On October 23 at 2 AM, a Bigfoot was hit by car near High Knob VA

Tyler Bounds from the BFRO said he hit a bigfoot last night (around 2AM)
while driving near High Knob VA. Vehicle damaged but no blood, hair.

A few hours ago, Matt Moneymaker mentioned on Twitter that one of their scouts recently had a collision with a Bigfoot while driving last night. On October 23, BFRO investigator Tyler Bounds from Washington said he was driving near High Knob VA at around 2 AM when he hit the creature. Matt said the vehicle was damaged, but there was no blood or hair.

The investigator has not submitted his report to the BFRO's database yet. We'll keep an eye out for the full report.

High Knob is the 66th highest point in the state of Virginia. It is one of two mountains named High Knob in the state and this particular one is located in Rockingham County, Virginia and is directly on the border with Pendleton County, West Virginia. It is located in the George Washington National Forest.

The BFRO currently has two reported sightings from the Rockinham County area. The most recent reported sighting happened in August 2010 on Switzer Lake:

Update: The driver left a comment telling what actually happened that night. Click here to read.

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  1. Well, not sure about this particular case, but I would not be surprised about BF in that area. I'm from VA and my family is in WV and I've had some weird experiences in those woods. Lots of good places to hide.

  2. Get some bloodhounds and let them scent the vehicle. Whatever this thing is, if it's injured, the bloodhounds (on leashes of course) should be able to catch up with it.

    This is the perfect time to try bloodhounds. Or any hound that will take up the trail.

    My father used to run hounds and he could get them to trail anything as long as he told them to and got them excited about it. One of the dogs was afraid of bears and refused to trail them. Fine. Find a stupid hound. ;)

    With any injured animal, the dogs should be on leashes.

    1. Well known fact no dogs will Trac a Bigfoot. They cower in fear as soon as they get the scent.

  3. I'll be waiting to read the update on this.It's too bad one was hit and it's amazing it was able to keep going.Hopefully the bigfoot is not so injured that it can't hunt anymore.

  4. Doesn't it seem a little hard to believe that a bigfoot researcher looking for bigfoot hits a bigfoot (with zero evidence of a bigfoot hit)?

  5. Yeah, good point. What absolutely incredible luck. A bigfoot hunter hits a sasquatch with his car. What are the odds of anyone seeing a bigfoot let alone hitting a bigfoot with a car. On top of that, it's a bigfoot hunter. This hitting a bigfoot claim will not be believed by many bigfoot believers let alone skeptics. As others have pointed out on this site, a body is needed. He should have gunned the engine and mowed the thing down, going back and forth over it time and time again to make sure it was dead (of course, that didn't happen, and of course there is no evidence that it was a bigfoot that was hit). Alas, same old inconclusive nothing.

  6. I totally agree with the last two comments. Seems a little far fetched. What are the odds on this? Could be a great way to get on a certain animal planet show though.... ;-)

  7. Unless this squatch was on a suicide bender or more stupid than I believe they are, I don't see this happening. Lonely, quite and dark country road at 2am? Nope, don't see it happening!

  8. Or some poor hunter in a Ghillie Suit. Better go back and check the ditch.lol

  9. Actually if you think about it Bigfooters stand a high chance of hitting one. Lot's of back road traveling in Bigfoot country. I guess damage was reported, just no blood and hair.

  10. I think the no blood no hair part is strange. Every animal that I have seen hit has left some trace of hair. If the car was damaged, then there should be some trace of at least hair...hmm.

    Follow me @NWestBigfoot

  11. Hmm, no blood or hair? So, we are to believe that a minimum 400 lb bipedal creature is hit by a 3500 lb vehicle and all they say is the vehicle was damaged?

    Based on past collisions, even a 120 lb deer is going to leave hair and blood, not to mention inflict a great deal of damage to the vehicle. A bipedal creature would likely have a leg broken and flip up onto the hood.

    I'd be very interested in seeing how this description comes out but at this point I'm skeptical.

    Scott McMan

  12. Maybe he just clipped it. It wouldn't leave hair or blood all up in the grill if it was a kind of glancing blow. Why would Moneymaker start making stuff up all of a sudden? He doesn't need the attention or the money. He has everything to lose if he begins dabbling in hoaxery. He is doing just fine without fabricating evidence.

  13. In the back of my mind, I cant help from thinking that every Bigfoot group wants to reveal Bigfoot's existence first. That said, with all the Ketchum, Sylvanic, and Erickson DNA stuff, others want to get there first and make a name for them selves. Or be associated with the find. That's my 2 cents worth.

  14. "Why would Moneymaker start making stuff up all of a sudden?"


    First day on the planet?

  15. From the horses mouth........
    Hey everybody-
    so here is how events of that night (Oct 22/23) played out. For the Virginia episode of 'Finding Bigfoot', the afternoon of Oct. 22 I had to go to an area 90 minutes away from our base, and set up some bait stations. Due to a lack of communication, I had to return to the area later that evening and set up some more bait stations. This kept me out in a remote mountain area until 1:25am (I noted the exact time I left so the show's field coordinator would know how long it would take to go to and from the site, for scheduling purposes.) As I left the gravel road and got onto a two-lane, curvy secondary road, I noted that it was very foggy, due to a large creek adjacent to the road, and because I was down in a hollow (or "holler", as the locals call them). After a few miles, I left the secondary road, and turned onto a two-lane highway, still shrouded in fog. It was now 1:50am. As I was driving the rental Dodge Grand Caravan, I looked down for a moment to set the cruise control and get myself up to 55mph, and was momentarily stymied by the amount of glowing buttons on the steering wheel (remember, I had been hiking all day long, both in the daytime and at night, and had spent a great deal of time sitting on my butt, so I was fairly exhausted). Now, this is where things happened, very quickly.
    As I looked up from the steering wheel back to the road, I noticed a large (as tall or taller than the van), upright, all black "figure" stationary, on the centerline (or just to the right of the centerline). I say "noticed" a figure, but, in reality, as I looked up, I was right on top of it. The van shuddered, the drivers' side mirror was forcefully folded into the vehicle, and I felt and heard the object hit the side of the van behind me, like a slapping sound. I stopped the car, after some choice cursing and a lot of "what the f@#k?!?" and tried to look in the side mirror to see behind me, but the mirror had been cranked towards the van. I looked in the rearview, but the brakelights on the fog just obscured anything that may have been in the road. I then drove forward about 40 feet and turned the van around, and returned to the site. Only a handful of seconds had elapsed, maybe 10 to 12. There was nothing in the road, and no sign of anything having been in the road- blood, hair, guts, etc. I drove a bit further, turned around again, and again returned to the site. Parking the van on the shoulder, I immediately grabbed a FLIR that I just happened to have on standby mode, and I thermed the area for 40-45 minutes, while yelling out to whatever, or whoever I had hit. At that point, I was still thinking that I may have hit a person. Nothing answered, and there were no heat signatures anywhere.
    Tyler Wm. Bounds
    BFRO Investigator

  16. You were confused and it all happened in a split second with you just glancing up from the steering wheel.

    "Collision with a Bigfoot" was the quote from Matt.

    In reality, you really don't know what you hit, right Tyler?

  17. Last comment said it all!!! I agree!

  18. Don't doubt it till you see it

  19. In the summer of 1965, when I was 15 years old, 2 friends and I saw what may have been a bigfoot. We were spotlighting for whitetail deer near Deer Run, a few miles from Franklin, WV. Back then it was legal to spotlight deer, as long as you did not have a gun in the vehicle. I was riding in the front passenger seat, holding a powerful spotlight, when the light fell on what we thought at first was a very large black bear, standing on its hind legs. The creature was about 30 yards away in a field, about 10 feet below the road we were on. At first it just stood there and looked at us, or rather I should say looked at the spotlight. I focused the light on its face and we immediately knew it was not a bear. It had an almost human like face. It stood about 7 feet tall and was covered with long dark hair. After about 10 seconds, it turned away from us and walked across the field towards the woods. Just before the woods was a split rail fence. The creature climbed the fence, just like a human would. Once it got over the fence, it turned and looked back at us for about 5 seconds and then again turned away and disappeared into the woods. A few days later, we were again spotlighting and we saw it or another one that looked like it. The creature was standing between an old church and a graveyard. We only saw it for about 5 seconds, because it walked away very quickly. At the time of these sightings, we had never heard of bigfoot and had no idea what it was. Looking back on the events, years later, I am convinced that it must have been a bigfoot!


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