Bigfoot versus Aliens versus Ghosts

A well-known Sasquatch Researcher once said this:

"Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the facts. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value."

- Rene Dahinden, 1999 (From "Chicken Soup for the Bigfooter's Soul")

The question is: Which one of following three "paranormal" groups believe they have the best evidence to support their research? UFOs? Bigfoot? Or Ghosts?

Our friend Sharon Day of Autumn Forest Ghosthunter blog compares the misconception each group has about each other:

There's some snobbery in each community. To a ghost hunter, the concept of aliens is ludicrous, Bigfoot would have been found by now. The only true unsolved mystery is the afterlife and phenomena which is reported more than UFO or Bigfoot sightings.

You can read the rest at Autumn Forest Ghosthunter blog.


  1. Hey, thanks. I am honored. I want to see the researchers get along in the same sandbox called Earth.

  2. This topic actually comes down to one very important factor. Certain ghost and Bigfoot footage and accounts really can't be explained.

    As far as UFO's you have the black ops budget which can always explain things. You just dont know what weapons we have and test.

  3. Shawn,

    Can I ask why you have ignored Fasano pulling his post about Dr. Ketchums paper being rejected?

    He is completely backing off why are you ignoring this? Do you want to protect him? Is this just more "politics" resulting from your own issues with Jim, aka TGBF?

  4. I don't think Fasano backed off from his original statement. I think he pulled the post because he didn't want to be criticize or read what people are posting on his page.

    I'll keep my post up so people can read the comments about him pulling his post.

  5. He is completely backing off as he could not provide any information verifying he had any source with any knowledge. He could not even say which journals he claimed rejected it.

  6. Many doubted it from the beginning based on the timing and his most recent actions. Crypto would not post the link.

    From those very familiar with this he sent an email to Jim TGBF asking they put their differences aside and begin a joint effort working together. This was out of left field.

  7. Do you have a link with Fasano saying that he was wrong? I can do a post on that if you have a quote from Fasano so I can use it as a reference.

  8. No he now will not comment at all-despite Smeja having an interview scheduled.


    try that

  10. Strange, all three of these groups share the Bible as a primary source. Along with a few other ancient texts. All claiming the same sources for such different conclusions, or are they mutually exclusive?

  11. I read that post on the Crypto Hunters website, but it just says he pulled the page. He's been doing a lot of that lately. I can think of 4 other articles that he had pulled after I posted them here.

  12. "From those very familiar with this he sent an email to Jim TGBF asking they put their differences aside and begin a joint effort working together. This was out of left field."


  13. I know I know!!!! NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!

  14. I do not use the word paranormal as to most people with blinders it just suggest you are out on the fringe. The three groups you described are Normal to this planet and the universe which humans do not understand as yet. I have many reasons to believe in all and anyone with an interest or specific field(s) of study - Keep Persevering.

    Chuck in Ohio

  15. This is the first time I have shared this story to anyone but my close friends and wanted to do it here.

    I grew up on a large ranch in a very rural area. My father was a very successful-we had money- his true passion was the outdoors and he wanted to pass this love onto me.

    The area was beautiful but also incredibly wild. I learned to use a gun at a young age because I may need to use it if all other precautions fail. It was like teaching a child to call 911. Only in this case.

    We moved in when I was two and by age four or five I considered Sasquatch a part of life and no different than racoons. They are around but meant and did not mean any harm.

    I would see one most often when looking out my bedroom window from age 5 on. My mother loved my father and dealt with the area because of that she hated the area and grew up in the city she had one option to avoid boredom that being learning to garden. I remember watching as one would come to the garden and take her crops. She was funny because she did not care and the idea was to pass time not harvest the crops.

    I enjoyed fishing and from 8 on would fish from 3 6 or 7 at night depending on the time of year. I also looked for indian relics i still have. I had a small area where I found arrow heads. I say small because it bordered a ridge that I just never crossed and neither did my dad. He told me- look at all thats in front of us if we go there we will miss something here. From 10 years old on I could tell something was watching me fish. I think before that I just thought it was my mom. I knew it was not a bear because they wont watch they will either become aggressive, run away, or go about their business knowing you are there. We also had a caretaker my father hired just to keep tabs on bear and mountain lion. (lion were very rare back then i saw one in my life and that was his tail and hind legs taking off, they stayed in the high elevations and were never an issue) He lived in the guest house and his job was literally to just hike and drive a 4 x 4 looking for animal signs. I was not afraid as if they wanted to harm me they could have long ago. I never released what I caught and would throw fish toward the woods or leave the pile on a large rock near my favorite spot. They did get used to my gifts and I did start to feel like I had to bring something everytime I fished- often it was some garlic or corn on the cob.

  16. I went away to college and the time at school before my first trip home was the longest I spent away from the ranch. It was October and I missed fishing so that is what I wanted to do first. I grabbed a few ears of corn and canned peaches and left them on the rock. I caught three fish and left them all in the general area. I did the same thing the next day and on the third day something I will never forget happened. I was fishing lower down the river by a small inlet.

    A Sasquatch appeared and just kept looking at me. There was also one up to my left and I became scared and wondered if I crossed some line I should not have. I did not know what to do but eventually it became clear they wanted something. I was scared out of my mind finally they moved and I felt I had to leave. As I did they started to move making me follow a certain path home. It was on this path where the amazing thing happened.

    I was very scared as I thought they were all around me and my mind was thinking-they want me out of here they never did this before- could a Grizzly or wolf be stalking me and this is their way of saying go. As I came around one bend there was a very old Sasquatch that appeared to be waiting. I was very scared and it garbled friend who speak white man and tried to smile. It motioned me to an area where there were three arrow heads and a spear head. This put me at ease and he slowly approached only after he knew I calmed down. He patted me gently on the shoulder. I sat down at this point and he showed me a very large wound on his leg that healed. He said in a very drawn out way that my gifts of food helped when he was injured and he was unable to easily get food on his own and I never bothered them or tried to disrupt the peace of the area. He also told me that his people were of an ancient race- he could speak some of our language because he heard it so much over the years. He was the kind who would follow and listen to men as he was interested in their ways after stories of trading with man were told to him many years ago. He can make sound in this way but not many others because now all learn they must only make sound like the animals around them. He said that his people live with nature and believe in "not fighting or harming other life" and that because of their size ancient people in the past wanted to control them and use them to fight other people over the land. I could not understand another portion where he talked about them fearing man and they were controlled by man's ability to control fire. He said when I left he was worried something happened to me but now he knew I started "my travels" to learn about the rest of the world. He then said he and his people now must leave this area. A town was growing in an area where for years there had only been our ranch. They had to hide far too often now because of more people and this did not allow them enough time to secure food. He said they could taste in the water the area could no longer be shared.

  17. I asked him his name and he said "Tumack". His eyes were what I remember as they were very kind and light gray- I dont speak this way but the only description I can use is of "an old soul". They were almost hypnotic and this was the only time I felt anything but peace as he explained to me this comes from my sensing he knows much of the natural world and while man desires this knowledge he can't comprehend it and this leads to a clouded mind. This did not disturb me- what did was the fact he said this was important. Not all like him are of a peaceful nature those with "red eyes" he said "those with eyes like blood" are not peaceful and man must be very wary. They will remain in the deep wild parts of areas while those like him populate an area but with them gone these others would soon enter the area and not want peace with others. He said his people were smarter than those he described and because of that they feared them and did not bother them. He said to now be wary of the woods as I while I might think nothing has changed, the others would not consider me a friend as this is not their way. I asked where they would go and he said to a place with much water as this allows them to know when anyone comes to the area with enough warning so as to hide.

    This seemed like 10 minutes but when I looked up is was almost dusk. He sensed this as well and said the mind takes much longer to understand the old world and this is why time seems to disappear- the mind is so overwhelmed and preoccupied to notice other things on a subconscious level. I asked him if I could offer anything more and he pointed to the fishing line in my tackle case and the other pieces of string and twine that were a part of my pack. I offered the whole pack and he seemed very greatful. I also offered my swiss army knife which was declined because he said it was too small for them to make use of. I then offered my belt knife and he was at first very leary of taking it believing it was too important and something I would need for protection when in these woods. I told him this was not true as i had many and he accepted it.

    He thanked me and left saying we were brothers always bound by our love for nature and maintaining its peacefulness.

    The following summer my recently retired father said he needed to speak with me. Our chicken coup was ransacked and my mom did not care what did it. She said she had enough of the ranch and could accept it while it was what is was supposed to be and what he wanted. A haven in the wilderness, an oasis for her to avoid it and my fathers way of having the wild at his finger tips. Now it was the biggest house in a rural boring area becoming dominated by new developments and culdesacks. She was not going to deal with the construction of a new Walmart pushing displaced bears and cougar toward the house. She indulged me on Sasquatch but never embraced the idea openly in front of us.

    She wanted him to sell and it was not what he wanted anymore. He wanted my blessing to sell my childhood home. I gave it as it allowed them to go the beach house and log cabin route making both happy.
    The ranch where I grew up is still there. A condition of the sale was our caretaker get the guest house and a piece of land and the right to guide hunting trips through the area which has been set aside and will be preserved. We still talk and he says they are all pretty much gone. He said you get a glimpse of one and then could sit in the same spot for a year and not get another. They are not in the area for a reason and when they are it is for a reason and they get in and out quick. He and i did not dwell on it when i was young because he told me we know all we need to know about them- they mean no harm. He stressed teaching looking for signs of dangerous animals, if they may be injured and avoiding snakes.

    The are stil sightings in the area but only every few months.

  18. It must be that ancient aliens brought bigfoot here to lift the heavy stones of ancient buildings and UFOs still check on them (why they frequently are seen in rural areas) and ghosts represent the parallel universe that aliens enter from....yeah, thats the ticket!

  19. Look, I feel funny saying this but the Greek Gentleman in the picture is actually Shawn's father George. As Shawn's mentor I feel the truth of this matter will help them come back together.

    Shawn chose to rebel as a child and embraced Sasquatch has his paranormal passion. George was outraged, and he still feels Shawn betrayed his legacy of a theory that is 100% true with no room for debate.

    Shawn is actually quoting his father during their last encounter in the photo above. No matter what-this is always where the fighting begins- how does anything but ancient aliens explain everything.

    There is also something those involved unfortunately call "the incident". Shawn asked his father to open his mind and visit an exhibit and lecture on "Hairy Man". It went well until George started yelling at the speaker screaming "Liar Liar!!! That is not a Bigfoot in the mural it is natives worshiping a large man in a brown space suit. They just did not have the right paint to make it clearer!!!!" He then called everyone "fools" and that Bigfoot could "not possibly exist"- the aliens would have provided them nuclear weapons and they would have destroyed us all".

    Now Shawn embraces Bigfoot while his father refuses to accept that.


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