Watch Proof of Evidence Seminar Live Stream

Update: If you don't see anything, it means they're probably on their "lunch break."

The Proof of Evidence seminar live feed is in progress. As of right now, Dr. Jeff Meldrum is speaking.

"Join us for one of the largest collection of Sasquatch evidence ever compiled for one event. Hundreds of casts, photos and other items will be showcased by some of the top Sasquatch researchers in the world."

Watch below:

Watch live streaming video from powerhouse1 at


  1. sorry to break the news, but there is currently no evidence

  2. I want one of these things sooooo bad.I am certain they can be domesticated,and be taught to do landscaping and heavy labor.possibly security,military uses or work at the DMV,maybe their fur(ladies coats) or bred for food(squatchburger)

    1. If you can domesticate them then why not become their agent for the NFL. Imagine what a Sasquatch Middle line backer that is nine foot tall and weights in at 1000 lbs and can run like a horse in any direction it chooses could do on defense. Now put it in at a running back and try to stop it.


  3. I was able to watch some of this seminar and it was very informative and interesting. I think they will try to put it up so that those who did not get to watch will have the opportunity. It was great. It tells you a great deal about what is evidence and the probabilites of the exsistence of a large bipedal mammal in North America. It's certainly is not just a believers seminar. These men were all very open minded about all sides of the issues.


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