July 2011 Bigfoot shooting incident at Honobia, OK

The Remington 1100 Tac-4 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun is great for clay shooting, but apparently it wasn't good enough to take down a Bigfoot.

During the Honobia Bigfoot Festival on October 1st 2011, Honobia, OK, resident Charles Branson reportedly made a shocking claim. He spoke about a Bigfoot shooting incident on his property that occurred in July 2011 involving the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group.

According to Charles, Bigfoots had been visiting his property for many years. Several Bigfoot organizations have became interested in researching the area. One Texas group (TBRC) started Operation Endurance and this is where things took a violent turn.

According to an official statement released by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Group, this is what really happened on Mr. Branson's property in July:

The TBRC was on Mr. Branson’s property with his permission as part of Operation Endurance (OE). The group in place at the beginning of July, designated as the “Echo” team, was the fifth of ten teams to participate in OE. Subsequent events experienced by that team are referred to as the “Echo Incident” within the TBRC.

On 3 July 2011, at approximately 6:15 PM EDT and under clear daylight conditions, Daryl Colyer, Board Member and Field Operations Director of the TBRC, encountered a sasquatch on the Branson property. The observation occurred as he, along with fellow TBRC members Alex Diaz and Travis Lawrence, were investigating a loud banging sound originating from the direction of one of the hunting cabins (referred to by the TBRC as the "West Cabin"), not far from where they and one other member of Echo team were based. The sound was consistent with others heard over the duration of OE and suspected of having been made by sasquatches.

Colyer moved down the path toward the West Cabin with Diaz following at fifty or sixty feet. Lawrence was out of their sight as he followed a nearby parallel creek bed. When Colyer rounded a bend in the road and entered a clearing in front of the West Cabin, he witnessed a large, brown, upright, hair-covered figure walking in front of him at a distance of roughly 25-30 yards. Colyer noted it had long hair on its shoulders and the back of its head, which was distinctly conical in shape. He saw it from the left side and slightly to the back; its front was not visible to him at any point. Upon later comparison with a 6'3" tall TBRC member, the creature was estimated to have been both more massive and somewhat taller.

Walking to the south, the creature was momentarily obscured by vegetation and was then visible through an eight to ten foot opening in the dense foliage, still approximately 25-30 yards from Colyer’s position. Using his Remington 1100 Tac-4 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun, loaded with 000 buckshot followed by slugs, he attempted to collect the animal for scientific analysis, firing all the rounds in rapid succession. Colyer then approached the spot where the animal had been, reloading as he walked, but found no body. Within a few seconds he heard the faint sound of an automobile engine starting. When Diaz arrived at the location of the encounter, Colyer directed him to investigate the automobile sound. Diaz found a container of iced tea on the ground approximately 50 yards down the path, but he could not determine a source for the engine noise.

All four members of the Echo team attempted to track and locate the animal until it was too dark to see. Although the ground in the area was covered with leaves and other debris, the trail left by the animal was evident until it reached the nearby rocky creek bed. There were clear signs of its travel through the forest, including where it stepped on and crushed a fallen branch that was left unharmed when stepped on by the TBRC investigators. The slugs Colyer fired were all found embedded in trees near where he saw the animal. The team was unable to find any other evidence of the animal or its fate before losing daylight.

The team departed for home the next morning. Shortly after reestablishing cell phone coverage, Mr. Branson contacted the team and informed them that his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend had driven to the site the previous day. The nephew left his truck parked at the property gate and had begun to walk up the path toward the cabins when he heard what he mistook to be machine gun fire. He ran back to his truck and fled the area, apparently damaging his truck in the process. Colyer never saw or heard the truck prior to its departure, nor did he see or hear the two people. Their position, relative to Colyer's, was to the west through the dense forest, while the animal Colyer was attempting to collect was to his southwest. Neither they nor their vehicle was ever in the line of fire.

Following the conversation with Mr. Branson, team members made contact with Branson's son, a deputy sheriff in the area, and related the events to him. He advised contacting the County Sheriff's Office, since the nephew had reported that he had been shot at with a machine gun by "druggies." After communicating with the sheriff's office twice, the matter was dropped. Upon learning of the damage to his truck, said to amount to $1200, the TBRC offered the nephew $2,000 to help offset the cost of repairs. The check was cashed a few days after it was sent. Following a break of approximately one week, the TBRC resumed Operation Endurance to its planned completion.

In December of 2010, TBRC Chairman Alton Higgins clearly stated on the TBRC web site that the organization would "not stand in opposition to individuals—within or outside the TBRC—or groups supporting and/or actively pursuing efforts to obtain a specimen." He went on to add, "As a field biologist I have always indicated that I supported collecting a specimen for documentation and study." He went on to explain, "Biologists are trained to think in terms of, and to care about, populations. Collection of a voucher specimen is a way of protecting the population, from my perspective. It is not immoral, even if there are those who disagree for various emotional reasons." Those interested can read the position statement in its entirety here.

The TBRC plans on publishing a more complete account of Operation Endurance at a later date.

Judging by the actions of the individuals involved, it is not clear whether or not the group is pro-kill or against killing Sasquatch ("No Kill"). But here's an official statement from TBRC's chairman Alton Higgins:

A Word From the Chairman

Few subjects, it seems, produce as much controversy among those with an interest in the sasquatch phenomenon as the documentation question. The TBRC has proceeded for years with the conviction that suitably compelling video and/or photo evidence can suffice to establish the existence of an unknown species of primate in North America. This is the rationale behind the TBRC’s Operation Forest Vigil. However, images alone cannot form the basis for naming or officially classifying a new species. A type specimen is required.

Unfortunately, regarding the question of obtaining a specimen, a spirit of elitism seems to separate those with differing opinions into irreconcilable, mutually dismissive, camps. Although there have probably always been individual members of the TBRC who supported the concept of shooting or capturing a sasquatch, the organization did not ever publicly advance the idea of collecting a type specimen and was generally viewed as supporting a “no-kill” position.

In the wake of a recent TBRC internal poll indicating overwhelming approval of the membership regarding the collection of a type specimen, the Board of Directors addressed the documentation issue anew. While stressing that Operation Forest Vigil remains the organization’s priority undertaking, the Board decided, after some months of discussion, to adopt a position of neutrality; that is, while the organization will not have as its stated objective the pursuit of a type specimen, it will not stand in opposition to individuals—within or outside the TBRC—or groups supporting and/or actively pursuing efforts to obtain a specimen.

This should not be taken as an indication that the TBRC will sponsor or approve large-scale “hunts" in the fashion of some groups. Within the organization, protocols regarding firearms in the field are now stricter than they have ever been: anyone wishing to carry a firearm on a TBRC operation must be well-trained and legally licensed. The safety of TBRC members is a paramount concern.

Speaking now outside of my Chairman role, as a field biologist I have always indicated that I supported collecting a specimen for documentation and study, although I have not personally pursued that objective. I don’t think sasquatches are people. Biologists are trained to think in terms of, and to care about, populations. Collection of a voucher specimen is a way of protecting the population, from my perspective. It is not immoral, even if there are those who disagree for various emotional reasons. Since this would be a new species to science, there is little question but that a specimen is justifiable. Here’s a link to guidelines and policies that have been worked out in the scientific community regarding the collection of voucher specimens.

Hopefully this note provides some clarity regarding the perspective attained by the TBRC Board of Directors; it does not represent a modification of the organization’s mission statement: “To investigate and conduct research regarding the existence of the unlisted primate species known as the sasquatch or bigfoot; to facilitate scientific, official and governmental recognition, conservation, and protection of the species and its habitat; and to help further factual education and understanding to the public regarding the species, with a focus mainly in, but not necessarily limited to, the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.”

Alton Higgins
Chairman, TBRC

You can follow the investigation of this incident at GhostTheory.com. Scott McMan has this whole thing covered. Click here.

To see the power of the Remington 1100 Tac-4, click here.


  1. Wow, now doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy about walking in the woods?

  2. Wow is right, what happens when one of the ttrigger happy morons kills a guy in a suit? *Blevins pay attention here.....

    1. the hoaxer would deserve it!

    2. Don't be out in the woods with a bigfoot suit on,deserved to be shot,this is serious business.

  3. "he attempted to collect the animal for scientific analysis,"

    So this is what we are calling killing a Bigfoot these day's????

    I'm a Pro-proof researcher not necessarily a pro kill one, but what I've seen lately is manic hunters unloading into what they think is a Bigfoot. Not what they "know" to be. Someone is going to get killed. Those kid's are very lucky. Every hunter in a Ghillie suit is a target when it comes to researchers with guns.

    Manic hunters have no place in the bush.


    2. Mark my words someday especially now in this day and age with the technology we possess I truly believe that someone will actually kill one and everything will be brought to light weather we like it or not or if we approve because someone's life will be in danger and a squatch will be shot and killed and shown and exposed to us humans now am I condoning it only if someone's life is at stake...I don't care if it's the last of its kind but like I typed only to save a life and that's all sorry but if some creature is dangerous and attacking people then it should be destroyed without any backlash from people...and no matter how human you think it is its still a wild animal and wouldn't it be terrible if there was a rabid squatch then what would those sympathizers say.

  4. HA!!!! To bad (or good thing, depending on your preference) Colyer is a terrible shot!

  5. I am not pro-kill what so ever and like Timothy,I am pro-proof.
    Does Sasquatch need to be dissected min order to prove it exists?No it does not.
    How about tranquilizing instead if a "specimen" must be examined.
    Logistically it can't be too tough.There must be vets,anthropologists,biologists etc. who would be willing to go on such expeditions.
    For every problem,there is a solution that can be compatible with the least amount of damage.
    It angers me that many people think killing is the best option.
    Are people just allowed to shoot willy-nilly in the U.S.--never mind that was rhetorical.
    Lucky for Gomer he didn't kill anyone.Pure amateurs.

  6. The shooter "approached the spot where the animal had been, reloading as he walked, but found no body. Within a few seconds he heard the faint sound of an automobile engine starting." Maybe that engine sound was the guy in the bigfoot suit getting the h*ll out of there with a load of shot in his rump.

  7. I don't believe in killing one to prove they exist, but I'm sorry, that guy shooting must be the worst shot in the world. A 12 gauge with slugs at close range should take care of just about any animal around. Period. Unless of course you can't hit what your shooting at.Very lucky indeed for the guy who got out of Dodge in his car after dodging hot lead.

  8. Abhorrent behavior. With 35,000 big cats in cages in Texas I am guessing there is no 'primate" law to prevent such shootings? Even Arizona has blanket legislation making it a felony to injure or kill a primate. Interesting isn't it?
    This is not science, it is organized vigilante/fame whatever....really a bad trend. Hope it stops with this exposure.

  9. Research Conservancy group my ass! Conservation specifically does NOT involve killing them. I think these guys should be shot!

    I hope one of these creatures rips you apart!

  10. Exactly!Conservancy-"An organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats in the United States."

    "while the organization will not have as its stated objective the pursuit of a type specimen, it will not stand in opposition to individuals—within or outside the TBRC—or groups supporting and/or actively pursuing efforts to obtain a specimen."
    Then they can say it wasn't them that did the killing.But since it's dead,let's see what it's made of.
    Barbarians.I sure have a hate on right now.

  11. Here's a theory I have developed since I started this roller coaster ride.

    The person that reported the shots to Branson was Branson's own son who claims he was walking the property at the time.

    Did Branson Jr Dress up to give the TBRC researchers a hard time not expecting them to be armed?

    On the other side of things, did the shooter recognize that it was a man in a suit and decide to throw a scare into him? That would surely explain missing at such short range.

    So, the kid dresses up and walks in. The shooter sees him and is ready to shoot but realizes something isn't right and suddenly sees it is a suit. He gets angry and decides to teach this punk a lesson, not knowing it is actually Branson Jr.

    He fires shots near enough to scare the crap out of Branson Jf who is now running for his life.

    He reaches his vehicle, jumps in and tears out of there. This is the engine sound the shooter hears.

    The younger Branson then goes to his father and tells him he was hiking the property and hears shots.

    Now the cat is out of the bag but young Branson is not going to admit what he really did and the shooter after finding out that young Branson claims he heard shots while hiking, put two and two together. They're not going to admit to almost killing Branson Jr so they claim it was a real Bigfoot.

    A lot of discrepancies in their story. The biggest of which is my mother wouldn't miss from that distance with a shotgun.

    Just a theory as I could be way off.

    Scott McMan

  12. The easy way to prove they exist is to kill one and put it on display. Yes that is the truth in the matter but as a community do we want to solve this issue and mystery with a gun shot? I believe hard work and dedication using scientific methods is what will solve this in a appropriate and humane manner. All that would happen after the first one is killed and displayed is the fact that we would then have to go out and prove they still are out there alive and well. That we didn’t kill the only one. So let’s take the last step first and prove they are out there without killing one. Conservancy means to protect and preserve an area or the wildlife in a certain area, without exception. I believe it’s one of the biggest mistakes TBRC has ever made. The fact that they are so wishy washy about it, put’s it’s mission statement and it’s integrity in doubt.

  13. 20-30 yards from the target who would be 700 lbs is like throwing pebbles at monkey at 10 ft.

  14. Nothing but a dead body will convince the world of the reality of bigfoot. Collecting any other kind of evidence/samples is a waste of time. Even clear, close footage (no blobsquatch) will not convince skeptics. Forget any other hunt for evidence. Determine how a bigfoot can be captured or killed.

  15. Let's tie up one or more of those psycho child
    molester creeps out where the sas are seen and stick an apple in his mouth and smear peanut butter in his hair put a raw fish on his head do some wood/rock knocks then turn the trail cam on and come back in a day or two.
    If the video is any good show it to the psycho perv creeps in prison before you show it to John Q. Public. that kills two birds with one stone.
    Proving without a doubt 'they' exist.

  16. That penn state guy comes to mind for that.

  17. I am against killing a Bigfoot to prove they exist.

    Personally. (And mainly because I think that proof can be had without it.) But I must admit that having a type specimen would be a guilty pleasure, although I'd give myself plenty of time to feel really bad about it.

    That said. It doesn't sound as if a hunter would take a shot that sketchy at a deer; and the rules for hunters should apply with treble emphasis in a case like this one.

  18. So who will be the first to fry in the electric chair over murdering one of these creatures?

    Somebody needs to stomp this "scientific analysis" bs out of their little murdering heads. Now.

  19. Someone shooting at a real bigfoot might wind up with his gun stuck up his arsh.No way would I try to shoot something that has avoided us humans as long as it has

  20. mr. morgan freeman is no longer able to take a walk in the woods......

  21. People who think bigfoot is real should not be allowed to handle or own firearms.

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  25. the guy that dose not think big foot is real,has never look at any thing with an open mind.could not walk alone in the real woods for long.he would come out into the woods, make all kinds of noise,smelling like the mall,and never see a dove.if he did manage to keep quit a little wile some how, with the wind in his faver.he just might see somthing, come running out of the woods with a new prosptive.when i was hunting this fall,in east tx.i have been going into the deep woods for some time ,sent free,quit,as i can.i was hearing strange, noises,sounds,houls,sick screems,wood banging,i blew it off.my last deer hunt went bad ,dirt clods, big tree branches where thrown at me,from all directions,crashing down through the trees .im heavaly armed a r, 2 side 45s , 24' in a tree stand .leafy suit its getting dark ,i got down as soon as i could, i made off as quit as i could .i saw somthing looking behind me i could hear somethings moving 25 yards away.very large,running on all 4s,6 to 800lbs.flanking me ,i got to a clearing ,guns drown ,last look running as fast as i could .the tress the woods were being shaken ,snapps, brokin ,where i left.still running i could hear howllss like you could never beleve,my deer season ended in nov.. i went. back only to get, my stands 4 mo. later.if you shoot at one, you might make it mad.you better hope its a good shot.for the one that dose not beleve,go into the realwoods with out a gun.

  26. I'm six-four. I wish I'd been there--I'd have tackled him. I'll bet my feet are bigger than his.

  27. I read this after listening to "seige of honobia" on Sasquatch chronicles. Apparently the landowner now claims he killed a Bigfoot, but likely he just changed the story of the researcher shooting up his truck. The only thing shot was everyone's credibility.


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