Real Russian Yeti video breakdown by TheCryptoHunters [Video]

This breakdown video of a Russian Yeti captured on tape was done by the Crypto Hunters a while back ago. FB/FB decided to post it on their Facebook page in light of the recent Nazran Bigfoot hoax from Russia. They said the screaming by the witnesses has all of the hallmarks of a real video.

From FB/FB:
An authentic Russian Yeti, what would it look like? Here is a decent breakdown by our friends at the TheCryptoHunters. This is from our file of extremely likely. This is not our analysis. In light of the Nazran news flash. This has all of the hallmarks of a real video, what a scream!. Creature is exceptionally fast, covered with hair, observing from a strategic position, tree-peeking, creates the maximum distance once seen, long arms, bent legs. We will do an analysis on this video after the book is finished.


  1. I think this is another fake creature.
    She screams on que before the creature is really visible.
    The camera of course drops down and all we get is a short segment of blur.

  2. I disagree with the first post...She just happens to see this thing before the camera does.

  3. Yet another inconclusive blobsquatch (blobyeti?). Someone please get a specimen.

  4. Once again, have we learned nothing over the past several months, years?....fake, fake, fake.

    A reclusive animal just happens to go running in sight of people in broad daylight.....right.

  5. Ridiculous, I think. I mean, look at it. The scream, first of all was a practiced scream--not a natural thing about that. It was like someone waved their hand for her to insert the scream. Women do not scream like that. They really don't, only in movies. Plus, she never screams or gets hysterical again. She should have worked herself up even more after the initial scream and seeing it race by. They don't even go and check out the footprints or anything? Once again, another video taken without context. I vote two vodka bottles down on this one!

  6. 2 Vodka bottles down lol.... Love it. The strides are so large because it is running down hill. The scream is awesome yet fake as all heck. In my opinion this is Niet a Bigfoot.....

  7. You don't have a cousin Patty. Ka-bong!

  8. I do not see one here.

    Chuck in Ohio

  9. Wow another piece of shitty recorded evidence. You can make anything look real with that quality, while is it even being analyzed?


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