Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group has blood on their hands

The so-called Echo 2 blood sample.

In the summer of 2011, the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy conducted a long-term field research operation in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma. This report from their website describes their serious military style approach to taking down Bigfoot.

First, who are these guys and what is their mission? This is where team Operation Endurance comes in. The team consist of two to five members of the TBRC and their mission was to spend at least a week monitoring Bigfoot habituation sites.
The premise for Operation Endurance was based on evaluations of previous experiences indicating that prolonged stays in an area occupied by one or more sasquatch creatures could result in expressions of animal behavior of a more overt nature than shorter visits of, say, one to three days. Plans were devised to test this proposition.

From 4 June to 20 August 2011, teams of two to five members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy spent from several days to weeks in a near continuous visitation within a location thought to represent occupied sasquatch habitat. Generally speaking, teams went in for one-week periods, at which point another team relieved them. Twenty-three members took part in the operation.
Teams and team members were free to be as active or passive as they preferred. Teams had access to several third-generation night vision units and eight or more Reconyx game cameras, as well as, on a more limited basis, high quality sound recording equipment and thermal imagers. Cameras were positioned and repositioned in response to suspected patterns of activity noted by team members. Observers were also positioned in what were considered strategic vantage points, based again on reviews of suspected activity noted by current or previous teams. Departing teams met with newly arriving teams for briefings and recommendations.

According to reports, their military style methods worked. In July 2011, after weeks of hearing tree knocks and vocalizations on Charles Branson's property, the team members had become convinced that there were sasquatches among them. Click here to listen one vocalization from the area.

Foot impressions were also observed, but the terrain proved impossible to track the creatures very far. There were two apparent foot impressions, one small and one large, that were found in soft patches of soil near a creek.

And then on July 3, 2011, team members spotted what they've been searching for and opened fire.
The first creature, observed on 3 July 2011 at approximately 7:15 PM, was described by the TBRC observer as a smoothly walking brown-colored upright figure approximately 6.5 feet tall or taller. The observation lasted about two or three seconds and was made at a distance of about thirty yards. Team members subsequently observed tracks and foot imprints, one displaying what appeared to be toe impressions. Heel-to-heel distances between some of the prints varied from 52 to 64 inches. One print was seen to have crushed a limb that remained unaffected when stood on by a team member weighing 200 pounds, an indication that the print maker was very heavy.

The TBRC investigator fired upon the animal with an auto-loading shotgun in an attempt to collect a specimen. The creature ran off and no blood was found before the loss of daylight. Additional teams returned to the area in the following days to continue the search for evidence. Stones with apparent blood stains were subsequently discovered a short distance east of the original sighting location in the dry creek bed that is adjacent to the cabins. Several, but not all, of the rocks were collected. Another team was sent to collect the remaining rocks, but a hard rainfall took place on the day of their arrival, and the team was unable to locate any more of the rocks.
Mark McClurkan of Foxtrot team found this evidence in the dry creek bed.

One member who was an experienced trapper, tracker, and lifelong hunter, identified a blood trail along a rocky creek bed that went on for a "fair distance." The creature dropped very little blood he said. In his opinion, the coloring, sparse distribution and drop pattern of the blood evidence was not indicative of a mortally, or even significantly, wounded animal. The observed blood pattern, he said, was almost certainly produced by a slow steady drip from a flesh wound, probably to either an arm or leg.

They are planning to test the blood sample and perform DNA analysis.

Using the Bluestar Forensic blood-visualizing agent, the material on one of the collected rocks tested positive for the presence of blood. Genetic testing is planned.
The group determined the operation to be a success and believe they have learned quite a bit about the creatures. There doesn't seem to be any remorse for shooting what could possibly be another human, only hairier.
Events experienced by team members produced an overall perception that the creatures were extremely intelligent, wary yet curious. For example, by all appearances, sasquatches definitely take notice of the presence of cameras, approaching with circumspection, if they approach at all. Such behavior is not at all far-fetched; indeed, wildlife biologists have recently noted similar cautious behavior among alpha coyotes in relation to camera traps (Sequin, Brussard, Jaeger, & Barrett, 2003). Members believe we have come very close to obtaining images; we will continue to employ cameras for documentation purposes, in spite of the noted limitations.

[via www.texasbigfoot.com]



  1. Evidently the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy does not practice conservancy, a title they switched to from the earlier name that organization held. What a ridiculous bunch of trigger-happy morons.
    South Padre Island, Texas

  2. Conservancy? WTF? Men and guns in the woods--fucking cavemen--less intelligent than the creature they seek.

  3. You hippies need to relax. If these guys nab a body, problem solved.... now, they are prolly more likely to shoot each other... but still, a no-kill stance on Bigfoot basically means it will never be proven. Because without a specimen there will be nothing to compare DNA results to. (Hence Ketchum's untestable hypothesis problem)

  4. It isn't a post one can just throw a glib remark at is it?
    This is serious stuff.
    And, after pretty much the whole BF world knows whatever BF is it isn't something that at this stage of the game, is fair game.... it's just not. Probably never was, Justin has yet (or whoever shot whatever) to discover if that (unless he holds a note from some authority) will affect his future. But the TBRC? They know...a lot of the DNA data comes from that neck o the woods....
    Not Okay to shoot either relict, feral or new species of primates with what all BFers know now...and especially such a Tecno Group as the TBRC.
    How is it these guys see themselves as biologists or something..real researchers of the Greatest Mystery Ever Known...?

    So instead of language like "Bag a Squatch" they say "collect voucher specimen" and it's somehow different...To my ears it sounds like the kid I knew in Texas..he said things like this: "Hey, ain't that a purty squirrel? Let's kill it!" We recall the kid fondly, but representative of a real cultural divide here perhaps?
    Just don't think the public is going to buy into anymore BF killings.
    Really interesting this is is erupting now..
    seems many salivating for Justin's, or Ketchum's, (who else?) portion of the BF Steak? (Oops, that was over a year ago)...so

    TBRC...I personally would reconvene and re-vote...and do some arm twisting on this one...
    and if I were a Board Member resign if things didn't change quick...

    oh wait.. I am none of those things! whew!

  5. Military style is right.Come out with guns blazing,then figure out what was going on.
    Morons with a capital M.

  6. I read the TBRC report some time ago. I use to respect this group, but not anymore, unless they change. I have no problem carrying guns for protection or legal hunting. I only hope that if this group or yesterday's nitwit (LeBus) or anyone else kills one on purpose, they are brought up on murder charges.

    Chuck in Ohio

  7. I find it interesting that the TBRC Chairman (Alton Higgins) is sitting on the sidelines, he won't endorse or condone what the group is doing, is that leadership? What is not stated in this article is that TBRC sent Branson's relatives a check for over $2000 for damage sustained to their vehicle because of this shooting. This type of activity is why the public believes many in this field are morons.

    Question for everyone who read this blog who is a hunter, how could any hunter with integrity shoot at something that they cannot identify (human, ape, feral human, gorilla, etc)? I doubt that we will ever, ever hear the results of the blood tests, because, TBRC has had these answers for years, ask Mr. Woolheater and Coleman.....

  8. As a former member of the TBRC, this method of shooting in order to obtain a "specimen" seems to be contrary to their mission statement. This was an extremely dangerous and imbecilic method that could have endangered nearby humans. TBRC spent thousands of dollars on trail cameras set out for at least 3 years and were totally unsuccessful. This smacks of desperation, unorganized, and completely unprofessional. Apparently, the reliance upon trail cameras has clouded their field investigation methods and has greatly tarnished this group's reputation.

  9. Once we find and communicate with the big man, we need to tell them about avoiding Texas.

  10. Dumber than a box of rocks. Doesn't matter how you word the self justification, this is murder, pure and simple. I hope there is some jail time that goes with any success.


  11. Forget Sasquatch, what if they shoot a human being?

  12. They almost did, the rancher's nephew, but guess not great shots either, got the car.

  13. One day they will make a mistake and kill someone. If the Bigfoot people are smart they will leave the area forever! This is not right no matter how they try to justify it!

    They sound like blood thirsty assassins out for the kill. I don't like this one bit. This is my biggest fear, once started it will NEVER stop.

  14. I wouldn't trust them (TBRC) ....saying or doing anything. 1st the guys an idiot for shooting blindly, 2nd I know most of the people involved with that group including the shooter
    (Daryl Colyer)as I have worked with this group in the past, but quickly saw them for what they were....they have been going nuts that they didnt have a sample in the Ketchum study, So now what all of a sudden now they have this....I dont buy it.
    These guys will do anything and I mean anything to make themselfs look bigger and better than the next guy...thats all this is and thats all they are about, if the blood is tested....and I do mean IF, it will probably come back as pig blood...that is if they have it tested at all....wait and see...it will be one excuse after another why they have no results or have not had it tested yet.
    When this group started and up until several years ago...they were a no kill group...something must have happened...OH yeah Woolheater was kicked out for hmmmmm lets say finacial reasons...but given the chance to bow out and save face by saying he had other things he wanted to do.
    SO and whole new board and leadership has taken over and now it's lets blast anything that moves in the woods....These are the kind of groups that give all researchers a very bad name.
    They have a very public face they like to put out there...and then there is the one thats the truth....and I for one am glad to see that its getting a big black eye!!!

  15. Let me be clear here. I'm from a long line of Kentucky Scots-Irish "hillbilly's," and Native American. My politics are very rightwing/conservative. I have served in the Marine Corps, and I'm a very experienced woods/outdoorsman. If it lives and breathes,...I can track it(yes, I've tracked them a as much as I could). That being said, the so called "hippies" are correct here. How anyone could shoot(2 kill) anything, that you do not intend to eat, or something that's not endangering, nor attacking, is highly unethical & inhumane(?). I have no use for someone like that, as a human being. Zero. If you're close enough to shoot it, you are more than close enough to video tape, or photograph it.
    Perhaps.. it's just a human or a humanlike being, who knows it's different, and just wishes to be left...well enough alone. I can certainly relate to that.
    At the end of the day it's about respect. You get what you give. So I don't see many shedding a tear, if it takes issue with someone attempting to kill it, or a family member. It might just reciprocate in kind. Can't say I wouldn't.

  16. This is reckless behavior- the damage shows that. What I don't understand is why people all of a sudden have a problem with this. If your against this type of behavior you better not have voted for George W. Bush- which alot of people did and led to stricter federal regulations regarding guns-allowing more instances of behavior like this. If you shoot up a car when trying to hit an unknown target and using a shot gun for what sounds like a long range shot- guess what your not a hunter- your a guy who bought a gun at Wal Mart.

    I am not trying to preach politics but to point out the following- clearing their habitat to build new houses for people who dont like their old houses, and people who want a house they can't afford is just as bad. Pollutting the water to where you cant eat fish because of mercury poisoning really harms them as they dont get the warning. Forrest fires that could be contained by hiring fire personel ect.

    There is outrage over the harming of one creature yet the policies that really endanger them are ignored.

  17. How do you people think that all of the animals so far listed and cataloged were studied? They were killed and taken back to the labs for full autopsy and full study of anatomy...etc That's the way science works. All the emotional whining about guns and such doesn't take away from that fact. You want science to recognize Bigfoot? Then they are going to have to kill at least one of them. Otherwise, be prepared for an eternity of ridicule and scorn when you open yer trap about "Bigfoot" cuz that's what you are going to get back from the general public....

  18. However, just to clarify. I'm not saying these yahoos rather unsafe and ridiculous manner of capture/killing is the way to go. You need someone who knows what they are doing or else someone is going to get shot.... But to say in one hand " we need science to recognize bigfoot is real" and then say in the other " but we shouldn't kill them" is not going to work. You cannot have one without the other, no matter how much "unknown primate " DNA you have. If there is no specimen to compare it to, you have no Bigfoot proof.

  19. At this point a kill is not necessary to compare to the DNA results because high quality pictures and video can suffice.

  20. There is a great deal of chatter that Robert Lindsay is outraged about this and plans to take action. As many may know he has long been involved with the Boy Scouts of America and is a conservationist. He intends to invite as many Boy Scouts as he can to Texas where they will camp in areas they know the Texans will be hunting in order to warn and protect the Sasquatch.

  21. @ John

    Ummm, no it can't! No species determination can be made from a DNA sample and a blurry video. Not even a great video. Create interest? Sure, increase scientific awareness? Yes, but confirm species? NO. IF Ketchum's results turn out to be valid for "unknown primate" (which is all that they can be because there is no comparative DNA for BIGFOOT) you can't say "that proves Bigfoot" it doesn't, it just proves "unknown primate". Once you gather the specimen and use it as a basis for another DNA test can you then confirm the prior results were indeed from a Bigfoot. See what I mean?

    You can't prove an unknown is something specific without having a sample of that something specific.

  22. To the author of the John Mionczynski Post = ???

    That I know of, Mionczynski doesn't use computers. BUSTED!!

  23. This is the ghost of Grover Kranz... I am pissed off about this crap.

  24. NickB....this is for you.
    If the only this proven by Ketchum's DNA is that there is an unyet classified Primate that inhabits North America...that will be with out question one of the biggest discovery's in the field of Bigfoot research since the P/G film.
    And I can not see how anyone can dispute that fact...since maistream science has stated that there are no free roaming primates in North America.
    Why would you need a body to show that there is something yet discovered living in the forest and woods of North America when you have DNA showing that there is.
    And I would like to know how you can dismiss that so easy. this is one step at a time, and with this DNA study...it is a huge step in the direction of proving that Bigfoot/Sasquatch or what ever anyone wants to call them do in fact exsist.

  25. Because That isn't how science works:

    If I catch a glimpse of a new species of frog in the jungle and when I disturb it , it spits up it's dinner but swims off and I don't catch it. I can take the puked up dinner back and get DNA from saliva...etc and show that I have a new species of frog. (what Ketchum can do if her DNA proves to be as stated). However, what i cannot do is say "well this is a species of poison arrow frog and we will name it the 5 spotted poison arrow frog" Because all I have done is proven there is a new frog, not what kind of frog it is. (for that i need a specimen).
    Yes the discovery would be really interesting and would generate interest among the scientific community. Yes for most Bigfoot followers it would confirm the existence of Bigfoot. But it wouldn't PROVE Bigfoot scientifically. For that you need a specimen. Be it a finger bone, skull, entire animal...etc.

    Unknown primate doesn't mean Bigfoot. Not in a scientific, peer reviewed paper it doesn't.

  26. BTW, after viewing the blown up stills and gifs made from the PGF, I've come to the conclusion that it's a fake. Lot's of problems with the butt and hip/thigh joints pop up when you see it enlarged. things that rule out a real animal. (but this doesn't mean Bigfoot is fake, just the film)

  27. Tell me did I hear it right near end of the recording did the SAS say "you, back away " sure sounded that way to me !

  28. First of all, this whole story could be a bunch of bunk. There is so much hoaxing and tall story telling associated with bigfoot that this could very well be yet another fictitious story.

    A capture or kill is the only way that bigfoot's existence can be proven. If this story is true, then this group are perhaps some of the few bigfoot enthusiasts who are actually serious about proving their existence. You cannot prove the existence of sasquatch without a body, alive or dead. Anyone who is trying to prove bigfoot's existence using the same old useless, tired methods (prints, footage, scat, DNA, thermal imgaging, etc.) are wasting their time and everyone else's time. The only people who are convinced by this type of "evidence" are people who already believe that bigfoot exists. Skeptics/science will always find a way to refute/dismiss this type of evidence. This type of collecting has been going on for decades and has proven ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    I hope that this group is successful in taking out a squatch (and I hope that they don't inadvertently take out a park ranger, game warden, or hiker). When and if a squatch is taken out, the government will then enact legislation to protect the sasquatch and their habitats. Also, academics like the late Dr. Grover Krantz, Dr. Meldrum, and others who put their professional reputations on the line by not dismissing the sasquatch as merely being folklore would be vindicated, as would the thousands who have had sightings.

    For those of you who say that bigfoot should be left alone and that there is no reason to prove their existence, that is your opinion. It is not my opinion nor is it the opinion of many.

  29. I agree 100% with the last post. I'd like to add one more comment that the last poster did not bring up. The idea that if you shoot a sasquatch that you are shooting a human and might be prosecuted for murder is nothing but ridiculous. No one is going to go to jail for killing a sasquatch. Our courts may be screwed up, but they are not that stupid to prosecute someone for murder for killing a bigfoot.

  30. I agree regarding proof is necessary in the form of a specimen and believe those who oppose the behavior discussed here are not against this- they simply believe it can be done another way- and they may be right.

    Today you have advanced traps, tranquelizer and net guns and advanced traps- all that allow for a specimen to be obtained without killing one.

    Look at it this way- if a Bigfoot is killed and proven to exist- the next step would be to capture a live specimen for further study. This step need not be second as by doing this you still prove the same facts a kill is designed to accomplish.

    A hunter killing one while hunting other animals is different from a group or expedition that is spending money and designed to prove the creature exists- because of the intent and the planning and the means available to obtain the goal without killing one- objecting to a determination one must be killed is not so outlandish.

    I dont think an attitude of trying to capture it before killing it undermines attempting to prove it exists. I also dont think demanding groups atleast attempt to take the creature alive before killing it is too much to ask.

    If you leave food supplies full of tranquelizors and then track the creature armed with tranq guns and nets you may have a greater chance than trying to kill it. By all accounts this is a strong creature that does not immediately die when hit by a shot. Relying only on a gun likely means it will be harder to obtain a speciman because the injured Bigfoot will likely retreat and hide and if it does die will likely do so in an area where the body will never be recovered.

    If you are hunting a Kodiak Bear you need a high powered rifle and have to track it to get the right shot. If you dont get the head shot but hit the body the course fur, skin muscle and fat often prevent the immediate kill and the bear can take off- in many cases it wont but if it does good luck finding it. I personally think bigfoot are similar and the cone makes headshots difficult and any body shot may lead to death but because it bleeds out or the wound gets infected not because the shot hits the right spot.

  31. All you BF believers are idiots, but at least this keeps you nut-jobs off the streets.

  32. If I ever catch someone trying to shoot a Bigfoot, I will beat give them the same treatment as they gave the Bigfoot. They are not an animal those idiots. What a bunch of dipwads. Panzies at the least. Oh how they make me want to beat them down with their own guns.

  33. I bet if FB/FB looked into the surveillance video shown above, they would find 2-3 bigfoot. HA!!!

  34. Thousands of reports of large primate sightings in N America. Unknown primate DNA collected in areas of the sightings. Cladistics. DNA tells us where the donor resides on the primate family tree. A species can be identified and named using cladistics.

    If we have unknown primate DNA from samples taken in N America, you are all free to choose to believe in the never before seen invisible NA primate. I'll choose to accept the DNA donor is the oft reported primate.

    Science doesn't accept invisible species and neither do I.

  35. NickB what your not getting here is this.....the only free roaming primates that are in north america are HUMANS.....SO if this DNA show that there is an unknown Primate wandering around north america ..other than HUMANS.. well that means there is something else that falls into the Primate family....and since there is no know free roaming primates in north america..then hmmmm 2+2=4 .....there is a yet undiscoverd primate I.E. a Sasquatch/Bigfoot....I do agree that at some point a body will have to be produced...but I disagree that Dr. Ketchums DNA study will not prove anything...it will show...if nothing else....the things that I have already said

  36. Many Bigfoots have already been killed and to what benefit? I've recently read that, on average, a BF is killed every 2 years. Since then, that has been revised to include Canada, and the number reportedly has jumped to one every 2 months! Why aren't these bodies trotted out to the public? If you killed a 500 lb. giant in the woods on a far mountainside, what would you do? Throw it over your shoulder and tote it back to civilization? And what if it looked like it came from a race of humans? Mightn't you worry about having to take a lot of flack over the killing possibly including legal action? What about having to suffer physical threats over what you've done? Mightn't you worry first of all whether you're about to be attacked by the giant's friends and family and just run for it?

    I wondered for a long time about whether the government might know a great deal about these creatures until a friend witnessed the MIB in 2 SUVs load up a BF killed by a car at a rural Oklahoma road intersection and race away with it in a cloud of dust!

    Saying that we have to kill one in order to prove their existence is fake reasoning. I shows a deep set blood lust and just plain ignorance! We're not collecting butterflies here. These people of the forest are closely related to us, and reportedly we have interbred with them producing children and grandchildren! (Look it up! There is a history!) They have a complex language that is being scientifically studied. A friend has been teased by his neighborhood BFs and called the nickname his grandmother used to call him to supper by!

    As for myself, a retired biologist, I say there should be no headlong rush to drag a body onto the courthouse steps in order to start a bidding war for it. Instead, start reading. Become enlightened! Become the real human you profess to be!

  37. Desperate people do desperate things, probably, in part, due to five (5) years (2006 to 2011, their report) and no pictures. No pictures means no proof which means no payday, no publicity, and no get the wife off my back. Their frustration has resulted in shotgun shitheads disguised as techno warrior 'researchers'. Forget the TBRC 'mission'. Seriously, read the 'Conclusions' at the end of their report. It's laughable. "Rocks hitting metal produced some of the sounds heard at night that resembled rocks hitting metal." Science. C'mon, read it. All that time in the woods and this is all they got!? Twisted 'postulations' all over this tripe. They should be ashamed of themselves, maybe go back to earning merit badges. BEAM ME UP!

  38. And another thing, where are Bindernagel, Coleman, Fahrenbach, Green, Kirk, Meldrum, Mionczynski, Noll, and Strain . . the 'TBRC Advisors'? Have any of them said anything, or better yet, withdrawn from being associated with the bipedals at TBRC? BEAM THEM UP!

  39. Steve , Canadian hunting guide.Monday, December 12, 2011 at 10:56:00 PM PST

    oh well , so much for Sasquatches being typically 'harmless' to us....wonder how well the next humans in that area will be recieved by the resident Sasquatches? hopefully no one gets their heads crushed as a result of these blow ass's.....

  40. TBRC Chairman Professor Alton Higgins: "I don't think sasquatches are people. Biologists are TRAINED to think in terms of, and to care about, populations. Collection of a voucher specimen is a way of PROTECTING the population, from my perspective. It is not immoral, even if there are those who disagree for various emotional reasons. Since this would be a new species to SCIENCE, there is little question but that a specimen is justifiable."


  41. Anonymous said...

    And another thing, where are Bindernagel, Coleman, Fahrenbach, Green, Kirk, Meldrum, Mionczynski, Noll, and Strain . . the 'TBRC Advisors'? Have any of them said anything, or better yet, withdrawn from being associated with the bipedals at TBRC?
    If those people are associated with the TBRC - they are an embarrassment to the process and to general research.

    May YOU ALL REMEMBER THAT WHEN THEIR BOOKS ARE RELEASED ....don't support them at conferences.

  42. @Anon 2 posts above with quote from TBRC page.. I had this reaction to that same statement.
    I thought WTF? What publicly funded institution do they work for? Who want's their help? If it comes in this self-appointed form? I don't. I really don't.
    I don't think "specimen" is required. Because guys, you have been going about this all wrong. Modern Anthropology? You get the subject's permission to study....and they will grant it, maybe, if you are nice and smart.
    What's the rush? It's been 50 years of "game/hunting techniques." There are still modern human Amazon tribes that are completely hands off and so also for rare and endangered species...so..I can't believe this is even an issue.
    Did you know it is illegal to possess a migratory bird feather..even if you just found it laying on the ground in a field? Can you imagine Sasquatches aren't protected..somehow? Even in Texas?

  43. This whole thing with the TBRC sucks. Who would want to be associated with any of them?


  44. These are sentient beings. We do not have the right to kill them to satisfy our curiosity...what arrogance human beings display.

  45. First off, PGF's no hoax, which the combination of then effects state and Sasquatch anatomy prove. Now, killing a Sasquatch to prove they exist is in every way insane, it's insane had they been mere apes, we're way past that in our modern world. Proving new species today you just don't kill, period. And this is a primate even, and not even an animal but more likely an unknown human. The Indians told us that already way back, but we wouldn't listen. TBRC couldn't go about this any more wrong, I hope they'll be distanced by everyone in the field. Whatever happens next, it's vindication time for Roger and Bob big time.

  46. If they do in fact exist a body or live specimen has to be brought in in order to potentially save what we were not sure was there.It is imperative to have irrefutable evidence..It is the only way as sad as it is, for their own protection

  47. Rick Perry, now this. Man, I'm stayin' away from Texas.

  48. i was going to make a reasoned comment about what has happened in terms of recent deliberate attacks on sasquatches but i am now so AANNNNGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYY that i have nothing positive to contribute.

  49. The TEXAS BIGFOOT RECOVERY* CLUB (TBRC) claims, according to Professor Higgins, a 'neutral position' on 'collecting a voucher specimen'. 'Neutral' means 'No position', . . looking the other way.
    They have a crude strategy based on the idea that there is no possible way that anyone else (homo sapien) could be in the woods when they are in the woods. They are desperate for the prize, and if it moves, shoot. If it turns out to be a bear or something else, so what. We'll bury it or eat it. No one else is out here.
    But, there was the previous incident of a homo sapien being shot at (nighttime) near their cabin, and then their reporting the shooting (daytime) of something else.
    They are not out of the woods yet.

    *not a twelve-step plan

  50. Prof Higgins attempts a double CYA in his 'A Word from the Chairman' by saying about shooting a saquatch:

    1-the Club has a neutral policy, but Higgins says he hasn't personally pursued that objective.
    2-that Science demands it (see, everybody does it in our community)

    The Texas Bigfoot Recovery Club is dishonest.

  51. I don't care much how its framed, Daryl Collier should be removed from the TBRC - his hunting tactics are an embarrassment to other hunters. It is beyond me why Higgins puts up with his BS - doesn't anyone in the TBRC have the stones to get rid of that guy?

  52. What some fail to realize is that there were two other humans in the immediate area of this shooting, that the research team was not aware of at that time. Fortunately, they were not injured by this stupid, careless and very reckless act. Had they been hit by this gunfire, at least one of the TBRC board members might be facing some serious prison time! I hope and pray they carefully consider their actions in the future.

  53. I cant believe the crap. You are essentially killing "uncle" or "dad" etc. to have him taken and hid cuz the gov'ment wont "allow" the people to decide for themselves. No PROOF WILL BE LET OUT! GOODJOB!!! You should be trying to preserve habitat, make sure they can live and prosper until they let us in. Just like Jane Goodall and the Gorillas. We would NEVER be able to duplicate that knowledge any other way.... WAKE UP GUYS! YOU DONT KILL TO CONSERVE...PERIOD!!!!Whew~

  54. Sasquatchery...

    I am deeply saddened by this senseless barbaric act. I know some of the principals and am astonished by their disrespectful, illegal and unethical methodology.

    This appears to be a thinly veiled poorly conceived attempt to obtain a "voucher" specimen, under the guise of obtaining a DNA sample. Alton...a collegial call to Dr. Melba Ketchum, would likely produce a generic reference DNA sample as a professional courtesy.

    Operation Endurance, violates numerous Oklahoma state, Federal and Tribal wildlife statutes, penalties upon conviction include incarceration, substantial fines, and forfeiture of all equipment including vehicles.

    Which is more outrageous...Operation Endurance or the gloating hubris of the participants. Native American Sasquatch are almost certainly of the genus Homo...there is no statute of limitations on homicide...enough said.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

  55. When one is killed (and the world finally KNOWS about it cuz you know there are privately held specimens out there), the truth will come out on whether they are considered human, and if the shooter will face murder charges. But, don't hold your breath...look how many "humans killing humans" are sitting in jails right now...? Alot of humans have little regard for life in general unless it directly affects them. This is most certainly a doomed species already. Sad.

  56. @John M - I would have to agree - eventually. I will add, that I think that DNA Evidence will be much more use full then any photo/video alone. Combined they help each other though. Photos/Videos alone will not be accepted(we've already seen that)! Once the DNA data is agreed to exist, then other data like photos becomes more valuable and useful.

    John I also think that when this new data comes out we will need to take a new look at some of the other data that has been checked in the past... It may be that we didn't check deep enough? By that I mean the DNA may look very similar to that of humans.

    I have spoke to Todd D about what he thinks of the Melba Ketchum DNA study and he said he wished he was involved! So he thinks her science is good. We know his science is good! So what is the logical answer - To me it's that both are right!

    So We don't have to worry about Melba's science proving these other DNA scientists wrong, she just kept going!!!

    OH and yes - I'm a DNA SAMPLE HOLDER...

  57. who cares about proof? i once shot at one out of fear. i wrongfully thought it was going to kill me! most of these "hunters" are only looking to get rich at the expense of a creature that most certainly does exist! if it is "proven" to exist, then what? we, as a species, destroy everything we meddle with. this will be no different! and if you do happen to kill one, what makes you so sure that the government, to hide the evidence, won't seize it and you will be discredited or worse, just simply vanish? i say leave it be. study it's behavior if you must, but to kill it is senseless!

  58. I hope it is never discovered if it exists. It does not need us, there is plenty of protected wilderness especially in canada for it to survive blissfully unaware of us. Killing any animal except for food or survival is unnecessary & cruel. All animals are living breathing organisms that feel pain. Whether it is shot or captured alive it will be causing it suffering, is best just to let it be. Science seems to have no empathy, science should be focusing on developing clean free energy, but all it seems to have achieved are weapons of mass destruction & gadgets which take their toll on the earths rescources & pollute, it would be better if science didn't exist at all.

  59. Hunting for food is acceptable. Hunting for sport is frowned upon, but acceptable, as long as the meat is consumed, and not wasted.

    Hunting for Bigfoot is murder.

    A bunch of trigger-happy rednecks. Probably descendants of the buffalo hunters.

  60. I believe in carma ,and someone in Texas has it coming big time ,I live in Washington state and have been researching since 1988, anyone who has researched longer than 5 years will clearly see that the over whelming evidence on these beings shows them more like a wild human than a monkey ,when we find lost tribes from the amazon and around the world we don;t go in there and kill one and bring it out and go hey look what I got I.m going to be famous , no we try and study and learn from them through photography,and film , there are people up here that have become somewhats friends with the sasquatch ,thats where my research is ,communication , I have had a number of very close encounters , and I never carry a gun in the woods , some of you texas people are nothing without your guns , this alton Higgons guy knows nothing about sasquatch .

  61. In technical, legal language, the term "murder" cannot apply to any animal. One can only "murder" another human. An animal can only be "killed" by a human. A predatory animal cannot murder a human being, anymore than a human being can murder an animal...(i.e.) a Bigfoot creature. Until such-a-time that Bigfoot is ever found to be of a human origin; or until the law one day re-addresses the wording,terminology and definition of "murder" as it might apply to an animal, Sasquatch will only be recklessly 'killed' by careless and thoughtless humans who operate in these instances with something less than the brain that they were created with.

  62. Well, you'd think that knowing people are hunting these supposed things with guns would help keep down on the "moron in a monkey suit" factor. Two, to the person calling them gun nuts - a collected specimen, not just some conveniently placed footprints or other easily fabricated hoax material, will be the only real piece of the puzzle to solve whether there is an unknown primate wandering around the country. The complete lack of any body thus far only strengthens the fact that these things more than likely do not exist at all.


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