Photos Of The Day: Guru the chimp suffering from alopecia looks human

The chimp's muscle definition can be seen, making Guru look almost human

Doctors believe certain factors in Guru’s life such a stress or trauma is what probably caused him to lose all his hair. These same factors can result in the same sort of hair loss in humans as well. According to the zoo's vet, they've tried a number of a number of medicines, but none seemed to work. As a last resort, they're planning to consult with a human skin doctor.

According to
Other males may worry that losing their hair will make them less appealing. But for Guru the chimpanzee, his baldness has turned him into a star attraction. The 20-year-old, who is suffering from alopecia, has lost the hair from all over his body.

But the mischievous chimp still brings hundreds of visitors flocking to Mysore Zoo in southern India – despite greeting them by throwing stones. Dr Suresh Kumar, a zoo vet, said: ‘Everybody wants to see his biceps and triceps.
To stop him getting lonely, zoo officials have allowed a female chimpanzee, Manila, to move into his enclosure.

But although Guru plays cheerfully with her, he hasn’t taken things any further – to the surprise of his handlers.

Dr Kumar said: ‘He got separated from his parents at a tender age and most probably this could be a reason that he hasn’t learned to mate.’
Guru is very popular with the visitors to Mysore Zoo in southern India - though he does cause mischief from time to time, making noise and throwing stones and faeces at them

Guru, the 20-year-old male chimp suffering with alopecia, is a star attraction at an Indian zoo, as he looks like a human

Guru is taking medication for the alopecia, but Dr Suresh Kumar, a zoo vet said: 'There have been no positive results and as a last resort we are planning to consult a human skin doctor.'



  1. Damn!! Guru is ripped, imagine an animal 3 times his size!!

  2. imagine the head-lock this son of a bitch can deploy on you! or better yet grapple with this bad-boy. yikes. this chimp as all chimps are solid. where not used to seeing them without hair. sasquatch could rip a human's head clean of it's body.

    1. Scary thought isn't Zabo!.. Remember the story from a couple of years ago about the chimp who attacked its owner! It tore her hands off!!..If something like that, got me in a choke, I'm tapping out, and praying he lets go!....Ken

  3. No wonder he's treating the people there like shit, literally. Who wouldn't be pissed too if visitors came by every day peeking in the windows, even laughing out loud at you. Poor guy, he's not meant to be this naked. (:-(

  4. "...though he does cause mischief from time to time, making noise and throwing stones and faeces at them"

    So we observe these behaviors of this chimp in the zoo. We observe similar behaviors of gorillas in the wild. And when folk report similar behavior in the forests of North America, we can't suspect that there is some primate behind the activity? 'It was a bear' the skeptics state. Except bears don't engage in these known behaviors documented of other primates.

    Babboons have adapted to the snow in Japan. Lowland gorillas kill and eat antelope. It's not uncommon for male mountain gorillas to be over 6 feet tall. Why is it such a stretch for folk to believe that continents besides Africa, Asia, and South America support primates? Or that large primates can exist outside Africa? South America IS attached to North America and Asia WAS attached in the past. And most North American humans aren't native to North America either!

    I can't prove they exist yet but I'm not willing to outright dismiss the possibility either. After all, the Bili ape didn't exist in Y2K either.

    I bet if they put a tent in the middle of his enclosure he would urinate on it.

    Dave from WA

  5. I don't recognize the creature due to the lack of blur, fuzziness and full frontal view. To clear of a photo, we know it must be faked. Real photos of creatures are alway indistinct blobs.

    New Anony

  6. Great points Dave. You've said all I had to say and more. Thanks

  7. Have they tried setting him free. Perhaps that may help his hair grow back. This is a crime to cage the poor guy!


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