Live Blogging and Commentary of Finding Bigfoot: "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" Episode

Please join us for our live blog of Finding Bigfoot: "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" episode. Blogger Autumn Forest of Ghost Hunting Theories will be joining us tonight to commentate on the episode live at 10pm PST.

Our live blogging is done. Read below.

[10:00] Shawn - Show Started...

[10:00] Shawn - The team is back in Ohio at Deerasic park Park. They're introducing themselves to the townsfolks.

[10:02] Autumn - They're showing the trash bag caught in the tree again. I love that one.

[10:06] Autumn - Bobo's wish of a baboon screaming in the woods--ah, what a wish list that boy has.

[10:06] Shawn - This was when they left a live baboon out in the woods. This is the baby sasquatch episode.

[10:06] Shawn - One person raised his hand and ask if they really believed that it was a juvenile Bigfoot on the tree.

[10:07] Autumn - No baboon was injured in the filming of that episode.

[10:07] Autumn - Bobo just said they don't often jump to conclusions a sound is a squatch. HUH?

[10:07] Autumn - Asked: Do bigfoot mate for life? No, actually, there is a 50% divorce rate.

[10:09] Autumn - Rhode Island: Small State: Smallfoot?

[10:09] Autumn - They're talking about the Rhode Island episode

[10:09] Autumn - Operation Giant Flush--you remember that one, with torches like they were storming a castle.

[10:10] Autumn - Asked: Can Bigfoot be bald? That would be, human.

[10:11] Shawn - One lady asking how a creature that big hide in Rhode Island and not be seen.

[10:11] Shawn - Matt's answer: The forest is big enough for them to hide in.

[10:11] Shawn - Commercial break.

[10:16] Shawn - Cliff has never seen a Sasquatch.

[10:16] Autumn - Cliff says he has not seen a BF, but he hasn't seen an atom and he knows that exists.... He hasn't seen the tooth fairy, but he hasn't seen Bobo go a half hour without saying “Squatch.” He hasn't seen Santa Claus, but then he hasn't seen Matt crack a smile when he isn't drinking.

[10:16] Shawn - Cliff bets his life that Bigfoot is real.

[10:18] Autumn - Ah, yes, the trailer peeping BF.

[10:18] Shawn - The peeping Bigfoot incident.

[10:19] Autumn - No trees were killed in the filming of that Minnesota episode

[10:20] Shawn - Ranae is talking about the Todd Standing episode. Canada.

[10:20] Autumn - Ranae loved the smudge ceremony in Canada--she's probably not to be around the other smoke that might be blowing around during filming...

[10:23] Shawn - Kid question: Was the Canadian rockies a difficult place to hunt for Sasquatch?

[10:23] Autumn - Asked: Why didn't they believe Todd Standing? Because they were not smoking the same joint.

[10:23] Autumn - Asked: Was bigfoot being a jerk when he peed on the tent? (only if like most men, he left the seat up)

[10:26] Shawn - Todd Standing says Bigfoots have daywatchers, or sentinels.

[10:26] Autumn - Cliff talks about how they have sentinels and I really believe that concept. Smart boy.

[10:26] Shawn - Commercials.

[10:31] Shawn - With all the advances in technology, why don't we have any good footage of the species?

[10:31] Autumn - Matt: No one can hide a camera like I can.

[10:31] Autumn - So he's responsible for the upskirting on the internet?

[10:31] Shawn - Matt says once people learn to set up game cams, maybe we'll get better photos.

[10:32] Autumn - So, BoBo tosses still raw bacon into the bushes, but tests a cooked piece to prove it won't make them sick?

[10:35] Autumn - They run into other squatch groups all the time in Salt Fork in OH and so the woods are "polluted" with humans.

[10:35] Shawn - Commercials.

[10:39] Shawn - Matt and Ranae arguing about the footprint in the mud.

[10:39] Autumn - Matt has had a lot more tracking training than Ranae, and he is the one who is the expert at hiding cameras and he has a theory about cows being human food...

[10:41] Autumn - Matt is about ready to backhand Ranae. I think the Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner scenario is nearing and Matt will be shopping at the Acme factory soon.

[10:41] Shawn - They're talking about the Beast of Gum Hill episode.

[10:42] Autumn - Oh, yes when they used the blacklight--I'm so glad nothing glowed that might show up in a hotel room.

[10:42] Autumn - Boogeyman is the thing that lives out there that scares you - says Matt. I guess in his world, that's Ranae

[10:43] Shawn - Commercials.

[10:47] Shawn - Oooh. Unseen footage. Bobo's ATV tipped over!

[10:47] Shawn - It was a squatch!

[10:47] Autumn - Next week Cliff says Bigfoot shows up a lot of times in cemeteries. Well, I guess that solves the mystery of where they bury their dead.

[10:49] Shawn - It's that eyeshine episode. Ranae says it's an owl. Matt strongly disagrees.

[10:49] Autumn - According to Matt there was nowhere for an owl to be -- in the woods?

[10:50] Autumn - Ah the fake deer, the baby doll crying--I'm waiting for them to put a large stuffed animal bear holding a salmon as a lure.

[10:53] Shawn - One man asked about the Sierra Kills?

[10:53] Autumn - Best line ever on the show? Cliff: Sasquatches are real. You can see one them and not be crazy.

[10:53] Shawn - Cliff says he hopes that if it did happen, they did something positive with it. He calls killing Bigfoot an evil act.

[10:53] Shawn - Commercials.

[10:55] Shawn - Ranae's skepticism is called into question.

[10:56] Autumn - Ranae has a great attitude about wanting to find evidence and find reason to believe.

[10:57] Autumn - Indiana episode they will shoot off fireworks and I'm not sure between that and the torches and driving over trees in Minnesota, that they might just be tree haters.

[10:58] Shawn - Kid asked Bobo if Bigfoots are dangerous.

[10:58] Autumn - The hunter in the next episode says "I did not pay attention to its butt-tocks"

[10:58] Shawn - Bobo and Cliff says if you're cool with them, they'll be cool with you.

[10:59] Shawn - Season 3 confirmed.

[10:59] Autumn - Asia and Australian next season

[10:59] Shawn - They're going to be going international.

[10:59] Autumn - 35 squatches

[10:59] Shawn - Show's over.


  1. We, for the first time since inception, did not watch the episode. It has become too painful to watch and akin the show to eating beef liver. We are both done with this show.

  2. It's funny what you (the audience) don't know is that all the questions asked were on index cards givin out by the production crew. We were NOT allowed to ask our own questions. Prefab'd.

    1. Prefab'd, like all of Moneymaker's endeavors associated with Bigfoot.

    2. Hey, I saw you and Pie(sorry for the misspelling) last night. Lookin good Samuel

      Your friend

  3. Hey I saw Stymie standing in the back row with his cap on when that lady asked her

  4. "Matt, how do you determine which participant in your expeditions gets the rocks thrown at their tents?"

    "Matt, where does all the money go that is pocketed from the BFRO registration fees?"

    "Matt, do you think you can at least serve bacon to the expedition participants, instead of cooking it and dumping it in the woods to attract SQUATCHES?"

  5. So MM says he is the best at placing trail-cams to trick SQUATCHES, which explains his portfolio of convincing photos over the course of the past 15 years. What a pompous ass.

    1. I think the guy at the top of this right now might be William Draginis.


  6. Wow! Appears they didn't have enough material to make the whole season. So they make this array of clips from earlier shows to re-hash the mundane and lackluster previous episodes. What a joke! If Sasquatch was not already hard enough to prove, now these clowns are creating a laughing stock mentality to the general public.

  7. Great idea! They can't find a shred of evidence in the states so let's send them someplace they have no knowledge about to find the beast.

    Just sucks a subject I have studied and loved since I was a youngster, and these guys make a show that should be a dream come true, yet this show sucks big time. I really wish they would do something so I would start watching again oppose to just reading this blog. I can DVR Kenny Powers if they start finding evidence.
    Bigfoots Broski


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