The Erickson Project considering pulling out of race? And who is Matilda? [BIGFOOT RUMOR] (Updated: Website now redirects to

Matilda the sleeping sasquatch

The race to show the best video of Bigfoot since the Patterson-Gimlin film maybe ending, and it's not going to end the way you'd expected. First off, who is Matilda you ask? Matilda is a young female Bigfoot the Erickson Project claims to have footage of. What's striking is that the videos are in High Definition. Remember that photo of a sleeping Bigfoot the Erickson Project published in the newspaper last August? It showed a sasquatch sleeping in the woods. She looks very peaceful. According to people who have seen the 5 minute clip, towards the end, she starts to become alarmed at something, and then she starts to wake up. The footage is not far away, but it is not super closeup either.

The second video is the amazing one that only a few special people got to see. It is 14 seconds of a closeup HD footage of Matilda’s face. It is said to be better than the Patterson-Gimlin film. She is walking slowly towards the camera in the woods and the footage is from the chest up. Matilda looks something like a "Wookie" from Star Wars. She has dark, deep-set eyes that do not blink. Her eyes dart around though, and look paranoid and aggressive. They have a feral look about them. She’s basically a wild animal.

A sketch of Matilda's face
by project associate dArlet Devisser

Last March, an anonymous YouTube user uploaded a clip describing what they saw in the Erickson Project footage of Maltida's face:
I am one of the few people lucky enough to have viewed the best clip…
Much more detailed than the Patterson/Gimlin Film

Here is just some of what you are going to see:

A full facial close-up:

  • nose similar to ours (but w/ larger nostrils)
  • slightly chapped, rosy lips
  • pink mouth, blackish tongue
  • pointed teeth, like fangs
  • deep set eyes that dart around and don’t blink
  • her head is round, shaped more like ours than a gorilla’s, but her brow is much more prominent
  • she has lots of fine, flowing hair on her head (dark reddish brown) and soft short hair on her face
  • when she walks away, she moves just like the female in the Patterson Film

I can’t wait ’til everyone can see this.

YouTube user describes what he saw on “The Erickson Project” video.

How did they get so close you ask? Well, they wore a ghillie suit to camouflage themselves to get the shots. According to Derek Randles on Bigfoot Busters Radio (Fri, Feb 5, 2010), Leila Hadj-Chikh, Ph. D. was the person who got close enough to get the HD shot of Matilda's face. We want to note, that prior to making that statement, he cautioned that he could be "misspeaking" about this.

Listen to Derek Randles for yourself on Bigfoot Busters Radio. Fast forward to 81 minutes and start listening from there:

So here's the rumor:

A person name Joerg posted this upsetting tidbit from an email exchange with Adrian Erickson's wife:

I just received a mail from Mrs. Erickson, wife of Adrian Erickson (Erickson Project). I do not want to quote from that mail, but here are two points from her answer that make me "desperate" -In those moments I ask myself: could it be that the Justin Smejas (no condemnation of this man!) of this world are the only ones who can solve the question, if BF really exists??! By killing one of our "wild forest brothers"?!!

Back to Mrs. Erickson`s mail. There are two points which seem to frustrate Adrian Erickson - and certainly frustrate me:

1. All of the "experts" backpedal when it comes to support the project - because of fear of ridicule by their "peers";
2. there seems to be no progress and therefore Erickson considers closing down the website "Sasquatch - The Quest" until there is some sign of progress (which probably means: at the moment there is NO progress at all!!).

Mrs. Erickson did not tell what "experts" she means, and she did not mention the Ketchum DNA project or any other people and projects.

However: I find it frustrating that such a groundbreaking and probably admirable project comes to a standstill because there is no support from the "experts"...Where is Jeff Meldrum et al? And does Mrs. Erickson`s answer to me also mean that we have to wait MUCH longer for the results of the Ketchum study - and therefore for the broadcast/release of the documentary, too?

Anyway: Perhaps one day we will be glad that once upon a time a certain Justin Smeja did go hunting in the Sierras of California - all serious and "ethical" efforts seem to be undermined in the end by ignorance and/or cowardliness.

The comment suggests frustration coming from the Erickson Project camp. It seems even they are getting tired of the delays and "considers closing down the website": The Erickson Project: Sasquatch the Quest.

If true, this is obviously not good news. If the Erickson Project drops out of the race, at least we still have the Olympic Project and the Sierra Kills book to look forward to right? We'll keep you posted on that too as we get more info.

Update: Sasquatch the Quest website now redirects to That was fast! We'll wait to see if it comes back up again.


  1. Hmm... So frustrating. I wonder why all the BF researchers seem to be taking a backward step as if they pushed it to the limit and then realized they couldn't provide proof. It's like that braggart who manages to never enter the race so no one can find out he's really not all that talented. I still will await the DNA results, but more importantly the specifics of just where and how the samples (and what kind of samples) were collected and the results--if they are consistent or conflicting. I also would like to see a university take over the DNA samples and verify the findings. Anyone who covets the samples alone and doesn't get peers to double test them, I have to wonder. The soap opera continues....

    1. Autumn, so so glad you are back posting. Seeing you online made my day. God bless from kiwi land. Harry

    2. The "Soap Opera" Continues because people like you add nothing but b itching and moaning to the research.
      It's easy to do what you do, but believe me. It's extremely pathetic.
      Go out into the forest and let us know what you have found.
      Otherwise, STFU, Please. Your commentary offers nothing to the community.

  2. Has Dr Meldrum given any comment on this whole thing? Surely someone has shown him the film!?

  3. Im frustrated, and dissappointed too. Why Erickson would back out now does not see to make any sense. If hes got a great documentry, then why not show it? Any documentry or footage will always be analysed very skeptically.......... he has to know that. Shouldn't change his release based on other people not getting their shit together................ sigh.... the saga continues.


  4. Well folks, there. You have it. If Erickson had anything to show, that time has passed. Surely anyone pursuing Sasquatch has to know that any evidence, especially "good" evidence will be subject to scrutiny. And rightfully so. I suspect the reason Erickson is considering pulling back is because the footage is substantially weaker than we have been led to believe.
    As I posted awhile back, this is much ado about nothing. The PG film while inconclusive has managed to further the case for Sasquatch. If Erickson had anything of value it should have been shown long ago given the extraordinary claims. I believe the Smeja case is no different. Nothing would make me happier than proof of Bigfoot, but so far there remains much room for doubt. Love the blog by the way!

  5. Figures, Ketchum won't be to far behind. I'm sick to death of hearing all these scabs trying to trump them selves up when every single one of them are in the same boat as the Georgia boys. Nothing to show for all their claims. Further more who cares what a glorified podiatrist has to say about it. He can't see past his ego or his degree to further this research in any way except in footprints. He claims any one who has seen them more than once or with in 20 miles from civilization is full of shit! (except he just said it in a smart-ass politically correct way) oh and habituation is a farce. Listen to Mnbrt after Alex Midnightwalker calls in its all right there. He's lost credibility in my book.

  6. I'm a little confused by all these projects- the Ketchum DNA project is distinct from both the Olympic & Erickson project? but yet it received DNA from both of them? the Erickson project won't release video until the Ketchum DNA is published? Wasn't there a falling between some people too I remember out somewhere too?

    Can someone clarify how all these "projects" are distinct but yet interconnected. I think some kind of flow chart w/timeline would make a great post to clarify all these different players in the bigfoot soap opera.

  7. In my mind, Erickson cashing it in puts all the other ongoing projects in a bad light because they all seem to be interconnected in some way.

    My temporary agnosticism in practice just ticked much closer to "Bigfoot is Bullshit."

    At some point when it becomes obvious that no one has a good hand in this poker game, I may simply disappear from this blog like the most likely mythical bigfoot melting into the forest.

    -Atheist in FundyLand
    -Bigfoot is Probably Bullshit

  8. I saw the post earlier today from Joerg.I get home and have at least three articles to read related to Erickson....Wow!
    Something big must have happened.I don't know why The Erickson Project can't or won't let the public see the alleged Matilda video if it's better than the PG film.
    Of course they know it will be scrutinized frame by frame,and I'd be one of the many doing it.I really enjoy analyzing videos that people put up.
    I agree with SciaticPain about the flow chart.I sometimes get lost with all the "Projects".
    Hasn't Erickson put in a lot of money in to his project?If so,why hang it up?

  9. He Hung it up because A) it was all bullshit and they were just trying to get something for nothing or B) he got paid off to shut his mouth (even though it was all bullshit and they really didn't have anything to begin with)

  10. The Meldrum comment was funny but why should we believe him if he has seen the video? Just like the comment above says he said he doesn't believe reports of people claiming to have seen Bigfoot. Oh wait, when someone with a "Degree" says its true then we MUST take them serious and they are above reproach. Unlike the rest of us uneducated ingrates who just blindly tromp through the woods with no clue of what were doing.

  11. Yeah, it is more detailed than the Patterson footage. The still shown above from the footage of Matilda where you just see her face is so clear that it looks like a drawing. I can't wait to see the rest of the clip.

  12. If you get a chance, look up Operation Endurance done by the TBRC. One of their members fired at a bigfoot and they have some pretty good evidence. Blood and Audio. Sounds like a death metal band. Anyway one of their members is the founder of the bigfoot forums and is extremely credible. Not like all these choads that keep yanking our cranks.

  13. I represent Project Sasquatch (fbook for info). Along with Dr. Meldrum, this investigation will revolutionize Bigfoot Research...So you have something to look forward to which will exceed all other Monsterquest type shows by far.

  14. Joseph-
    My name is Josh and I'm a guest contributor on this forum. You HAVE to understand that when you post comments like "you have something to look forward to which will exceed all other Monsterquest type shows by far." you're not reaching anyone who will raise in anticipation. We have heard this for YEARS now and have no faith in any of it. People like Shawn who runs this forum does more for the propagation and promotion of the possible existance of BigFoot by providing a platform for people to gather and discuss evidence that already has been presented (video or otherwise). I'm not meaning to be rude to you, but unless you can contact Shawn and give him a snippet of the Erickson Project's big evidence, then whats the point of your statement? Why don't YOU be just the tiniest bit of a forward, progressive thinker and actor on this stage and bring something to the table. If you can't , then don't bog this blog down with bullshit statements that we're ( "We're" means all the average people who take a special interest in this subject and want to see it come to some sort of fruition and discuss it objectively on this blog) all tired of hearing.

  15. @Joseph-what investigation?I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking forward to.
    Why do people have to be so cryptic?
    Besides,I'm tired of shows that don't show anything.
    Shows of people claiming to be experts in a field,then failing miserably to produce results have been done to death.
    I'll just go out and do my own thing.At least I'll get some exercise,fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature.

  16. Yeah Meldrum mentioned it the other night but says it won't be taking shape until like late 2012 or 2013. Not waitin that long......

  17. Hello.

    One of my friends, a very close associate of Erickson's, has seen the entire Erickson video. He says that it is every bit as good as the PG film, if not better. I do believe this person who saw the film.

    He was also very close to Dennis Pfohl. Pfohl saw these animals many times at very times at various sites and shot a great deal of video of them. Hadj-Chikh was also there at sites and she also saw them many times. Also, Erickson flew John Bindernagel down to Kentucky to see the BF's at the site there. Bindernagel did indeed see a BF there.

    I believe Dennis Pfohl.
    I believe Leila Hadj-Chikh.
    I believe Erickson.
    I believe Bindernagel.

    As far as why Erickson pulled his site down, I do not know. But as far as I know, the video existed in the past, and as far as I know, it still exists.

    Erickson does not want to release his video without DNA evidence because he thinks it will be torn to shreds. Erickson believes that even the best BF video will be ripped to shreds, hence the need for DNA.

    Erickson is still involved in the Erickson Project. At the moment, he is involved in gathering suspected BF samples. They are hoping to take them to Europe to another DNA lab to do their own parallel DNA study.

    Erickson is extremely angry at Ketchum. Also, the two projects are all tied together legally. I believe there have been multiple lawsuit threats on both sides.

    If Erickson releases his video without Ketchum's DNA, it's possible that she can sue him.

    Erickson is seriously bitter and burned out on BF. He just about never wants to hear the word BF again. Right now, he is in desperate financial straits and is trying to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, for which he blames BF. So BF is the last thing from his mind.

    All of you saying that Erickson has nothing are WRONG.

    1. If his financial situation is as bad as he claims, it's time to go all in. Publish his video and if ketchum sues, file chapter 11/13 and be done with it.

      If the video is solid, it could very well spring board to new opportunities as it is now, the video isn't doing him any good.

  18. Hi Robert,I appreciate your post,it clears up a few things for me.
    Regardless of the DNA results Mr. Erickson's video will be viewed under a microscope.So will any other video.
    Erickson can hardly blame BF,He can only blame himself and the decisions he made.I'm not being harsh on him,I'm merely stating the obvious.
    Maybe he had poor legal advice?Maybe he got involved with the wrong people or put too much trust in them.
    Another problem is we always seem to get information second hand.
    Perhaps Erickson himself could have shed some light on the current situation.Had he done so,perhaps the negativity would be less severe.
    Surely he knows that the carrot has been dangled for far too long and people are feeling jaded.

  19. I am curious Robert (and also thank you for your support of the EP video and testimony - we want to see it!)...

    Do you know if when the EP team signed thier agreements/NDA's with Ketchum what they thought her goals were? Did they think they were giving samples merely to be part of a scientific paper to prove the species? Or were they told perhaps she would also be using the samples and analysis as an opportunity to work on potential patents?

  20. Well, most of the above sound believable..and I am pleased Bindernagel was flown in. Bet he was too - well, at least for the experience!

    But, the opening and endings conflicts: You state they are trying to collect more samples to send to Europe and also say Erickson is so sick of BF he can't bear any involvement anymore.

    LOL which is it?

    I am sorry about the financial mess as "My Rancher" is in the same boat.... however, for some at this stage it is no longer about money (we don't have any more) but rescuing the work we did....

    Hoever, Erickson must not be too mature if he blames BF's. He should blame his own hopes and desires...and perhaps a form of greed...wanting to be the one that "proves" the most mythical being of our times.

    We have all dealt with Bigfoot Fever at some level...some of us just had more resources to throw at it. Wisely or not.

    The EP project still sits on a wonderful pile of data (we hope) and I am pretty sure they can figure out how to release it w/o Ketchum's Study...will it be scrutinized and ridiculed? You Bet..

    but who cares if it is TRUE? The world and DNA will catch up. And perhaps so will the payback. Good Luck!

  21. lol or second paragraph actually...thanks Shawn!

  22. I should clarify - I don't think Meldrum is the only US Academic in a position to "prove," rather he is the most visible and involved in BF research and in a position to "prove."
    so sorry can put that in ( ) WITH original post above, if you are editing and removing these three stupid space wasting posts!

  23. Shawn has been kind to allow me to edit my sloppy post - for any who may wonder.

    I think maybe Erickson's emotional response to the path he traveled willingly is a common thread among BF amateur researchers.

    If I seemed harsh above, well ... I do think there is a terrible misunderstanding on the part of amateurs about just how far their research can go to "prove" w/o significant academic support.

    Most us amateurs dream of "proving" or "million dollar videos" and so on, in spite of the fact the Hallowed Halls of Science know they can't...not without those same Hallowed Halls saying "it's proven"'s just the way it is.

    Dr. Meldrum (like him or not) is in a decent position to "prove," because he is a career academic scientist and that type of work is his living. And, he may have the contacts within academia (one hopes they aren't fried on BF too!) to perhaps accomplish his goals. But, he seems frustrated too, resorting also to "TV Show" type stuff along the way. perhaps it builds funding/acceptance.

    Dr. Ketchum represents a more "corporate research" approach in that her professional niche is a commercial Veterinary business, her goal to use 'science" to achieve results for customers. In her case a pretty broad array of DNA diagnostic testing. So it's a definite step up toward "proof" if she produces, but I would imagine a very difficult hurdle. Of course who knows what academics might be involved.

    So, EP and many BFers are trying to do it right, but perhaps the process/goals are just too dissimilar with either academia or corporations?

    We BFers are mostly entranced by our experiences, the mystery, the pain of ridicule, etc. It puts us in the awkward position of not being able to make our influence felt in an this arena, we haven't even a ticket of admission!

    Again, that sounds so harsh, and it's not cut and dried...inroads are made, but it is tough...and everyone is warned before they get involved...don't do it!

    I posted some time ago a peer-reviewed article about how Bigfoot Research (yes!) must be moved from amateurs to academia. I'll find and perhaps Shawn will consider a blog on the topic...anyway, it is seems a pretty emotional topic for most BFers.

    Here is another little tidbit...turns out the academic community studies Bigfoot Researchers too!

    To any would-be Bigfoot "esearcher - don't try to "prove" the species, go have fun, be safe and learn...about anthropology! Or video editing and join the YouTube phenomenon! If you have a good academic contact don't waste it!

    Here is link to the article.

    I almost did not re-post...because, well my personal experience has been that what I just said, about the disparity between "amateurs" and "scientists" really seems to upset everybody! - so maybe I am wrong...

    certainly the post is too long. Thanks for endulging me.

  24. Hello, Erickson is the one person remaining associated with Ketchum who signed one of her old and fair NDA's. I don't know what Erickson was thinking when they got involved with her. You know, this was supposed to be a big partnership with all involved. They all met in various places, including one place in the US where they may have met with media people and attorneys. Ketchum made an extremely bad showing in front of all of the 3rd parties. It was all about her, and she was going to run the whole show, right from the beginning. Nobody liked her at all, but they were all stuck with her, as she was the only one who would do the DNA work.

    The relationship with Erickson fell out when he would not sign her new fancy NDA's. He still will not sign her new fancy NDA's, and she is always trying to get him to sign the new NDA. Her whole game is contingent on everyone signing her fancy new NDA, and he won't sign, so this is holding her up.

    The 2 projects are tied together legally. Erickson cannot release his video without her DNA at the same time. She cannot release her DNA without his video at the same time. If she releases DNA without his video, he can sue her. If he releases video without her DNA, she can sue him.

    Yes he is burned out on BF at the moment, sure. And he's mad as Hell at Ketchum. Erickson doesn't make any public statements on BF. His wife sort of takes it upon herself to do that, but all of that is without his direction. She has sort of taken over public statements about the project on her own.

    It was other people who convinced Erickson to continue the project by taking it Europe. Erickson has some great samples right now, including a possible BF ulnar bone from Harrison Lake, British Colombia (the area where Jacko was captured).

    As far as the video goes, I am not allowed to talk about that.

    I really doubt that Erickson is going to sit on it and not release. It is quite possible instead that he may try to sell it to Hollywood. He could definitely make a lot of money that way. If I were him, that is what I would do.

    But I am quite sure it will be released at some point sooner or later, probably sooner.

    Why doesn't he release it right now? Not sure, but I think he can't release it without the DNA.

    I am sure that Erickson knows that he messed up on this matter. He's in deep financial straights. The BF project used up a lot of his money, and now he is broke for whatever reason, mostly the lousy economy which means he is not selling his property lots.

    He is working 12 hour days, 7 days a week to save his business, and it's really hard to talk to him at all. For anyone to talk to him.

  25. When Bindernagel saw the BF in Kentucky, he changed his whole idea of what these things were. Previously, he thought they were apes. See the titles of his books for instance. After seeing them though, now he thinks that they are some sort of man or hominid.

  26. Hello, there was a reason that that website was taken down, but I cannot discuss why it was done.

    It has nothing to do with the notion that the video will not be released. The video will DEFINITELY be released at some point, but they need DNA evidence to back up whatever footage they have in the video, otherwise the video is simply not worth that much.

    I am sure that Erickson would love to sell his video to Hollywood, but it is not worth that much to Hollywood without DNA to back it up, and he won't sell it for a song. Releasing it now without DNA to back it up would not be very profitable, among other things.

    So Erickson would like the video to be released with DNA evidence to back up all of the footage in the footage in the video. Not only will he be creamed without DNA, but the footage is also not worth much money without DNA.

    Of the 5 habituation sites, 4 are inactive. However, one is still active.

    I cannot discuss whether Erickson is working on any other aspect of his project right now, including a DNA project in Europe. However, Richard Stubstad is currently working very hard on that, trying to get a DNA project started in Europe.

    Please understand that Erickson gave Ketchum all of the DNA evidence from the habituation sites that he shot video of. She owns all that DNA. So Erickson no longer has DNA evidence from most of his sites, as they are inactive.

    It is very intelligent of Erickson not to release his video at the moment. It would be a very dumb thing for him to do for a lot of reasons.

  27. Thanks Robert for keeping us posted.

    It seems now a legitimate race to the Genome? Maybe a four-way!

    Go man go.... wish I was going to Europe to deliver important samples to a prestigious institution!

    Has Dr. Ketchum said at any time if she is trying develope or file any patents on this?

  28. Bigfoot scat from top to bottom.

  29. I have no idea if Ketchum is trying to develop or file any patents on this BF stuff. She is very circumspect, does not say much, and when she does, it's usually off the record. As for me, I can't even talk to her anymore because I have written too many unpleasant things about her. Which were all true, but not that it matters.

    And I don't know anyone in contact with her either, except Erickson, and of course, those two do not get along at all.

  30. I am going to speculate that the 'experts' mentioned as being scared of ridicule, are the reviewers of the submitted article. Reviewers are supposed to be skeptical, but are likely to be doubly so in this case. This is often misunderstood outside scientific circles. To outsiders, it looks like intransigence, but it actually ensures good science.

  31. There is a DNA lab in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Use the same approach that was used on the bones of jesus and you should get an interesting answer as to what the tissue samples are from....just a thought.

  32. I still find it amazing that the video camera image capture technology of 1967 is so superior to what is being shown today as proof of Bigfoot...maybe everyone should dump digital and go to second hand thrift stores, pawn dealer etc. looking for old film video cameras....2012 will either be the Big Year or the Epic Fail Year.

    new anonymous

  33. Interesting to see that Bindernagel has finally changed his views on what the Sasquatches are or may be, anyone looking at either Patty or the Marble Mountain video surely can't seriously say they see an ape/animal (or even suit) there.

  34. Well, you would at least think if someone has real HD footage of BF and they truely care about the conservation of the species, they would come forward and show such evidence. Until we get evidence, people are just gonna have to keep hunting them. We want photos, A dead body will get us those!

    1. well lets be honest here,the best 9 thus far are nonsense,the pg film was taken by a bubious character with access/worked for wildlife fil studio with remit to go and film BF. the guy drew an exact rreplica of a female BF[100% in detail[] a yar before filming this. if u r going to hoax best not to draw the subject in detail beforehand. whats the chances of filming a BF out in the open million to 1,whats the chances of filming a female BF u drew beforehand 10 million to 1. ridiculas as is the rest! if this is another fasano type hyped up m=nonsense the myth uis dead and the eye witnesses are lyers or mistaken sadly,imo. have a go if u likew..but if so pease post link to the EVIDENCE im missing! otherwise shut up and face facts people

    2. ye thats the fact of the matter. if this project doesnt do as it says on the can. forget it theres nothig there and these people have lied about matilda[lol] and the detailed footage herein. it will be a mockery of all things BF/time will tell!i wont hold my breath. if they has a HD film it would be shown by now or press release would be built up to the big show. it would be world wide news not some BF community news. i find it all very hard to believe.

  35. As always, we will be waiting forever. Why? Because it's all bullshit. "Just you wait and see!" the believers wag their fingers. Yeah, right. Like you've been telling us for 50 years now. *yawn*

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