Rick Dyer suing Tom Biscardi, and reiterates how the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot body

When you watch this video by Rick Dyer, please maintain your composure and show a little respect for the man. He's been through a lot these past few years. For one thing, the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot and swapped it with a fake one. How would you react if someone did that to you? Ask yourself that question.

Rick Dyer's YouTube channel has over 3,000 subscribers. That's more subscribers than Tim Stover and TimberGiantBigfoot combined. On top of that, if you add Tim Fasano into the mix, Dyer still has them all beat. How did he get so many subscribers you ask? Remember the Bigfoot in the freezer hoax he admitted to in 2008? It made headlines all over the world, and Las Vegas promoter Tom Biscardi apparently was the ringmaster who pushed it all through.

Dyer claims that Biscardi had told them that they were going to make a ton of money if they can tap dance their way around the stage. Well, that didn’t happen after the news broke out that their Bigfoot was actually just a monkey costume in a freezer.

In the video below, Dyer claims he actually sued Tom Biscardi and won a judgment against him. Unfortunately, everything that Biscardi owned was put under his girlfriend’s name. Dyer says he’s working on putting a lean against Biscardi’s Bigfoot documentary “Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax.”


  1. Sorry, I wanted to write sooner, but I had to go change my panties. I was laughing too hard! This reminds me of that little third grader kicking the dirt and putting his hands in his pockets and trying to lie to his teacher that "it wasn't met who pulled her ponytail, Ms. Black." That was some of the worst lying I've seen in a long time. How can someone like that financially benefit from this and go around talking about and hunting for BF after the ape suit fiasco? What is wrong with the men who support him by going to his events and reading his bullshit? I have a few more choice things to say about this scrot, but I'd rather just let everyone else pick him apart. Y'all have much more colorful ways of going for the jugular. Have at it boys-

  2. Well, his demeanor is interesting, as well as the words. If he did sue and won, those would be public records and easy to find if you know what jurisdiction. A judgement proof defendant in Bigfootery, imagine! Isn't there a parable about bedfellows or something? He plans on touring just like Searching for Bigfoot. Just icing he is the biggest YouTuber, you don't say@? LOL LOL
    Happy New Year! 2011 Year of the Sasquatch? Or 2012?

  3. It's BS like this that makes this a circus...

    You want respect or do you want National Enquirer headlines???


  4. he is wasted,his eyes are spinning around like marbles.
    if you went back and watched there 1st videos,
    they started changing there tune within a week of there 1st claim.
    I don't have a speck of respect for those yahoo's.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how these known bigfoot hoaxers can continue to get an audience time after time.

  6. Biscardi is probably behind a fictitious lawsuit BS story just like he was behind the 2008 Georgia bigfoot body hoax and a string of other bigfoot BS stories. It's crap like this that leads skeptics to not only laugh at the existence of sasquatches but to laugh because so many people fall for these hoaxers and their BS.

  7. If he handed me a bag and said,
    "here is a pound of shit"
    I would have to have it tested and weighed
    before I would believe it.

  8. zigoapex--haha! That was good! Yeah, and it's probably the same shit he's been shoveling to his audience.

  9. When Biscardi's "Anatomy of a Hoax" dvd came out, he was making the rounds on all of the paranormal radio/podcasts to promote it (shows like Strange Frequencies Radio, Joshua P Warren's Show, Darkness on the Edge of Town, etc...) One of the issues that Biscardi would constantly bring up in those interviews was how Rick Dyer and the other Georgia guy basically stole $50k from him. Every time the host would ask Biscardi why he isn't suing the Georgia guys to get his money back, and every time Biscardi's answer was that he could not find them. Either they had fled the country, or were not picking up their phones, or had moved, or whatever. But Biscardi said over and over that to sue someone you have to be able to locate them and serve them with papers. And he can't find them.

    Does anyone know if Biscardi is STILL using this excuse ... because it seems to me that Dyer at least is easy to find. Especially if he has actually served Biscardi with a law suit too!

    Who to believe ... who to believe ....

  10. I can't pay my rent because the Men in Black stole my winning Powerball ticket.

  11. Youtube subscribers can be purchased online!!!! The people that you list in your article ALL BUY SUBS!!!!! Look into the way Youtube can be manipulated!!! Comments, fake accounts, buying old channels to make comments, and buying SUBS! Fasano, Stover, Dyer AND Timbergiant ALL manipulate Youtube to stroke their egos!!!!

  12. Funny he is wearing a Ohio St Buckeyes shirt while their credibility is iffy at best as well. Dude is to figgity and looks down a lot for me to take seriously. The more that some of these guys talk the more I doubt.

  13. BS trail a mile long. Lets move on to relevant people.

    Chuck in Ohio

  14. It wasn't Biscardi's $50K, but the investor's. I think he is in the film. It costs, even to collect on such a case, it costs quite a bit of money. The "Georgia boy" were at the time, and probably still are, "judgment proof," the same moniker he gives Biscardi. Unfortunately, even if they won, a judgment often creates another flurry of legal activity to collect. It is not uncommon to pay as much as %60 of a judgment to the collection lawyer/company. It's one of those deals, where it probably did not make sense for an "iffy" (assumption of risk) civil case and the prosecutor said no thanks.

  15. 3000+ subscribers based on a lie is nothing to brag about. Why is BFE giving this guy all this attention? He's an admitted crook who profited off of a hoax, nothing more.

  16. It's pretty bad when I can let the bigfoot believers do the debunking for me. :)

    Which brings me to another topic: Good news, bigfoot believers! It was fun for awhile, but I'm starting to get bored with this site and may not hang around much longer. Laughing at hoaxes and silly people is only interesting for a limited amount of time. Probably most of you won't miss me, but that's OK. I have a business and a life to attend to.

    I hope you'll all take some time to let a little critical thinking into your lives. Please. For the sake of your children and the future. For those who care whether or not their beliefs are true, I highly recommend The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan.

  17. I wish someone would finally take out a squatch and shut the mouths of people who don't believe that sasquatch exist yet peruse sites like this. I do, however, wholeheartedly agree that there is a lot of idiocy associated with bigfoot.

  18. Autumn called him Scrot. ===>LOL that's funny right there.

  19. Really, he should sue whoever told him to wear that cowboy hat and told him he looked good in it.

  20. one way to tell if someone's youtube subscriber count is legit is to look at the average number of views on their videos vs the sub count. i have a little over 3000 subs on my YT channel and will get around 2000 views within a day or two of the video being uploaded, if a channel boasts 3000 subs yet only gets a couple hundred views on their vids (aside from the blog linked vids)...something is up.

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