Bigfoot Facts for Kids

Bigfoot Facts for Kids

Bigfoot is usually a tall, hairy, ape-like biped being that likes to reside away from folks in wooded regions or mountains. There have already been Bigfoot sightings for hundreds of years.

But, in 1967, two males named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin captured a girl Bigfoot on video and progressively more men and women have had sightings of their own.

Why Do They Call Him Bigfoot?

The name Bigfoot came from a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew in 1958. When he identified a big footprint on his building site, he known as it, “the tracks of old Bigfoot.”

Other Names for Bigfoot

Sasquatch will be the name Native Americans gave Bigfoot and it truly is what they call Bigfoot in Canada. In other countries like Nepal and Tibet, they call him Yeti or The Abominable Snowman. The names are various but they are the identical sort of creature.

Exactly where Has Bigfoot Been Witnessed?

Bigfoot has been spotted across the world. Persons generally see Bigfoot in wooded regions or substantial inside the mountains. Hunters, campers, hikers and those who live inside the woods are often the ones to report Bigfoot sightings.

What Does Bigfoot Eat?

Bigfoot is an omnivore. This usually means he eats each plants and animals. Researchers say Bigfoot eats nuts, berries, fish and deer.

How Tall is Bigfoot?

He’s anywhere from 6-10 feet tall.

What Does Bigfoot Weigh?

Bigfoot is heavy. He weighs as much as 500 pounds!

How Does Bigfoot Act?

Bigfoot is shy. He likes to reside with other individuals of his own type but doesn’t like getting close to people today. He does not prefer to have his picture taken so it is tough to obtain him on film.

Bigfoot talks to each other by creating loud calls across prolonged distances.

Does Bigfoot Hurt Individuals?

No, Bigfoot does not try to hurt individuals on objective. From time to time although, when people today accidentally wander into his territory, he’s been acknowledged to throw rocks at them to frighten them away. Bigfoot is not trying to be mean. He’s just attempting to guard his residence and family members.

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  1. I posted these comments directly at the "is bigfoot real" site. They moderate their comments. So far, hours later, my comments have not appeared. I do not hold hope that they will...

    "How do you KNOW these "facts" about how Bigfoot behaves? We have never caught one and no scientist has ever observed one to determine what they eat or if Bigfoot is "mean", etc. This is guessing without any evidence except what others have said. Those are stories, not knowledge.

    Centuries ago, people knew "facts" about witches and demons. Are those real too? "

    1. Yeah, and when youre a kid, all you see are Coca Cola adverts with Santa, what do we tell them then...........

  2. This was very helpfull as i had to research it for school homework. Thanks for the help i appreciate it a lot.

  3. Most of the facts about bigfoots given on this site can be found by watching bigfoot programs on Animal Planet and the History Channel, various nature documentaries and reports from people who've seen bigfoots. What they've been observed eating, how they mate, and their interaction (or lack of interaction) with humans have all been reported by people who've seen them. It's known that they kill and eat deer. They also eat berries, nuts etc.

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