of course, it will be mysteriously empty when you return with your hopeful customer. Be sure to cash the check beforehand.

    If you were legit you wouldn't have posted this on an anonymous blog site. You would have found out about Mike Rugg (in your area), and you would have already returned to the spot with him.

    You are full of shit.

    1. I'm not joking, I don't want money or even my name used.

      I don't know anything about this stuff or other dead baby Bigfoot stories. I'm a pastor in Santa Cruz and I'm just looking for advice.

      I was hoping for some legitimate advice and not hatred.

  12. Or go here and contact these guys olympicproject.com

    1. Okay Mike & SasquaiNation. Thank you! Sorry that other guy just kind of jumped on me for no resaon. I will follow your advice. And I appreciate the help.

      Regards, Daniel

  13. Or call Mike Rugg. You sure know who he is by now, "Pastor" ...

  14. You looked all over the Internet, long enough to find this obscure blog, but you didn't bother to look up reports in the Santa Cruz Mts? Hmmmm. Cuz if you did that you'd know about the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Santa Cruz, run by Mike Rugg. You're saying you've never heard of that? You could find this blog, but you couldn't find Mike?

  15. Daniel -- Contact the BFRO or Mike Rugg of The Bigfoot Discovery Project in Santa Cruz. They will surely help you. Dont waste time because you may have made the discovery that many people have been waiting for. Best ofluck! Mike

  16. Anyone in the BFRO would tell him to go straight to Mike Rugg and/or Bart Cutino. They're both right there nearby.

  17. Daniel,

    DO NOT CONTACT THE BFRO!!! Please, please, please. Contact Mike Rugg if anyone.

    If this is indeed a true account, be prepared for some serious backlash. This "community" can (notice - I said "CAN") be a real circus. You've got just a very small taste of it here.

    But, there are some really great people who can help you. Not meaning to sound disrespectful...for your own sake, I hope you have not embellished in anyway.

    Good luck.


  18. @Anonymous... Oh this is funny. YOU are making this guy's case for him and you don't even know it do you? Your attitude towards his story would be exactly the reason he came to anonymous blog. If this guys story is true (I am not saying it is, but I have no reason to call a guy I don't know a liar) then it happened to him only yesterday. He stated that he did not believe in bigfoot until said event took place. So why would he know any better? "Bigfootevedence" Does that not seem to sound like a site that one would go with his dilemma?

    And Daniel? if this story is true, the last person you want to contact is Tom Biscardi. Go with Mike C's advice

  19. JN, who says "DO NOT CONTACT THE BFRO !! please, please, please" (rather contact Mike Rugg instead) was probably ejected from the BFRO or banned from BFRO expeditions.

    If JN knew what he/she was talking about then he/she would know that Mike Rugg is in the BFRO.

  20. Some of the hopeful, gullible replies here show exactly why people make up these kinds of "burried treasure" stories.

    And it's the same reason why other people claim to have visions of the Virgin Mary ... Those people know that certain types claims have a strange effect on some people. Some people want to believe it very badly. Their hope and faith in the story makes them feel good.

    That's what propelled the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax forward. It's probably some of the same emotion-driven suckers who will now suck up to this bullshitter and his new fresh bigfoot body story.

    1. I'm so hot for you. I love your misspellings and misguided punctuation.

      Can you post your real name next time so I can whisper it softly to myself while I'm sitting on the dryer set to "tumble?"

      Let me know.

      PS: the space before the ellipses is unorthodox and incorrect so how can any of us take you seriously? This doesn't change the fact that I want you. Bad.

  21. moneymaker is the fucking boss of bigfooting. he is the fucking daddy, no one should mess, he knows all there is to know about bigfooting, 25 years in the game and noone else comes close

  22. Well, it would appear that this does, in fact, prove that BF is a redneck version of man. He loves his roadkill stew as much as the next squirrel eater.

  23. Moneymaker is an appropriate name for that jackass!! The show is a joke and he is a pompous jerk. He has set back serious Sasquatch research 20 years with his ridiculous antics. Just because he's been in the business 20 years doesn't mean he's any good...

  24. Forget about Moneymaker! Let's talk more about the bigfoot body in the raccoon hole next to the trail. I'm whipping out the map right now.

    Goose chase, anyone? ... Anyone? Bueller?

  25. Ok, so first we are supposed to believe this from the biggest moron bafoon who has ever came into this field. Secondly we are supposed to believe this from a habitual drug user who has showed the world he knows nothing about the outdoors yet alone bigfoot. While they do undoubtedly collect roadkill from time to time, and may even run the animals into the road on purpose, I think any reasonable person understands that this would be an extremely rare event. Maybe not the collecting, but definetly the purposely running them into the road. And it is pure ignorance to think that this is a major cause of auto and deer accidents. First off where one deer goes the rest done follow. Their not sheep, and any deer hunter will tell you this. You may get one or two follow each other but deer watch as much as they run and when one animal has trouble goin through an area, then the others take a different route.

    But im not surprised at all thsi came out of fat faced's mouth. Of course he would say this. Believe it or not he has said stuff far stupider on the show. But we have to forgive him because im sure he was on his third or fourth line of coke by the time he wrote this. The man continues to show his ignorance with every breath he takes. I have never heard the man make one credible true statement. The true statements he makes are rip offs from other ideas he has heard. But then he claims them as his. Is it any wonder that the researchers are avoiding this prick like the plague. Only a true ignoramous would ever spout this crap.

    And then you have to add in the fact that fat face has proved on his show that he cares not about credible accounts. In his eyes, if your story sounds cool then its got to be true. Time after time we watch the bafoon on tv overlooking the credible accounts and choosing the obviously made up accounts or the ones that are more fantastic. And he genuinely believes that they are the real deal, not just good for tv. The producers know whats going on, but fat face literally believes that these are the real deal. So knowing his tendency to only believe the most fantastic accounts, you really have to question if any account the man comments on ever even happened. Stuff like this definetly does occur, but did this evvent? We really dont know because fat face is so ignorant we dont know if he made it up or if he took the word of a fellow druggy. Its hard to say.

    Bottom line. Fat face moneymaker is a hack who has embarrassed the field and himself enough for two lifetimes. Every word he says should be taken with a grain of salt, and we should continue to shun the man. If people would stop being so ignorant as to acdtually pay money to go in the woods with this moron, then we would help to rid the world of him. Soon enough his money would dry up and the true fat face drug user would come out.
    Just ask any professional researcher one on one what they think of matt with the exception of Bart. And you will see what i say is true. This is why Barts reputation is seriously in question for supporting such a lunatic. Even Bobo told numerous people on the site of the sierra kills when asked about matt, that he couldnt stand the man. But that was his only paycheck and so he just went with things. As i have said over and over again, the guy is avoided like the plague by anyone who is actually serious in this field. ASk around and youll see.

    1. It appears Mike Greene is online again today.

      Do old meth-damaged guys like Greene always say their rivals have worse drug histories? Has anyone ever seen Moneymaker doing lines of coke?

    2. Here is the fact, Matt has put his name on the line longer than most modern researchers.
      And for all his personality traits that sometimes cause him a miss-statment, SO-WHAT.
      The man is very passionate about what he does and maybe sometimes over-zealous.
      His drive and personallity has built the largest BF websight and got him a position on the show, free market capitolism!!!!
      You are a nobody coward hiding behind anonimity. Post your name you pussy and take the hit for slander.
      This websight is about BIGFOOT, not your little dick, fragile, looser ego. This is not the place to be posting about someones personal short comings, especially without proof.

  26. It would surprise me if Finding Bigfoot is retooled for the third season.

  27. After talking to a few people I've come to the conclusion that what I saw was a chimp. I had no idea they got upwards of 6 feet tall.

    I don't know how to explain the child chimp, maybe it was just digging a hole, I don't know.

    Sorry to get everyone riled up it was clearly just a case of mistaken identity. I was extremely dumbfounded when I saw it, so I guess that's that.

    Thanks for the help.

    - Daniel

    1. If true, may possibly be the best avenue Daniel...

    2. I have to agree that it sounds like Daniel is clamming up because he's decided it's best not to share the exact location. But so what? Everyone has the right, and prerogative.

      Roy you're certainly not helping by commenting on how you want to kill the creature.

      Let's prove Bigfoot exists the right way, with science, not bloodshed.

    3. If I spotted a Bigfoot,I sure wouldn't share the location either,and for good reason.

    4. Between being harassed almost immediately by anonymous and seeing that many of you would murder a Bigfoot I applaud Daniel for changing his story. Good job Danile and Sue D. Next time someone asks tell them you saw a Santa Cruz fire-breathing dragon, that will keep anyone from even looking in that area, or for a chimp or anything that's vulnerable.

    5. Daniel,I agree with SasquaiNation and Anon above me at 12:34pm. I'd still call Mike Rudd though. I think he or Sue above would be your best bet.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing your experience. We're not all oppositional antagnostic belittling critics.

    6. What would a chimp be doing running around Santa Cruz? That is more unbelievable than Bigfoot.

  28. After talking to a few more people ... I've changed my conclusion again. It was not a chimp afterall. It was Justin Smeja burying the body of the dead baby bigfoot he shot in the Sierras.

    I can't explain how Justin finally found the body, or why he decided to bury it near a running trail in Santa Cruz.

    Sorry again to get everyone riled up about the 6 foot tall chimp explanation. That was weak, admittedly.

    Thanks for the help again ...

    - Daniel

    1. Daniel, I' going to reach out to you one last time. We all know that Sue D. talked you into not talking about your encounter.

      There could be money in this thing for you, and your family, I'm serious. And maybe it would be good ecology for Bigfoots in general, just not immediately because we have to prove it exists. Do you know what I mean?

      You know how everyone didn't believe you, bro? Well I did, because I know what it's like to get the horse laugh for believing in Bigfoot. There are details in your story that ring very true to me. Don't listen to Leon or anyone else who wants to keep Sasquatch a secret.

      I know I write a lot of stuff that sounds like I'm trying to be funny, but at the end of the day, I'm a Bigfoot hunter. I've put every penny I've got into this and you're my last chance. I live in the back of a pawn shop, for Christ sake.

      If you are a man of God then you would want all of God's creatures to be known by man, who was created in God's image, right? Talk to me and we can make history together. And don't listen to Sue either.

      @Sue: give me Daniel's email address, please. I need it and I'm not kidding. I'll stop leaving compliments on your blog.

      I'm talking about the greater good for all of us.

  29. Good thing IP Addresses will separate the real Daniels from the fakes.

    1. Exactly. I suggest we start posting them.

  30. i'm a little ashamed to be part of this community right now, the guy just posts his experience and ahlf the world jumps down his throat. i didt raed one thing that made it seem like he was tring to profit from his experience, he wanted to report it. and then all the weird hatred and accusations come out, he's not even fighting back like someone who was pranking us would. i think he saw what he saw and now he's never going to talk about it again. what's the difference between how he was treated and how much we hate it when people make fun of us for believeing? i don't get it i thought we were more progressive.

    1. So am I.It takes everything out of me to post here now.
      Intelligent conversation seems to be a thing of the past.

    2. I agree SasquaiNation. This used to be the first website I checked every day and in the last two weeks it's been the last one. I don't know where the trolls and others have come from but I don't even want to participate anymore.

      We really used to be able to have decent intelligent conservations here.

      Shawn took a positive step removing some of the profanity but there's got to be more done.

      What happened to the former commentors who used to contribute information and add to the comments.

      I remember when I found this site reading the comments was just as interesting as the articles. There was a lot of good information shared, even if people disagreed,it was done respectfully.I miss those days and hope they are not gone forever.

      Shawn I hope you're reading and listening.

    3. I think this is why there is so much moderation done on other forums and blogs.It's to keep trolls away and deter fighting,personal attacks,off topic comments etc.
      What sites like that inevitably do is censor free speech.
      On this blog Shawn is really promoting free speech by not censoring comments.
      Unfortunately,there are malicious people who take advantage of an open forum such as this blog to cause disruptions while adding no value to the topics being discussed.
      There are many days where I wish "Freedom of Speech" was replaced with "Freedom of Intelligent Speech".
      I believe Shawn gives us free reign so we can solve our differences together,or agree to disagree.
      It's too bad people take advantage of that.
      I'm not speaking for Shawn,I'm just giving my personal opinions.
      I just wish some people would show more respect,especially when the owner of this blog puts in so much time and effort to make it as interesting as possible for like minded folks.

  31. Hey guys. I rarely ever delete comments, but the cussing is getting out of hand. I've been deleting Roy's comment (and I don't normally do this). I can only think of 4 or 5 times I've deleted a comment.

  32. Did you ever consider that "Daniel" knew exactly what would happen? He's got a convenient pretext now for not validating his story: People are just so mean and nasty.

    Of course, if he's credible at all then he can still do what he could have done to begin with. He can seek out the obvious bigfooter in Santa Cruz to talk to and take back there. Nothing preventing that, if he's credible.

    I don't think he'll contact Mike Rugg though. The good pastor won't do that now that has found himself a new sheep -- a new pretty Autumn Williams type to enthrall with his story.

  33. Moneymaker has no idea what he is doing in the woods, and the guy is about as passionate about bigfoot as most are about seeing cow dung. If he was so passionate he would have taken the time long ago to get familiar with the outdoors and the animals in it. He would do research, and use common sense to regard or disregard sightings. He would also have a general knowledge of animal habitats and biology. He would understand logic and the stupid ignorant comments that always come out of his mouth would never even be thought of. Pure and simple.

    1. The world is made up of
      Builders / mechanis / farmers

      It usualley takes a Dreamer to give Scientists and engineers something to do!!!

      Matt leans on the Dreamer side, he has a "GIFT" of be-ing a pie'd piper.
      You sound like you like more Science, ok thats fare too.

      It does make one right and one wrong! We all come from different lifes experiences.

      So he that is perfect, --- cast the first stone!

    2. Does'nt, sorry I'm a poor spellar hillbilly!

  34. I respect Shawn's decision to delete my comments. The guy is a man: he knows what he wants and stands by his beliefs.

    Daniel, if you're out there contact me by clicking my name, it'll take you to my blogspot. I'll split whatever money comes out of this Santa Cruz thing with you. You could maybe put a new roof on the church or whatever. I'm not out to hurt anything just for the sake of hurting. I need to prove Bigfoot exists, by hook or by crook. You get me?

    Again, I respect this blog and most of its readers. So no more profanity from me, even with asterisks.

    Shawn, if you ever want to hang out in Vegas look me up. I get great deals at the Orleans...they have a bowling alley and the whole nine.

  35. interesting analysis...sounds like researchers should look into this possibility...although I bet the percentage is not very high...bigfoots running deer into the roads...Matts comment about why bigfoots dont attack cattle..sounded infantile and rediculous though. I am not so sure "Finding Bigfoot" has really done much for research...and if anything Matts silly comments at times I think may damaged certain peoples outlook that the BFRO is the only "sane" bigfoot research medium out there....which is probably a good thing. I respect the BFRO and their efforts, but they dont "own" bigfoot research so to speak...its time for others in the research community...frankly many that have good theories and analysis to get some recognition for their efforts.

  36. Yeah Daniel. You should hang out with Roy in Vegas. He can show you his trick for whipping eyeglasses off girls' faces. It may come in handy someday.

  37. I personally am well associated with the olympic project guys and as others have stated, moneymaker is viewed as a joke by all but Bart. The guys dont mind that Bart is best friends with Matt, but it has been made very clear to Bart that sharing info from the olympic project with matt will not be tolerated. So this does add credibility to the fact that the serious researchers dont want matt around them. His reputation at this point has actually become worse than Biscardi. I also am very familiar with Biscardi and although the man is all about show and turning a buck, he does have a good knowledge of biology and the outdoors. And when he makes statements they typically are at least somewhat based on theory and science. He has his moments, but at this point Biscardi would be more valuable as a player than Moneymaker. The reason that matt is the leader of the most popular bigfoot organization is not due to the skill or efforts of moneymaker at all. This is often unkown and misunderstood.
    The bfro was established thanks to a man named Wally who funded Matt to start the organization and get proof. He was funded with a regular salary that was substantial for the time and given the latest high tech equipment to use. Lindsay was correct when he stated that that Matt did spend most of that money on drugs and after a period Wally wanted results and Matt had nothing to speak of. The bfro, however, was the first of its kind to really assemble sightings and some proof at a computer-age level. JOhn greene and others had been doing it manually for decades, but the bfro took it a step further and used the internet to get others to come forward with reports, etc. This however was not due to Mr. Moneymaker. It was due to the other members in the bfro who were doing field research and diving full on into the field. Members paid to join and this funded the organization and also Matt. Although their were other small organizatioins beginnin to pop up online, the bfro was basically the first with funding and thus they became the biggest. When people asked around, the bfro was the only name that really came up. Therefore donations were made their more than anywhere.
    This is how the bfro got its popularity and established itself. Through the hard work and dedication of a select few members. Not Mr. Moneymaker. I have known many bfro members including several that were their from the start and i can tell you that many quit the organization because if you didnt agree with Matt you were kicked out, or that if you questioned matt about his tendency to sit back and vacation while others did the work, they were kicked out. It was well known that Matt would take donation funds and vacation or the funds would just vanish. Everyone at that time knew matt had a drug problem but thought he was getting help, but that wasnt the case.
    The issue is that matt didnt do anything to land him in the position he is now in. He lucked out. If it werent for Wally their would be no BFRO, thats a fact. If it werent for the bfro's great members, their would be no bfro, but on the same tocan, if it werent for the bfro's members, matt wouldnt have the funding and popularity he does today. He believes that the bigfoot world would not be anywhere without him and is often trying to take credit for others work. And we all know that the world would be better without him in this field. And the only thing matt has done is coin the term squatch, which is one of the most annoying terms ive ever heard, and adds more of a clown appearance to the bigfoot world.

    But people please dont think because you watch a tv show and have seen the bfro homepage that matt has added credit to thsi field. He is sitting on some very good info and videos that he refuses to showfor some unkwnon reason. But unknown to Matt this will not work and will ultimately backfire on him, their are things known to few that are going to put matt out of buisness. Its coming, and its a sad thing that it will be brought to that.

    1. anon 2/19 12:47 who's making slanderous drug comments about Matt Moneymaker and is lying about Bart is not M Greene, R Lindsay etc. and has absolutely no association with the Oly project. It's an obsessive and mentally challenged ind. from West Virginia named Chris Sink.
      Chris sink is/was a source for lindsay and his blog as he contacts bigfooters via email and fb to pose as a fan and get information for lindsay. this blog does a fantastic job with updating news and info but shouldn't allow slander & libelous comments from sick people like chris sink imo

    2. Ok chris sink?? Wtf whos chris sink??? Just searched him on facebook and some jackkoff ( with mutual friends of mine) playing guitar in front of a mirror with a gay helmut hugger on poppd up.

      Shocker lindsays involved....real shocker


  38. Mike Green has some major sand in his vagina. Damn !

  39. I hear you and certainly don't have your insight into the organization.
    My point is that there are often some loud mouths that bring attention to a topic.
    Its often the loudmouths and a-s holes that cause us to watch major sports.
    They are a necessary part of the way the world goes round.
    There must have been at least a few that saw his drive and value, and to hang around and cause success.
    This whole field his been built on the work of many, and many before matt! I do understand that.

    1. Did I also hear or read that Matt served our country in the military. I think he also holds a bachelors or masters degree, so how about a little credit for him. If he did or does have a drug problem, well I have sympathy and consider that his business. I have more respect for what I know about him, in comparison to the coward above who won't state his name!

  40. Matt has no drive or value! Period. His drive and value are that he sits on his butt all day and lets his members do his work. So their goes drive. Value? What value, wasting all the funds he was given, stealing members money to use it on his drugs.
    And who cares if he served in teh military or has a degree. The man has no knowledge of the outdoors what soever. And i can almost guarantee if he served it was a position like cook. Hes far to clumsy to be of any good whatsoever. Moneymaker being in the outdoors and making claims about what animals do or dont makes about as much sense as letting a rat loose in a cheese factory. The man has no clue how to handle himself in the buisness world or in the outdoors. He is a train wreck when he tries too. Hes a scam artist and a fraud. Name one thing that makes moneymaker credible? Their isnt one. And no one can say matt knows anything about the outdoors or animals. You cant even argue that. So what buisness does he have looking for an animal.. none. Stop defending a man you know nothing about. At least when i speak of him i know the man personally and what he is about.

    1. What business do any of us have looking for an animal that doesn't exist , RIGHT!

      I'm being facisious, I've had three encounters.

      I / everyone else here has no reason to listen, since we don't know who you are????

  41. Also, your right, I don't know him!
    What I do know well is human nature,
    and what i see here is simple envy / jelousy

  42. SHAWN THANK YOU, for deleting the profanity. You have to set standards. It's been getting worse and worse and I do not care for it as it brings down the caliber/quality of "Bigfoot Evidence".

    I don't see anything wrong with stating No profanity or your comments will be deleted.

    I personally appreciate it and THANK YOU again.

  43. The Olympic Project is just a few people who live in a great bigfoot area in Washington State. Those folks have never collected any evidence of bigfoots, ever. They like to say they're the best, but that's really all they do.

    With all the trail cameras they have set up over the years, you would think they would have gotten something by now -- something other than the armpit of a bear.

    Either they aren't really as active as they claim, or they are just not very good at what they do.

    Trail cam photos of elk and deer, etc., don't make them superior bigfoot researchers. At least the BFRO has collected track casts, and gotten some videos, and lots of sound recordings.

  44. It must be a routine for angry drunks to come to this blog to spout envious bile against Moneymaker, saying he doesn't know anything and has done all sorts of bad things. He must be making a lot of drunks feel pretty useless.

    Keep on keepin' on, Moneymaker. You're my hero.
    Just remember, the more you accomplish, the more the drunks will hate you. It means you're really a somebody now.

  45. Daniel,

    I see my name has been mentioned here. I am the curator of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton CA in the Santa Cruz Mtns. I do full time bigfoot research and am acquainted with most serious bigfooters. I've been a local resident since the 50s. My investigations are lowkey and discreet (I can keep a secret).

    You can reach me at the URL listed here or call 831 335-4478. We do full time bigfoot research and investigations and we are very aware of the plight of the eyewitness. We take great care to insulate genuine witnesses (unless they want their story publicized.) We are not-for-profit and help people from time to time with their bigfoot experience and the aftermath.

    Sincerely, Michael Rugg

  46. Lynn from Florida here i cant believe you people treated that amn like that who in there right man would think up a story of seeing a bigfoot burying something like and then in his face like he explained. if it was a hoax i think he would have had a video of the encounter but no. he was asking for help and who to go to for help. do you realized what we could have learned from that man. lets see all the clicking sounds made by mouth not stones like all have been thinking. maybe why we cant find there dead. who would of even thought of looking under a tree stump. just some thought i have alot more to say but time for work on this end.

  47. The time lag of the tow truck arriving, sounds like is was at least 45 minutes. If the elk had in fact been chased by a Bigfoot in order to kill it with a vehicle collision, why in the world would the Bigfoot wait an additional 45 minutes minumum, before collecting the elk?

    Answer: It wouldn't. If the Bigfoot was in hot pursuit, it would have gathered the elk fairly quickly. As in within a minute or two. Since it had waited until a truck with flashing red lights had arrived, it was more likely in the vicinity and was curious about those lights. Once arriving, the Bigfoot spotted the elk being dragged off of the road, and decided that he could easily take care of the carcass for the humans. In conclusion, Matt Moneymaker again proves why he went to Law School instead of majoring in either a science or investigative career. Nuff said about Matt's logical reasoning capabilities.

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