Not To Be Outdone By Melissa Hovey, TeamTazerBigfoot Planning To Release New Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

Just like Melissa Hovey, who published the game cam photo of Bigfoot sent to her from an anonymous reader four years ago, TeamTazerBigfoot also claims to have photos of a Sasquatch that they plan on releasing.

Watch below:


  1. by the looks of this clowns beard, it could well be his back too....

  2. This is real news....even better than this hoaxed photo of a hollywood style squatch mock-up that Melissa released.

  3. What? Shawn are you for real or just don't understand sarcasm ? This guy has no photos's !!!! This is a misleading headline just to get ppl to read this horse shit. You should stick to copying and pasting other ppls work !!!

    1. Ouch......only realised the humour brackets...... humble crow will be served for breakfast. My biggest apologies to shawn for being a massive douche. SORRY.......

  4. Ha, ha! This guy is funny, his show should be pretty entertaining!

  5. Brilliant, he really prodded the subject.

  6. Fun stuff. I am watching the rest of his videos now. He uses humor but makes a lot of good points.


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