Sharon Hill's article about Bigfoot bloggers and why we do what we do

Shawn: “Will I bet the farm on the existence of Bigfoot?”

Whether she knows it or not, we believe Sharon Hill has become a integral part of the Bigfoot community. Sharon Hill runs Doubtful Newsblog, providing skeptical views on paranormal, pseudoscience and anomalous news. She has ran many stories on the world of Bigfootery and she challenges the "unconfirmed" science emanating from the Bigfoot community. At Bigfoot Evidence blog, we like to encourage skeptics to come on and debate the evidence and issues posted here. We believe that skeptical debates are healthy and very important in keeping the discussion going.

Last week, Hill interviewed us about what it's like to run Bigfoot Evidence blog. Other people on her list of Bigfoot bloggers interviewed were Guy Edwards, who runs Bigfoot Lunch Club, and Sharon Lee of The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

Here's what she wrote about Bigfoot Evidence blog (And yes, I do sleep with my laptop):
Bigfoot Evidence is dubbed as the “World’s Only 24/7 Bigfoot News Blog”. And, it’s hopping.

The blog has become like a second job, says owner Shawn, “I sleep with my laptop. Seriously.”

Shawn started Bigfoot Evidence as way to document what he learned about Bigfoot. As a game developer (he withholds his last name for to business reasons), he had an idea for a Bigfoot game and began to research the subject. Having considered both the skeptical literature and the work of the current research community, Shawn remains interested in hearing from both sides.

He says his audience is important, “I made it a mission to show people what I’ve learned. I realized the 99.9 percent of the population were like me and they are just curious about the subject.”

Heavy on graphics and inclusive of a broad range of stories not only about Bigfoot but also science news items and some tidbits that are just culturally interesting, BE is updated multiple times a day.

Shawn puts all stories out there, even the outrageous ones. His goal is to document it all; readers can come to their own opinions about what’s worth their interest or not.

You can read about more Bigfoot Evidence, Sharon Lee, Guy Edwards at Doubtful Newsblog. It's a very good article that we think all Bigfooters should read.


  1. I would like to say that this is one of the most informative blogs there is. No offense but none of the others have as much info and aren't updated as fast as this one. You can always get it first here. That's why I check this blog daily.

  2. Each of the blogs has their own personality, for sure.

    Thanks for the kind words, Shawn. I think you all do a fine job.

  3. Oops. The above links to our old site which is no longer updated. Sorry about that.

  4. I agree, Shawns site by far the most informative, and up-to-date. I check it many times a day, even just to keep up with comments. Sure makes traffic a little bearable when u have something good to read! Keep up the awesome work Shawn!

  5. This is the only Bigfoot related blog I read now.
    It's updated frequently and tends to be very current.
    Another reason I only come here is because of the diverse comments from the regulars.So many perspectives makes for an interesting discussion.
    Kudos Shawn!

  6. I admit that I am one of those curious because my best friend used to be Bigfoot until i upset him and he left i read this blog to find him again in a sighting by someone, but i have to admit Shaun and his teams approach is awesome and his article helped me reconnect with my friend Froi. He Bigfoot and I had drinks with him yesterday. I hae pictures but the government took them and Froi ran back into the wilderness. So the search continues .

  7. Congratulations Shawn. This is the first place I check everyday too! (well unless I'm worried about my bank balance)


  8. The purpose of Doubtful News, appears to be to perpetuate already sick personalities that steadfastly choose to not investigate controversial subjects first hand, but would rather post their uninformed opinions, in hopes of influencing the beliefs of other equally uninformed and sick individuals.

  9. For those interested in learning what makes die hard skeptics so closed minded, a revealing article was republished in the January 2013 issue of Scientific American by Michael Shermer. Summarizing, skeptics construct Logic-Tight Compartments that prevents them from changing their beliefs, despite overwhelming contradictory evidence. "...they concluded that enthusiastic evangelists of a belief may in fact be "boiling over with doubt," and thus their persistent proselytizing may be a signal that the belief (of the skeptic) warrants skepticism (instead). In addition, our logic-tight compartments are influenced by our moral emotions, which lead us to bend and distort data and evidence through a process called motivated reasoning." The logic tight compartment motivates believers to seek and find facts that support their own beliefs, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Tell me it isn't so! According to this skeptic publisher, skeptics are not rationally thinking people, but instead are helpless to overcome the mind control perpetrated by their personal prejudices and emotions.

    Sniff, sniff. Almost makes you want to hug a skeptic so as to offer him some comfort in his own mental jail cell that prevents him from seeing things as they really are. And then again, maybe not.


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